Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile

Photos and video of our first look at the Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile

T-Mobile has had a busy day today. They announced some cool upgrades to their network, showed off a new upgrade program, and made the Nokia Lumia 925 available for the first time here in the United States. We were live at the event in NYC and spent some time with the device our friends across the pond have been enjoying for a few weeks. Photos and video after the break.

Hands on video


Hands on photos

Nokia Lumia 925 front

Nokia Lumia 925 front top

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile back

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile speedtest

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile System Info

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile Start Button

There you have it folks. The Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile. It launches next week on July 17. It’ll set you back $49.99 up front, followed by $20 per month for 24 months. Or just snag the whole kit and caboodle on day one for $529.99. Don’t forget to read our review to see if this is the device for you. 


Reader comments

Photos and video of our first look at the Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile


The 521 branding is much more visible and in the same place, but my thumb covers it when I use the buttons. This looks even more faint. There are only two pics where you can even see the branding, and you can't see it at all on the video.

I'd like it even less if it was on the back, because then that's what people see when you take their picture.

i dont care what others see i love tmobile i love to rep them but i care what i see and down there its hideous. over the years the top has become customary for logos so i dont mind it there but i like the elegance of the bottom being devoted to the re buttons as almost a trademark of windows phone not defiled by a glaring logo. its not cuz it tmobile i wouldnt like it as much even if it said nokia

LOL..Is it such a big deal not to see the branding of your service provider?? Wow! I guess you're one of those with a bunch of heinous tattoos too..

Didn't I just say it was a big deal? Wasn't talking about tattoos so um what? But I guess that T-mobile branding is about as bad as getting a celebrity tattoo on your chin. The branding location is terrible and its irritating the lengths that carriers go through to label one phone.

buddy, it wasn't that serious, lol I was just stating an opinion it wasn't for people to get all uptight lol. and the point is that its ugly lolz

I really want to get it but I got to much tech this year to justify only slight upgrade with no 32GB. ); I Guess I'll deal with my 8X hard resets everytime I wanna install a new game..

that phone has been way to problematic. ive gotten 3 new ones and my sis 6 new ones from tmobile cuz of continuous problems through warranty (so they were free the only plus) so im ditchin this ASAP!

Oh man that sucks. I got mine release day and its been a tank (survived 4 falls, 3 concrete one ceramic tile) all from ear level, got wet in rain and outside by pool, and everything has been awesome! Still works like a charm, but the lack of 32GB will keep me from upgrading for a long time. I need 32GB, for games and apps. I have 1GB if music on my phone and still have no space.

yea my experience is the exact opposite and i got mine either the first or the second week. and its been down hill after like the first month. more like a nose dive in an airplan and no chance of an upside down landing like the movie flight lol just a giant and terrible crash. and i totally agree, i had told myself that if it was 32gb i would probably get the iphone but i just downright love windows phone so im most likely gonna get the 925. however 8x was beautiful, but i dont like how htc didnt support the phone at all thats probably what has pissed me off so much about them

I've had 0 problems with mine. Y'all looking for a reason to upgrade. The experience will be the same no matter what u do. Lol

so you are gonna tell me the 3 replacement 8x's ive had and the 6 my sister has had as excuses then yes thats what it is! and they werent small glitches they ranged fromt he phone continuously turning on and off on its own to it not turning on for a week sooooooooooo your an idiot

Tell that to me and my fiances ONE 8x we had a price. We both have no problems and never needed a replacement.

Ready for tomorrows event guysssssssss, it's gonna be freakin awesome, but this device is also very sexy! 
Best regards!

Wow, only white?? T-Mo goes and pisses on yet another good WP opportunity.
Now I'm really considering skipping this and putting my $$$ into a 1020. Sad that I'd have to buy an ATT phone to get more options on T-Mo.
Anybody know if we can buy them directly from the MS store or Nokia? I need options.  :-/ 

Ugh, Tmobile is f*cking killing me. White? Really? Not black? Did they just buy Nokia's surplus color? I swear, they are the Big Lots of phone carriers sometimes.

Looks like a very nice phone.  But when he says it's light.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't seem to be what it's worth.  I personally, like some weight to my phone.  I hope this one sells well nonetheless.

I dont know if I made my self e
Clear from day 1
If u want the best WINDOWSPHONE experience.. U have go go #lumia..go upgrade to the #925

Jesus H. Christ T-mobile it only comes in white and gimped to only store 16GBs?!? Where's the dam 32gb version in black????? Why do you consistantly offer second rate versions of highend phones?!? You don't even susidize anymore so WTF!!!!