Pizza Hut app makes it easy to order lunch from your Windows 8 PC

Pizza Hut app lands on Windows

One of the biggest fast food franchises, Pizza Hut, has finally released an app for Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets, after launching a Windows Phone app way back in 2011.

The new Windows 8.1 app itself is based largely on Pizza Hut's website, which allows users to scan over the company's menu selections, including any special items and prices. Of course, it also allows users to order up their steaming hot pies of cheese and toppings via the app and have it delivered from the nearest brick-and-mortar Pizza Hut location.

The good news is that the app does not require an online account to order pizzas; users can simply put in their credit card information. The bad news is that the Pizza Hut app is just for residents in the U.S. In addition to the Windows Phone version, Microsoft also has a Pizza Hut app created for its Xbox 360 game console that launched in April 2013.

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Pizza Hut app makes it easy to order lunch from your Windows 8 PC


Go for it then. This Pizza Hut 'app' isn't an app at all, its just the website aka web wrapper

go to pizzahut.ca and Pin the site to your Start screen using IE11, you get the same result, same for Pizzahut.com, Pin with IE11. It even offers up small-large Tile sizes when you Pin the site, even better looking than that sad Store Tile icon they chose(If its even official)


John should do a little research before he posts about Apps or games

"Papa Johns is on crack, He Wants To Make The Pizza, He Wants To Deliver The Pizza .... PAPA JJJJOPPOHHNNNSSS" :P

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Why would you need an app like this on a PC? You have to have an internet connection, so just go to the website. If it was for Windows phone, then we would have something, but this? Keep it. Plus I hear it's just a web wrapper. What's the point?

When the app is basically just a web wrapper than yes go to the website instead. I'd rather just go to a link from my browser favorites than use an app that doesn't offer anything different than I get at the website. 

Both this and the windows phone versions are just web wrappers. At least the dominos app on WP has Cortana voice commands.

The pizza hut phone ASP doesn't even accept credit cards. You still have to pay when you get there. So I don't use it.

It's great until you go to Pizza Hut to pick up the pizza and the pizza hasn't even been started yet, because "we don't pay any attention to those orders, you have to call".

I was all Yippie! until I read that the app is only works for the USA. I hope they have an app for other countries as well. In any case I'll definitely use this app when I'm in the US. Nice app. Are there any apps like this for the GCC? I'm going to seach the store.


Yeah. Now we need actual Pizza Huts here in the freakin Netherlands. We only have two (!) in the whole freakin country! Can you believe that?! Dutchland sucks more every day... Thinking about emigrating... but where to?