windows phone central app v4

Now Available: Windows Phone Central app v4

Over the weekend we gave you a sneak peak at version 4 of our official app for Windows Phone, and we're pleased to say it has now passed certification and is available on the marketplace right here.

So as always please download at your own leisure and enjoy the new features (which we've listed again below). Please note though that voice commands is a paid only feature and is currently only available in US and UK english, something which we're working to improve!

  • New Iconic live tile option
  • Full support for the Unification system
  • Voice commands and read-back (UK & US only)
  • Launching of app from external websites or apps
  • Social network sharing in the forums
  • Fixed time display bug in forum threads
  • Fixed issue with Windows Phone 7.8 live tiles
  • Improved live tile setup process
  • Several other minor bug fixes or UI corrections

We've seen one known issue which was not found in our extensive beta testing which can affect some Windows Phone 8 devices. If the app launches and then immediately exits it means your phone somehow does not have any speech languages installed or is set to use a language you haven't downloaded. This shouldn't be possible but I have seen it on a few development devices. Just go to your phone's settings > speech > speech language and select your language again (if it has a MB size listed that means it's not installed). Your phone will then go through an update process to add the chosen language. In the meantime we're working on a fix to be released soon.

We always appreciate your feedback so feel free to use the app's feedbackk button, or to get in touch through the comments and forums!

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Reader comments

Now Available: Windows Phone Central app v4


I know right? I think WPCentral was the first app I actually paid for and it was definitely worth every penny.
Now if only the update notification actually worked. I just checked and I had two updates, but one was for Foursquare and the other for Unification. Going to WPCentral's app page in the marketplace gave me the option to update though. Not sure why this is even an issue. Is it like this in WP8? I'm still on 7.8.

The store is an odd place. I might be wrong but I believe there is a certain time, which might differ between areas that determines when updates show up on the list. Mine is at like 2 o clock in the morning and somewhere in the middle of the day. But I have the amazing wpcentral team keeping me updated. So I rarely miss an important update.

Jesus, its .99c for a quality app. Don't tell me you cant afford that. Its also a small team, not some behemoth studio, behind the app, and they deserve to get paid for their fine work.

Indian here. My HDFC Visa Debit Card works just fine. It opens up Verified by Visa in IE after you enter your card details and you are good to go.

And students often get into debt and you have no payment option?? Not even a bank account?? Where are you living in ancient times??

My debit card is not visa/mastercard. that's why it doesn't work (as GreatDharmatma pointed above). For basic student needs, it is enough.

You could join Bing rewards and get a 5 dollar gift card for free after getting 525 credits by doing searches.

The trial version is unlimited, it is just add supported and some of the functionality found in the paid version is not available, but it works!  I was using the trial version for awhile and it was fine, but I wanted those additional features so I paid for the full version.

I stay in India .. HDFC as well as ICICI debit cards work .
I hope u activate online banking on that card first or else it won't work

I am over 9GB in my "Other" storage, on my 16GB Lumia 822.  Would like to shrink it, but the firmware update is not available yet to enable the Storage Checker application from Nokia.  Any ideas how to do this before that is available?  I guess I could do a phone reset and start from scratch, but I don't want to do that.  I have 252 MBs left, but it is running out quickly.  Thankfully I have a 64GB micro-SD for my Photos, Videos, and Music.  I literally only have my apps installed locally (3.59 GB).  The rest is the Other (9.10 GB) and the System (1.91 GB).  This is really a problem.  I need to kill the Other!

I would take out the micro-SD card and install the app "phone storage cleanup" or "shrink storage". Run it a couple of times and that should clear memory from the "other" storage. I used both and I really liked the phone storage cleanup and I managed to get the other section down to 1.55GB on my 810.
Good luck! Let us know if that works.

I tried the Shrink Storage app before and it didn’t help at all.  I tried both again, like you suggested.  The Storage Cleanup app didn’t remove anything.  The Shrink Storage this time actually freed up some storage this time, albeit only 42MB (262MB to 304MB).  I tried running them again and I actually lost 14MB, now I am back to 290MB free after putting the SD card back in and rebooting.  Better than nothing, but I think I need the firmware update really clear out this mess.  Thanks.

I tried it 5 times before, it doesn't free any memory up.
And i hate that htc doesn't create an app for cleaning like nokia...
Just makes me upset that i tried WP... I like everything about it but memory managing is horrible...

Don't take it out on WP as much as HTC. Look at all the corners they cut on android too, before the ONE. If you even remotely liked WP then give NOK a shot because they're the leader and you'll get the support and quality out of your device. 

hmmm, today the existing wpcentral would crash on me after about 5 seconds. 
I just downloaded this update and the app crashes right away it wont open. 
IM on 620 in the u.s. did a reinstall and still doesn't work. 

The live tile does not flip, don't know what I did wrong, but as far as I am concerned it is enabled in the settings, etc. WP 7.8

Still doesn't work.  I had no issues with the app prior to this, until this morning.  Nothing changed on my phone. 
Now it wont work at all, just crashes at the load screen.  Odd, this sucks. 

dammit, it forced me to go through the cogs of death to install.  wtf.  this thing better not brick. 

Yeah I hate when I have to go to the update screen since Nokia doesn't provide international warranty is always thrilling because if it bricks then I'll have to reflash it :(

I'm having the same issue. Didn't have it before today. I have updated and still have the issue. My phone language is set to English UK and I'm in the uk.

It's your speech language that needs setting, and before you think it's definitely set you should check because I have seen some devices have their speech language set without the pack actually being downloaded

I'm positive that the speech language is set to English UK and the language pack is downloaded. Any other suggestions?

Hmm, send me a screenshot of your installed speech languages if you can. Otherwise uninstall and then redownload the app

I've emailed the screenshots to the app feedback ok? If you want to see first hand evidence then email me and I'll send you my skype address.

I'm already buy this app , today I'm upade and run it but close quickly , uninstall and reinstall and force close again , uninstall and installed from marketplace and I choose try over buy and it's work but after buy won't work

Happened to me before update too and it would just go back to standby. Kept happening whilst Nokia live link was on air. Maybe WP Central got bogged down

Unification works perfectly for apps that support it. If your apps don't support it, its a shame, as its AWESOME. So glad WPCentral app has it now!

Anyone else having issues connecting Unification in the new app? Other ones work fine, but WP Central just kicks me back to the settings page after logging in.

This app is the only app I have we unification support, and it doesn't work. Both apps authorised against my account and nothing happening.

woohoo. yo, next release yall should make it so metrotube opens instead of standard yt app for videos! they just announced it can be done..

Did anybody notice the brief post about the instagram twitter sight for WP?  i thought i had saw it on the wpcentral app before it crashed and now its gone. 
hmmm, assuming its a fake thats why the article was pulled?

Nice Spot. The article title was: "New Instagram Twitter account appears, what could it mean?".

Sounds like teasing to me, maybe they jumped the gun a little too early? And so had to pull it back. Here's hoping anyway. Or else it's fake :(

Yes to get it pulled that quickly, im thinking it was minutes seem odd.  You can take it two ways though. 
It was such a fake, no point of keeping it up causing another bitch storm on the comments section. 
Or its legit and it wasn't supposed to be announced yet or supposed to be secret. 
All i know is, wpcentral have posted about many things that turned up to be hoaxes and left up the story, odd they would just pull this one that quickly for this situation.  We all know instagram is a touchy subject however. 

Hey!!!!! Ok I didn't dream about that. I saw the little pic and title on my Wpcentral live tile but when I opened the app the article was not there.....

Amazing app and well worth the money. Gonna a wait until the app update pops up on my store tile though. Wanna see if the update function works.

It's a great app.  My only complaint is I was hoping for a fix to the way forums work.  In a previous version, If I was in the Windows RT forum, and hit the back key to go to the list of forum tiles, it would take me back to the tiles with the forum I was just in on that screen.  Now (and in the prior version this one just updated) it takes me all the way back to the first forum tiles.  Then, I have to scroll all the way back to where I was.  This is a problem when you want to go from the Windows RT forum to the Windows Surface Pro forum.  If you were just in the RT forum, you have to scroll all the way from the first forum in the list to the Pro forum.  Since it's right next to the RT forum in the list, it would be better to just go back to the forum list with the forum you were just in on the screen.
Hope you can fix this in an upcoming version.

I'll add that to the list, in the meantime try tapping the forum title on that screen, you can jump straight to the forum rather than swiping :)

Loving the Unification support! So nice to see a clean history of everything and search via Unification for the exact articles I want! Awesome job guys!

Is it working for you, mine doesn't appear to be working yet. Do I need to do anything? It is working with giffgaff.

Not at the moment but it's on the bucket list, for now you need to use the site to create a mobile nations password for your Microsoft account

Still cannot 'Like' comments in the forums using the app - you have to use the browser; I wanted to purchase the app, but it seems that I can accomplish everything thing I need via Internet Explorer on my device.

Will definitely purchase once that functionality is incorporated into the app.

It's the second App that supposedly supports Unification...but it doesn't work (the other one is Social Reads). So far I haven't found any use for Unification.

Having some problems with the new version, when loading older articles app just freezed. Restarted reinstalled no luck..sometimes clicking on a article opened the wrong one.WP7.8 L710

Cannot pin the Custom Wide Tile on Samsung Omnia W (WP7.8), although iconic tile works ok in the wide mode. As nobody has compained yet, I think I'm doing something wrong. Pls help.

Same here, can't get double wide tile on my l900 7.8. And is the live tile now no longer suppose to have a brief description, just picture?

Yes. When I configure custom tile and pin WPCentral to start, I get only small & medium tile options. But if I configure iconic tile, then double wide tile is available.

As Jay stated, the only way to have a doublewide tile on 7.8 is with the Iconic tile. He dropped support for the double flip tile.
You're not doing anything wrong. It's by design, :)

The iconic tile is not supposed to have a backside. It's like the messaging tile. It doesn't have a backside because all of the info is shown at once. :P

Wow! You can now pull down the system icons in the app. I'm pretty sure that's new. Overall it's a great update. Congrats to Jay! YOU SIR IMPRESS ME.

Have you tried in the Settings menu of the app to set the iconic tile? That's the one that has double wide option on 7.8 and it's live but static.
That's not to say you can't use the flip tile if you want. That's also live. If not, I would suggest you reinstall the app.

The update downloads but won't install, gives an error and says to try later. Not sure if that is an issue with speech but I definitely have both US and UK installed.

Just upgraded to V4 on my Lumia 620, and the advert bar has appeared..

EDIT: just uninstalled and reinstalled and now crashes just after launch screen

a windows phone app that doesn't follow the Windows Phone guidelines, why is the setting and refresh button not placed in the bottom bar, feels inconsistent and android-ish,
other than that I don't have any complain, I like it.

Still having live tile issues with 7.8 8862 even though this update was supposed to fix them. Sent an email with my feedback.

OK, the App crashed at startup.
Reinstalled the speech language as suggested in the article.
The phone rebooted, and now I am stuck at the turning cog wheels!
It stayed on the cog wheels for approx 5 min. Then it rebooted and started to recover my data ... in 4 passes ... Took 10-15 min.
I was just able to start the App....
And it looks like I am back in business 
(Sorry for the false alarm)

How long has it been installing the language pack for? It absolutely should not brick and I've never heard of anyone being bricked from a language pack install

I may have been charged again for downloading 4.0. I had to uninstall 3.0 because the update was rolling back.

Boom! Can you tell me whats going on? I noticed a crash issue on my HTC 8S. Works fine until I scroll news down to where Rubino's post about Lumia 925 forums are. When I reach that post, WPcentral crashes.

Made no difference. No matter if I scroll down to that point fast or slow, crashes around same spot every time. I'll give my two cents to the very limited space on this phone. Temp file might get too big to fit in. IF there is some kind of temp for loaded news. If not, I can't provide more useful tips.

I think it's not possible to log in in the app with a Microsoft account, as in the site...when will this be possible ?

Never had any bugs before this update now I do! Fails to notify live tile story count and whilst scrolling comments they sometimes disappear, for the best WP news app massive FAIL

Just uninstalled old version because it wouldn't update went to download new version and now wants me to pay again. What's going on? AT&t Lumia 920

I'm not sure why, but I didn't receive the update. I even tried uninstalling and purchasing the app. Nothing. I hope the app is aesthetically pleasing like Wiki. Lumia 920. AT&T.

So I buy the app AND I get the pleasure of viewing ads? Rule of thumb, charge for your app OR put ads in, not both. Raise the price to cover whatever shortfall you have, but don't ask me to pay money AND watch ads. Come on guys. 

If you bought the app you absolutely should not have adverts. You have either accidently downloaded the trial version or something failed when your phone tried to mark the app as a full paid one. You might need to re-download the app to see it as the full version.

Believe me we would never charge for an app that wasn't fully featured, to do so is a ridiculous proposition for consumers.

Something funny happened with the store, perhaps. I had purchased this app since V2 but I was not able to complete the upgrade to V4. The bar would go halfway and then fail. I tried deleting the app to reinstall, and I get the surprise that I need to pay for it, and seeing these kind of comments, I will probably wait a bit with just the trial for now.
I love the app, congrats on the great work, and would buy it again! I just want to make sure that I can get the full version if I do.

I've had the same issue in that upgrading to version 4 errored out and I uninstalled the one I had. At first, I accidently installed the trial so I uninstalled it and tried to "buy" the v4 like you would normally do with purchased apps. Except this time I'm being asked to pay again.
Went to view my purchase history on windowsphone and I'm not seeing nearly any of the apps that I had purchased over the past several years. Nothing before 3/14/2012 and I've had my phone since 11/2011. Something obviously wrong with the app store.

It may just be my L920 but since this update, the app no longer updates live tile and it seems to be happening after I setup Liquid Daffodils' Notification app.  Only two updates happened in the notification app on day one and none since. Now no updates come at all on either apps.  And council here?

Got a new Lumia 620 yesterday, other one died... SAD TIMES!!!
Anyway, I've just installed the language packs and re-installed WPC app but it's doing that CRASH at start again.
I've un-installed, change language etc. but the WPC app will not load.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!