Nokia Wireless Car Charger - provide juice to your Windows Phone in the car without cables

Nokia isn't just about mobile phones today at Mobile World Congress. The company is also showing off a new wireless charger for vehicles. Should you use your Lumia 920 (or other Windows Phone) in the car for navigation, etc. you may well be interested in a wireless charging unit that will provide juice to your device without cables.

Much like the Nokia wireless chargers we've come to own and love, the car charger works just as one would expect. Note that this charger is for the dashboard, not the windscreen, and comes with a plate that will help secure the product in place. Of course, the device supports the Qi standard of wireless charging.

Nokia were kind enough to walk us through some features of the charger:

It's quite neat and easy to adjust to accomodate different sized hardware. The charger also features NFC. Simply tap the charger unit and bam, Nokia Drive could then open up and the journey may begin. It's almost like dark magic. But how much will the charger set consumers back? We're told the RRP will be 69 euro and to expect availability this coming May.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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