Not everyone is getting the $100 credit for their Lumia 900. Here's why.

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We've heard from a few folks that their $100 credit for their Lumia 900 has not been applied to their AT&T account and now we may have an answer. While rare, there seems to be a reason that WinSource has stumbled upon.

In essence, if you bought the phone at full price and didn't use an upgrade (or new activation) then the credit won't be applied to your account. The reason being Nokia doesn't "know" that you bought and activated the phone on your account. While odd it sort of makes sense because for all they know, you bought the phone and sold it on eBay or sent it overseas.

The problem seems to be easily resolved by simply calling AT&T and double checking. In this instance AT&T verified the phone was on the account and applied the $100 credit which was a nice gesture.

The $100 credit was offered by Nokia (via AT&T) to those who purchased their Lumia 900s before April 21st due to a connectivity issues with a small number of devices.

Anyone else having problems getting the credit applied to their account?

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Not everyone is getting the $100 credit for their Lumia 900. Here's why.


Well..duh! This is common sense. I bought the device outright but called customer service and applied it to my account. Only took me 5 min and got my credit week later.

Umm, I bought my phone outright and I got the credit weeks ago. I didn't do anything to the tune of calling AT&T customer support or anything.

If i am reading correctly...
If you bought the phone at full retail value at $449.99 and did not use either a new service or your upgrade (which would mean the $99 price), then you will not get the credit...
False- or in my case it is false..
I used my upgrade on a samsung focus s in november, i bought the 900 when it released in april.  I sold my focus S, provisioned my new sim card that i got in the 900 box and now my 900 worked on my ATT account...I've been with att for almost 10 years so this is not a new service.  I used my upgrade back in november, so in my case, i got the credit when it first reporsted that credits were being issued..
if you got a 900 period and have an ATT  account, period, you get the credit.
Whoever that is in that chat, i am assuming att, they are making up BS as usual..Either they fugged up or the account got overlooked and didnt worry about doing anything until being contacted. So if the people that got overlooked never called, save them from dishing $100...for ATT, business as usual

Same as well! I bought one through early upgrade (Beats Wireless + Lumia 900 all for the price of the Lumia and it extended by contract 2 years) and one out of contract outright. As a matter of fact, the one bought out of contract was later on swapped for the Storm Trooper after the 21st and got to keep my credit :)

I think this applies to people who didn't buy from At&t or authorized reseller, Amazon. Reasonable. Like if I bought one and put my friend's sim card in it. Then had at&t provision his account, we both wouldn't get the credit.

I wish it was a check or gift card or something. I paid retail but it went on a corporate account, so no credit for me.

That excuse is BS.  I bought my L900 outright the day after buying it and got my credit the day it was reported to be starting.  This is likely AT&T being half-assed as usual.

I bought mine from amazon and then went to an at&t store to get my mini sim since the focus used a regular sim card. Didn't mention anything about a credit and mine was applied to my acct

You guys clearly didn't read the article. It states that those who didn't get a refund are possibly people who bought the phone at full retail price but never actually activated the phone on atts network. Reasons why someone wouldn't activate it are ie: selling it on eBay or Craigslist for a profit or shipping it to a relative oversees . Thus Nokia would be refunding you money for a phone you don't even have anymore

I didnt get my credit but Nokia Care told me to reach out to AT&T. I did not talk to AT&T yet, I am going to wait and see if the credit gets delivered into my account at the end of the billing cycle because I bought my Lumia 900 on the last day Nokia was offering the credit and I did upgrade. AT&T did an upgrade override to let me upgrade 7 months early so hopefully my phone counts as an upgrade to Nokia and not a full price purchase.

Did anyone who got the phone for free online still get the credit applied? I've heard conflicting stories.I got the credit but AT&T cancelled another credit that I was promised.

Bought it through AT&T off contract on their website, still haven't gotten my credit. Called and they said they'd apply it June 1st. Grr.

I have 2 Lumia 900's and somehow AT&T entered the IMEI number in wrong and that caused the 100 bucks to not apply two one of my phones. It was corrected quickly and they tell me it will apply on my June bill.

I hadnt gotten mine and I preorded it. I called and found th ereason was I used an upgrade from one of my lines but activated it on a different line. The line I had used for an upgrade was still waiting on it to be activated. I called ATT and the credit was on my account in 5 minutes.i think the activation on the line that you purchased it with was the trigger.

It should have applied if you had someone at AT&T properly change the equipment on your account.  I bought the phone using my employee pricing plan with no upgrade availalbe ($279), I then simply switched out equipment in my account.  I wasn't expecting the credit but I got it anyways.
To get the credit AT&T MUST see that the phone is being used on your acount.

I called Rogers about the $100 credit due for new Lumia 900 customers and connected with Customer Relations.  
Rogers customers are set to receive the $100 credit on their first or second bill subsequent to the upgrade, as long as they upgraded before April 22.   The agent also confirmed that it will be on my next bill (2nd).  Plus my $50.00 hardware upgrade came through = 2 free months of service :D