Nokia XL announced, 5-inch display and Android apps in one package

Nokia XL

Nokia isn’t done with surprises. Nokia has just announced the Nokia XL. Another smartphone running a forked version of Android. It’s notable for featuring a 5-inch IPS display. Think Nokia X/X+, but on a much larger display. Like the X and X+, the Nokia XL is mean to push users to Microsoft’s services and appeal to emerging markets.

The Nokia XL is geared at users in emerging markets who want a larger phone and display. Nokia has put in a 5MP rear camera with flash and a 2MP front-facing camera. The Nokia XL runs Skype, video, games and other media with aplomb, but at a fair price.

Nokia XL will cost 109 euros and should come in Q2 for most markets.

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Nokia XL announced, 5-inch display and Android apps in one package


Is it? Aren't the low-end Lumias cheaper or just about as cheap? If so, how is this phone a good idea for Nokia/Microsoft? Why not save the R&D costs and work to make Windows Phones cheaper instead?

i keep thinking that this is some kind of way to make some money with the Nokia brand before they can't release smarthphones to the market. This is money for NOKIA and only NOKIA, no wp in here, almost nothing to do with MS besides the apps


did someone noticed, when elop step out of the stage the first time, he was about to burst into tears? that cof cof shit ain't no going to trick me

I disagree... I kept thinking that it's a good improvement from Asha's feature phone OS and I agree that It'll encourage phone users that Have a taste of Nokia X series to upgrade to WP (because the Microsoft Ecosystem) by the time Smartphone is a basic need. :)

Its easy, sell MS services. Satya has said cloud first, mobile first. The OS is a gateway to that. They aren't selling many WP gateways to their cloud services (yet) so use somebody else's OS which is popular to sell your services! An added bonus is it will use the Google door to close users from Google services!

Would love to see the reaction from our mates at Google HQ, especially if it sells well and tames market share from them!

Initial response from Google will be we are not worried, well lets see shall we!

The only thing I don't know if it was a good idea is to mimic the tile interface. Google didn't need it so I would have said don't fix what isn't broken. I can see why they did it but the tile interface has some baggage due to Windows 8 and shop staff selling these devices will be biased. We know how important it is that they are on board. I reckon it would have been safer to leave it as a skin option and to start with a standard icon layout.

Then consumers would see all the same cheap Android devices - HTC, LG, Samsung and.... a Nokia for that cheap!!!!

Reaction from Google is how awesome and strong android is.....that even ms #1 OEM went with them ! On CBS this morning they were all smiles

What did you expect on public TV? Tears and gnashing of teeth?

Ask yourself this, what do they get out of it? Their OS which they don't charge for used to point at Microsoft services which MS get revenue from.

Who is better off on the deal?

Do you think any of the general purchasing public cares about what OS it is running?

It is about price point and Android is cheaper than Windows Phone in terms of licensing. This is using Google's open source component of Android to lock out Google.

But the 520 was originally $150. It took months for it to become the crazy low prices we see today. The cheap prices of the X family is initial and may go down further than what we see now.

Its got access to Android apps, has a large screen and front facing shooter, which are all very desirable specs for any phone, especially for that price in emerging markets. These phones just replace or supplement the Asha line.

Exactly kinpin, soon to be Microsoft -- maybe Micah should read his comment, so he can 'make sense'? Ha ha ha....

simple..   lumias are smart phones.  Asha are feature phones.  not everyone in emerging markets can afford a smart phone plan.  im sure they need food more then phones.

It's cheap but still makes no sense...Why on earth do they suddenly think people will go to windows phone simply by buying into this phone? It LOOKS like windows phone but it will still perform as such and given the fact that people will have brought these apps...if those apps are not yet available on windows phone but can be gotten on these crap devices, why would someone move to a windows phone?

The only way i can see this working is if Nokia/Microsoft pulls a Trojan horse and essentially replaces the OS with windows phone at a later date.....or something like that. It's cheap but so is the 520.

It's still cheaper than the 520, and given this is a 5" phone it's more comparable to the 625.The X is just 89 Euro, so a good bit cheaper. This will get people hooked on MS/Nokia and when they have a little more money to upgrade they can get a Lumia. To me this shows nicely that WP is better than Android. The only advantage Android has is apps and by the time these people can move up from this phone (in a year or two) I really don't see their being any app gap and these and millions of other people will be upgrading to WP9.

And as you say there's a trojan horse possibility as well, WP8.1 runs better on lower hardware specs so I can well see a way down the line to flash these phones to WP for a minimal cost.

Micah you're still not making sense. 'Maybe' when those Nokia X users do come around to 'upgrading'. Those hypothetical apps you mention, could be present on WP8? If they like the way Nokia X works, then see the beautifully designed apps on WP8, 'may' persuade them to choose WP8? Just an idea mate.

Did Nokia just take a dump on the most successful windows phone (520)? Lol, this must make Microsoft happy, right?

Exactly my thought. The 520 is the best selling WP. They have just introduced a better device at almost the same price point if not exact.


Expect a drop in 520 sales and market share.

If you think there is any profit in selling a 59.00 US Lumia 520/521 think again. Profit will be made on services. same will happen with Nokia x

Oh sorry I never knew the world was USA. 520 still costs about $120 here in India. XL costs more than 520 and less than 620. It has larger screen, front facing camera, led flash and more ram too. Why would anyone buy a 620 when you get better with less?

Did you REALLY think it'd sell forever? The 525 or 530 will replace the aging 520 - and they have better specs than the X's...

Its funny though, the x was just announced, will be cheaper, and already has more apps than any WP does. Not to mention apps not even in the windows phone store ( plants vs zombies 2 as an example ). My nexus is calling me, /sigh.

How does it already have more apps than WP does? Potentially yes, but in practicality no. Just look at how long it took Candy Crush to get on the Kindle Store. It was the same thing with BB being able to run Android apps, < 10k available at launch. Developers will still need to publish (if not tweak) their apps to run on the Nokia Store.

Indeed, when I saw that Plants vs. Zombies 2 running on that Android Nokia device I almost puked. Ooi, Microsoft: get these games on Windows Phone 8 with Xbox integration! #SaveXboxWP. Ridiculous.

It is only the beginning. Android developers are going to love this Phone. Open season all Google restrictions removed. Good Luck WP.

In due time that will change to better specs. Will see a couple of years down the road. This phone might even grow faster. I have a bad feeling that Android developers will support this platform. Including Google.

Just a couple of years ago even high end didn't have that kind of specs, and a lot could be done in those days already.

Yeh now pvz needs to appease msft in multiple ways ... Hopefully don't just give up after Asha port

Yeah, like having been frustrated with an ugly UI and sluggish performance (see the verge hands on) makes you yearn for a lumia... Dumbest move ever, thanks Nokia.

Good on you Nokia for thinking about consumers in emerging markets. Spreading your handset base across a wider range of customers is great.

XL is a BIG step .Now every1 wants big screen phone ,XL here is here with cheap price..

Btw where is accessory treasure..

Leak 6 months before available. Announce 2 months before available. Get lucky that it is available in your region.

This is crap, do Nokia (& MS) honestly know what the f**k they have done. Do they not see their growing numbers of sales of low end WP phones around the world, especially India and now they bring in this droid rival. Honestly what the f**k!

Lumia doesn't need a gateway. That's the point. 520 is doing far better than 920 ever did. Low end WP sells. Make a cheaper 420 or 320 and see that rise to power. Not an ugly XL.

What he's trying to say that the Lumia 520 was the best selling phone. The XL at almost the same price point provides better features most likely will run more apps (as android apps can be side loaded and unlike WP, Android doesn't give the user only 140 MB of RAM for 512 MB devices). So we can expect a drop in 520 sales drop and lowered marketshare


You and everybody know damn well that people who buy these phones will not be jumping to Lumia after they are done with their X phone. It's a forked version of Android so it is way more natural for them to move to Android.  Install a new Launcher and bam!, Live tiles interface is gone. 

It's clever, but Nokia and Microsoft still need to sway developers. Once users upgrade from the X line, they might not find any of those same Android apps in the Windows Store.

I guess they might, but any apps other than the Nokia/here apps ( and there are great alternatives ) are available in the play store. Really, could go either way. Hell, they would be missing apps in the windows phone store that they will have access to with the X devices.

You - as a CEO of a large multi-national corporation which rolls billions of dollars in revenues - should tell Nokia and MS what to do, as your successful corporation obviously works better! Go get'm boy!

Hahah you've got to love at these comment ! I know that most people here love WIndows Phone, but the reality is , not every one does and for those people giving them another operating system great . 

I think the phone will not be available for a longer time in the market, i mean, that phone was already in the making while Microsoft and Nokia is processing their deal, just in case it didnt make it. now that MS deal and Nokia is almost over, they will just going to sell this phone untill the stocks run out. just like their asha series last year. dam im going to buy one of their asha before it phases out, the last nokia phone with nokia os :(

Not everybody loves Windows OS for starters and secondly, Nokia is NOT owned by Microsoft yet. I mean I know its early in the morning but c'mon people use your heads here.

Next time either poke them out or use them to better inform other people instead. That is, IF you can manage to be useful for once in your life. Which I know it's hard for you.

Nokia can't either of its own or through some 3rd party manufacture or sell phones for some period of time as part of the purchase agreement.

Until 2016 they won't. After that they can either form a new D&amp;S division...or simply buy Jolla which they already funded anyway. The phones aren't manufactured by Nokia in any case, they're built by Foxconn.

What I want to see is the specs of the phones to evaluate the possibility of removing this mockery of an Android OS and replacing it with a proper Android ROM. This isn't a phone I intend to use as a daily driver anyway so, meh.

That said, the entire press conference was disgusting. It sounded more like a Microsoft press conference than a Nokia one. On the other hand, that worm Eflop finally stopped hiding to whom he works. And that was utterly clear in the presentation. I just hope Nadella eventually kicks his pompous fat arse out of Microsoft once the deal is done.

I seriously can't believe how butt hurt you are about Nokia selling the phone division to Microsoft.  Every day you're on here talking $#it about Elop because he sold the division to Microsoft.  Sad puppy.

So I should praise Eflop because he ruined a company I liked? Sorry but, unlike you, I have brains. I only praise what I deem worthy of praise and I criticize what is worthy or criticism.
I'll be waiting for your butt hurt sh#t once Microsoft starts pouring Android stuff into WP.

Dude, it's a motherfu**ing cell phone company.  You act like they sold your family member.  I can't believe there's people like you out there that get this mad about things like this.  Nokia has no idea who the hell you are and never will care about like you care about them.  Stop it already.

Wow I hope Microsoft stops developing these phones with similar or better specs at the same price point once the deal is complete.


This might give a huge blow to low end WP which sells the most.

Your point is exactly why the X should never happen. WP 8.1 is supposed to lower the hardware requirements, meaning more wp devices can be pushed into even lower than 520 hardware. Why this forked cheap android then?

(Android Phones) at similar specs / price points to WP. Competing with oneself is never a good strategy. Not to mention it is a waste of resources. The buyer, Microsoft, will want to cut expenses upon completing the acquisition. Which division, job skills would be first to go?

WPcentral just officially became NokiaCentral. This has zip/nada/nothing to do with WP so why is this here? Will Android central now also start covering the new Nokia WP announcements? I think not..


These product explain why MSFT went out and bought the S&D devision from Nokia and I see them killing these products withing the same quarter the aquisition completes.

Nokia's strategy was clearly explained in that these devices will reach a large market with the X-line and introduce those users to MSFT services and WP design, not Google's.

Here's something I don't understand. Nokia can make a 5inch screen phone for $149 dollars but it can't lower the price of the 520 to reach below $100 bucks? Yes there's promos of the 520 selling below that but why can't Nokia make a cheaper phone if they can make a huge (5") phone that costs $149?

What is the cost of the 520/1 in Europe?


This doesn't sound like they are trying to reach a lower price point. This is Nokia finally admitting that they seriously blew it by not selling both Android and Windows Phone from the beginning.  There was seriously nothing wrong with them doing both at the same time instead of just focusing on WP.



I don't see why Nokia is doing this... My biggest problem with this is why is Asha still in the line? The what's the point of Nokia X? I mean is cheap, but I thought this was to replace Asha. Personally, I would rather buy an 520...

As childish as it sounds Im wondering if this is a cheap shot from Elop for not getting the CEO job. Days are numbered at Nokia for him now so if they had this as a backup plan and little in the way of new devices to show at mwc. Why not?

Nokia 5" screen for €109✔ Runs forked Android with Microsoft services✔ Lumia-like experience✔ Microsoft onboard✔ Google ass-out on its own platform✔ Microsoft will own Nokia✔ Microsoft rakes in buttloads of profit✔...if you ask me...Microsoft/Nokia...just S&@T all over Google with their own product because Google made Android open source(though they are trying to close it)...just winning! This just means essentially, Microsoft released a phone that even Google couldn't compete with...with an already unlocked bootloader? I'm a Windows Phone fan (HD7, HTC Titan, Lumia 920, Lumia 1520...wife HTC Radar, Lumia 925)...but for those that don't see this as a win for the ecosystem...I have two words...Check and Mate!

Once I saw the design of Nokia X I know that's windows phone, and I'm with you Microsoft and Nokia just SHIT and Pissed all over Google's face with their mouth and eyes open.

Nope...the part of Nokia that builds this phone...you cry too much about semantics...everyone here knows exactly what I mean, except you! Stop being a crybaby!

This is unbelievably and unbearably stupid. It's in direct competition with the entry level WP handsets. Is Nokia/MSFT giving up on WP? It looks to me like they are hedging their bets. Why should we bother? Time to give this up and buy a Nexus 5?

This is not Microsoft. It is Nokia's blackmail to get Microsoft to buy the Phone division. Once that deal closes these phones go the way of the N9 (if they ever see the light of day).

Stop complaining. Nokia sells more than 90% on every WP devices sold. So obviously Nokia is pretty much WP at the moment.

Btw, the wording is very important, they are saying it can run android apps, they are not saying it runs android, or forked android. Interesting I say.

I think this is more of a FU to google and Samsung. Hey google you don't want to make apps for our OS fine we'l just take your OS and make it our own, hey Samsung you don't want to spend money on developing a decent number of WP fine we'l just take your main market away from you. How do you like them apples :)

I am afraid that these phones look eerily similar to the current lumia lineup. The red xl reminded me of the lumia 920 in red. I hope that nokia doesn't do what Samsung has been doing. Its a big turn off for me. If i am buying a premium flagship, i surely don't want it to look like a €100 device. Just saying..

First of all, Nokia is not sold to microsoft, it's their mobile devision, and the sale only allows for the use of the lumia and asha brands for 10 years, NOT nokia. And the sale still isnt certain..

There is absolutely nothing that prevents nokia from making whatever phone they like and call it whatever they want, except for lumia and asha. If the sale completes, that is.

This phone goes to Microsoft after the deal is complete...it is being built in factories that will belong to Microsoft...they have a license to use the name Nokia on Asha and feature phones for 10 years...And only Lumia for SmartPhone designation...with its low specs and forked experience...who's to say that Microsoft wouldn't designate this phone a feature phone and keep the name Nokia...Nokia as a corporation will have to start fresh if they want to sell phones...because all of the Research and development will belong to Microsoft, all the factories will belong to Microsoft, all of the people will work for Microsoft... including those for this phone...Microsoft is not going to kill it because they are hedging their bets...this is a power play, that's all this is...as Chris Matthews says, "It's time to play Hardball!"

I mean to gloat here. I may not be the only one, but I did call it. These phones are designed to get smartphones into the hands of the emerging markets, get people using MS products and services and then get them to move to WP once they are familiar with the apps and tech, as these phones are similar to WP in appearance. Its a bizarre and gutsy strategy, and I admit I thought I was crazy for thinking it, but that's the plan.
Just hope it works...

I see this as a good move for both Nokia and Microsoft. MS new CEO comes from MS cloud business, he would love this if more people use MS cloud service instead of Google.

They bring out a Android phone with a 5" display but not a Lumia phone with the same size screen that is available internationally ha idiots

Nokia X will be another Kin phone for MS. Or if Nokia X sell well, it will directly attack WP or Lumia not Androdi phone.

So, for a hundred dollars one can have a 5" ips display on a Nokia + all the Nokia/Here apps. + all the Microsoft apps + most of the android apps (and pretty soon Google apps probably). Yes, I can already see huge lines of people forming to buy the coming new low end windows phone...NOT!

not that it would matter, but i hate this. i wonder what is next.....may be Nokia phones running Tizen with tonnes of Microsoft in the background with names like Nokia 34B, Nokia 36D and Nokia 42DD?!!!!!!

5 mp ang 2mp front, at 585qr must try to have one. only front camera i like for the cheapest price like this.. must try first before i made a conclusion.