Nokia wireless Charger Dock App

We previously looked at Nokia's new wireless charging stand for vehicles back at Mobile World Congress. The company is back showing off the accessory today but is also using the Lumia 925 to demonstrate a dock app that is activated through NFC. We took a few minutes to run through what this app does and how the overall package will help consumers while driving.

As one can see from the video, the app will display the latest weather, time and date, as well as battery status. Not only is this information presently available, but a short menu with some quick access links is also on display. Users can select to start a call from a shortlist of contacts and fire up Nokia Music and HERE Drive.

It's a small tool that ensures the hands remain on the steering wheel and eyes on the road without having to spend minutes going through menus and more. We'll have more information on availability and pricing in the future.