ooVoo social video chat app makes its Windows Phone debut


ooVoo, a social video chat service that already has 100 million registered users worldwide, is finally making its Windows Phone app debut today. The app allows users to conduct one-on-one HD video chats or group chats with up to 12 people.

Rajesh Midha, Head of Product for ooVoo, said:

ooVoo is excited to have worked together with Microsoft Corp. to provide our Windows Phone users with a great experience. Our Windows Phone app is fully native to the platform, and by bringing the best of our product to a whole new suite of supported devices, we continue to seamlessly connect friends and family everywhere.

In addition to video chat, the Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 app supports instant messages and voice calls, along with recording and sharing of videos and photos. The app uses as ooVoo's proprietary Superclear video technology which is supposed to automatically adjust for any packet loss for calls that have a low bandwidth connection..

You can download the free ooVoo app from the Windows Phone Store right now.

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Reader comments

ooVoo social video chat app makes its Windows Phone debut


You can't even make a Skype video call using a bluetooth headset on your windows phone... Skype is nowhere agressive to go with the competition.

First thing MS will have to do is to change the way Skype identifies a contact. They need to make it work like whatsapp or Wechat using the mobile number in the contact list if at all they plan to regain their empire.

Really? Because I make Skype calls using the BT speakers with microphone I have. Seems like a BT headset would work then.

True but usually when they do update it brings it up to par and then some so hopefully it'll be that way. I really want picture sharing and universal app so things are updated nearly at the same time.

I believe the APIs are public, so it theoretically could but they would have to program it in the app (which I don't know if they did)

Nops. If check "Get a app" on Phone Call settings will see just Skype as an option. Unfortunately even Skype doesn't works yet. Hopefully when WP 8.1 arrive ...

Is it a free service? If it is this could give Skype some huge competition depending on how fast it grows it's user base.

Any word on a Windows 8 metro/RT app from ooVoo? While it's great they're on WP, the app would be much more practical on a laptop/tablet.

Omg finally!!!! Used to use this on android as alot of friends and family have iPhones and androids. A great welcomed addition it is to WP!

To be honest, never even heard of ooVoo before.

But good for the ecosystem and those 100 million _registered_ users.

Cool!!!!!! Group Chat before Skype... I lov Skype but Microsoft is losing on this functionality now.

So what's the excuse for Skype not having group calls while this shop can? Was the $8 billion Microsoft spent purely to support ios users?

The 8.1 certified version of Skype will resolve all the complaints and should be released before 8.1 is rolled out via the carriers.

Skype did not run on centralized servers to relay calls and messages. It ran on P2P, which saved Skype from allocating dedicated servers for calls and chat. Due to that, we also had syncing, push, missing messages and calling issues when a user was offline or using multiple devices. Group calling needs a centralized server that Skype charged a premium for. Microsoft is centralizing Skype since they've discontinued messenger. I remember it was mentioned somewhere that Skype group video calling will become free. Although, I'd personally like Skype to get the functionality of groupme and Snapchat in addition to what it is.

How many of these apps are cross platform? While its great we are getting more apps I shouldn't have to download every video/messaging app just talk to people.

I'm glad its out. I deleted Skype from my Windows phone coz it kills the battery even when its not working, and it sucks, really bad.
I've been using oovoo for a while now and I'm a happy user.

People complaining about Skype app. They are going to update it. Do you see the Skype button when you make a call? It doesn't work right now because we need an updated Skype app for that. So dont fear wpc community. It will be updated and hopefully up to par or better then its android and IOS apps.