Poll: Did you pre-order your AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020?

Now that AT&T and Best Buy have online pages for pre-ordering the coveted Nokia Lumia 1020 today (we’re still waiting on Microsoft Store), the question is have you put in your order?

Take our poll, let us know your plans. We’ll make sure to have a launch party celebration in 10 days for this device, which should garner a lot of headlines and ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from passersby’s on the street.  (If on your smartphone, head to m.wpcentral.com/poll-did-you-pre-order-your-att-nokia-lumia-1020 to participate!)



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Poll: Did you pre-order your AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020?


I'm surprised that the MS Store online still doesn't have the preorder up at 11:25 a.m. est.  Maybe noon or 3.  Either way, I preordered mine through AT&T.  Big events late July/Early August, and I want the best pics of my kids I can get.

I'd think money and upgrade availability may be a factor for some ;) Plus if photography isn't a  big deal, I could see people wanting to wait until 8.1 devices...though that's still 8 months off, my guess.

Daniel is right. I'm in a two year agreement with Verizon on my 8x. Love the phone too.  I couldn't get the 1020 regardless since I'm under contract and it's exclusive to another carrier. WPCentral probably should add, "I would if I wasn't under contract" as a choice in the poll

Completely agree.  I have a L920 and paid full price for it.  I'm not going to do the same with this phone, as much as I would absolutely LOVE to have it.

You could sell the 920 on eBay or someplace... if you really wanted the 1020.  You might be able to get $250-300 for it depending on the condition.

The trade up is only offering $120 for a 920. At that price, it's better to keep the phone and use it as a media player or development device or something.

8 months off for 8.1 sure but Isn't gdr3 sufficient to get the best devices that Nokia can make? I'm sure there will be a 9xx and other range refresh this holiday season and such phones should be upgradeable to 8.1 right? Is there any hardware reason that one would rather wait for devices shipping with 8.1 rather than gdr3?

Daniel, you guys should add a " just show me the results" option so that those of us who the poll doesn't apply to (VZW customers) can see them without submitting a false answer. Those results must be severely tainted.

There is a "view results" choice, but I agree it would be nice if the NO's were split up more to see why people are passing on it.

Did u take this pic on the 11th or have you got a yellow review issue? Hoping for your sake it was not taken at reveal

I'm on T-MO US if the L925 was not coming to T-MO I would have jumped to AT&T for this device out of frustration. However I'll buy the L925 and then come the holidays I'll trade it in for a new model..

I made the switch from T-Mo to AT&T. I am not saddened by the decision at all. I knew the 925 was coming to T-Mo. However after 8 years of the nickle-penny grabbing I couldn't do it anymore. My plan is cheaper on AT&T as well. I won't get the 1020 as I'm two months into my 920, however it is the best phone I have ever had.

I don't want to skip this phone but I recently got 920 w/ 2 year contract. Its working fine for me for now. Although I want 1020 I will hold off for 8.1 to get released like what Daniel mentioned.

In the same boat, except I got my 920 when it came out so I'll wait until next holiday season and get the 1040!

Waiting on GDR3 in the fall and whatever Nokia will announce at Nokia World.  920 suits me fine as I'm not a photo buff.

Yeah, with GDR2 apparently not fixing other storage I am afraid to go WP8 at all. So sad. I really really really want to want this phone! But I must be sensible.

I already have a 920 and a 620.  Can't spend $700+ on a new phone just for the outstanding photo taking abilities....... 

I'm skipping it. There will probably be a 1080p version in 6 months to a year with wireless charging built in

if you buy me one then i will change my mind. I am happy with my L820 for what it does. I am not gonna spend 800$ for a phone because it has a 41MP camera and 2GB RAM. For that price, I better pay for a digital camera in that range (or maybe more if the prices are not the same vs the MP.

Interesting, choosing 925 over 1020.....cannot say I blame you though, I am happy even with the quality of pics I get with my 920.

I'm waiting for contract to be able to upgrade. Bought the 900 on release day, then bought the 920 off contract for only $125 via Craigslist, so I'm just waiting out my contract and hoping for better by then.

I think at&t's new "Next" will help ppl upgrade and afford the phone. That option is not part of the pole and a lot ppl might not be aware that's an option. I think at&t might be willing to help you upgrade before your agreement is up just to get this phone out there.

I am skipping this phone. I *am* crazy :-) Also, I have a Lumia 920, and I love it. I might get the 1020, but not right now. Not that that's an option in the poll ;-) I am really very much into taking photos on my phone, and I'm happy with the phone I have. I'd have to sell my phone on ebay and buy this one at full price, which is probably ~$350 or more of an increased cost, and I'm not 100% sure I'd be able to set up the new phone with my existing AT&T compatible Straight Talk SIM. I am prepaid through December, and do not want to risk giving up those minutes.

Problem is, it's 2013 hardware, with a great camera added.  1-2 two years from now the hardware is going to feel really old....

I think that's hard to say, definitively. Hardware does increase, but between smartphone "saturation" and the point we are at now with user experience and hardware, we might not see the same kind of dramatic aging. When I got rid of my Dell Venue Pro, it was a little heavy and large, but the biggest change for me was the new tile system available with the Lumia 920, and the much, much better camera. (Which is why I'm not really feeling the need to upgrade again.) There will be higher resolution screens, larger ones (if you're into that) and more processing power, but I don't think the user experience with the phone will have changed that much. Hopefully, if Microsoft gets on the ball with updates to Windows Phone, you'll get them with the 1020, and it'll remain fresh.

its not even 2013 hardware, its 2012 hardware (dualcore, 720p display etc). I'll wait for a "proper" next gen wp8 device.

I don't have contracts or any carrier obligation and I'm still skipping it.
I already have a L920. The only big difference between that and the 1020 is the camera (and the 2GB that it needs). Since I don't give priority to the camera, I'd rather pocket the money I would truly be wasting on this and wait for the next generation devices that should come around at first trimester of 2014 (if not a bit later since WP9 is delayed)

I'm skipping it because I just got my 920. Next year though I'll be getting the updated 1020 ... Whatever it will be called.

People like me that don't have an extra $300 laying around. I want one but it is priced to high for me to pick up. Hopefully the price will drop soon like the 920 did shortly after it came out.

I bet many are people not on AT&T. Had the option been available, I would have picked that instead.

People who have a 920. I am waiting to see what tyhe 1080p and quadcore additions will bring out in wp8 phones. I can wait for a pureview with better specs.

Same here. Had to pay ETF on 2 lines on Sprint so I could get the 920 and 8X on AT&T. For now, I'll just wait till my next upgrade cycle.

My wife is going to pick it up at the MS Store since they are giving the camera grip. She's upgrading from an iPhone 4S; she just got an iPhone 5 for work. She's going with the Yellow 1020.

Ugh, my wife and I are expecting our first child and the release date is perfect timing. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for an upgrade and I don't think I can stomach paying close to $700 for this bad boy off contract. Such a tough decision!

At&t does early upgrades. You'll pay more, maybe $400, but its better than $700. When I bought my wife's 920, she was only 4 months into her contract. Ended up paying around $300 (with a case and an extra charging cable thrown in)

Personally, I'm still undecided.  The camera looks great, but it's really not that much of an upgrade over my 920 otherwise.  Photography is definitely important to me, but at the same time it's still a tough sell for $300 on contract when everything else is the same (and the lack of integrated wireless charging means in a small way it's a step back for me).

RAM Upgrade, Camera Upgrade doesnt qualify as a big upgrade over 920?.. What is that you would expect as an upgrade?.. Better processor and bigger screen?

RAM is upgraded, but that means next to nothing to the end user.  It's not like a PC where you can open as many programs as you want at a time; the OS limits you here anyway.
And yes, for $300, it should have a better processor.  Note that I'm not even saying we need quad-core in Windows Phone 8, but the Snapdragon chip in all of these WP8 devices (the only one it currently supports) is years old already.  There are many newer and more efficient dual-core chips as well at this point.
Hell, even a microSD slot would justify it more to me.
Instead, they're releasing this phone which only improves the camera.  (As I've already stated, this is a drastic increase, but that's a single improvement).  It's $299, and they're also releasing it off-cycle.  GDR3 should be here only a few months down the line, and that WILL support new SoCs and higher resolution screens.  Paying $300 for a device that in many of the most important ways will be obsolete in a few months is exactly what people here complain about Android for.  I find it shocking that everyone is so willing to do it for Windows Phone.
Of course, if you don't have a WP8 device, this definitely is a huge increase.  For someone like myself who already has a Lumia 920, it's difficult to justify the price at this point in time.  That camera looks amazing for a phone... but you have to be willing to accept that that is the only improvement you're getting.

And let's not forget being AT&T exclusive, which for me is a major NO to me due to pricing and being the worst carrier in customer service, while their coverage sucks compared to Verizon and Sprint on my neck of the woods.

In person, gives me time to sell spare computer parts, spare car parts, and a spleen to fund the $650 device.

Ignore the "Its a ford" comment. Probably never even sat in an ST.
That being said no, mine is a very modified regular Focus. I love it.
I have driven multiple ST's auto-x them. And have a bunch of friends that live with them daily. They are great, it will take some getting used to if you are not used to tourque steer. Also if you live in a climate with snow. Be prepared to buy a good set of snow tires. But they are great cars. Comfy, handle great, and powerful.

Oh man - just watched the Top Gear season premier last night where they are raving over the Fiesta ST! I have a 6-speed CX-5 but now I'm thinking about buying a second car for the fun :-)

Preordered mines thru att about an hour ago, still no confirmation email, but the order status page is showing my yellow 1020

I preordered from ATT but I'm ready to cancel at any time when MS Store opens up.  I'll only keep ATT if MS Store doesn't deliver on 26th.

Nice, I preordered the MS Store version, was kind of a hassel caneceling the ATT preorder, but got it worked out.
Hope it gets devilvered on time!

Not much of an upgrade from the 920 (apart from cam) so I will skip and wait for the next flagship that makes my 920 feel outdated.

I decided to buy this one with my upgrade since I bought 920 full-out.  I think new phones without pureview 41 will be a bit cheaper than this one, so thought using upgrade on this was a good choice.

No don't want to be stuck with a GDR2 phone when GDR3 are around the corner spec wise. I'm good with my 920.

Skipping this one. My next phone needs to have wireless charging and an SD card. I can get the wireless charging accessory for this; I cannot get any SD card support, so I will wait.

Only just realised that the front facing camera lens on the 1020 is so much bigger... I know I can't technically afford this phone but I really do want it!

Not employed by as such but I do write the app, do the podcast, and occasionally help with an article or two. Nothing like the kind of work the full time guys here do though!

Folks who's upgrade isn't here. Take a look at todays att announcement. "next" you might be eligible early. Its launches on the 26th

Poll needs to have another category: no, I'm on the carrier with the highest US percentage of WP users but still can't get the best exclusive phones!

I would if I were an American resident. But as German I have to wait until September to replace my 920 and 808 with one single device.

Skipping! Unless the price goes down to $99 or less. I have the 920 and enjoy it. But with that camera the L1020 needs more memory or a SD card. Also, I love my wireless charging that is built in.

In wpcentral most here in the forum have a lumia flagships ( 920,925,928) i dont think most it will upgrade to 1020 try this in other sites (like engadget, etc) im sure u get a positive feedback ...

It seems less people are drunk with the idea of owning the 1020 now and are realizing that this contract country of ours holds us on a crazy leash..I know the next program exsists but people don't want to pay even more on the already outrageous AT&T bill they already get, including myself.

Did u guys know that Nokia will pay for you to switch. U can give them your phone in exchange for $$$. Nokia is giving my wife $250 for her Iphone 4S. Check it out on Nokia.com

I was offered $30 for my HTC Titan and for two Palm Pre's a grand total of 0.00 lol I think I'll hold on to the Pre's for sentimental reason (techie archive/museum) and the Titan in case I need a backup device...

I investigated that route when the 920 came out on Rogers, figuring I'd import it for use on TMoUS. Let's just say the amount they would have given me for my HD7 wasn't worth the hassle of boxing it up and shipping it.

I checked my Lumia 920 is worth 125 but my fiance's iPhone 5 is worth 325..... I guess if you have a Newish non Lumia they give you more for switching

The survey question should start with.... "If you are on AT&T...."  I am not on AT&T, so I didn't vote.  Otherwise, you should add some other answers....  "Not on AT&T, but would love to buy the phone!", "Not on AT&T, but still wouldn't buy the phone."

Please add another option I am not buying from AT&T because I am not an Ameritard, thanks. If you guys really only want ad revenue from 'merikuh then please block all IPs allocated to regions outside 'merikuh. Otherwise get some respect and acknowledge there is a world outside of your country (it's called "the world").

When the next version comes out grab it in blue and then you can really screw with Mr/Mrs "50000" up above LOL ;)

I just can't justify buying a $300 phone (let alone the off-contract price) that in every way besides the camera and lack of wireless charging is identical to my 920, especially when you consider that the quad-core, 1080p phones are less than 5 months away. While I absolutely LOVE, how good my camera is, I would find the better screen and faster SoC more useful.

Done..pre ordered a black one.I always buy the phone and sell it every year on eBay and use the proceeds for the next one :). I should get about $250 for my L920 and next year $350 for L1020.

All lumia series or FLAGSHIP PHONES,did have issues on release dates..900 had WiFi problem,920 had screen,dust,the 1020 for sure will have something minor... Its all fixable but why cant ship it 95%.. Oh well im still not paying 299

What is the likelihood of the 1020 not being upgradeable to 8.1?  I know 8.1 phones may have higher hardware specs (quad core etc) but I don't care about that, the 1020 specs are more than good enough for me.  I care more about not being stuck with an outdated OS like I am now with 7.5.  (Still can't even get 7.8 without resorting to hacks...)

The camera is awesome but otherwise this is a Lumia 920 without wireless charging. And no cyan option. I think I'm going to wait for a larger WP.

Didn't pre-order, I will just purchase it unlocked once out, at either AT&T or MS Store, whoever has one in stock.

If I hadn't just purchased the Lumia 928 I would have been all for it. Bring it to Verizon and I'll sell my 928

Undecided. Want the phone but I don't line that you have to clip on an accessory for Qi charging. I just got my CR-200 last week.

I would, but I am with Verizon and just recently I got my Lumia 928. Love the phone....But the 1020 seems to be The it phone.

Nah, I'm on my 5th 920 and will probably request a 6th (poor transitions, noticeable delays, etc). Pre-ordering last time has put me off of grabbing a new device immediately. A 64g would be more enticing for those off us already under contract.

Im just happy nokia has improved their release policy on their flagship phones. Announced in one month and released in the same month. Not announced one month and released NEXT QUARTER. Hopefully they'll do it for their GDR3 phones or whatever 8.1 will be called. Microsoft needs to hurry up.

1020 is ugly compered to 920, but it's still impersive how thin it is with that huge sensor (camera)

Nope..... Still rocking my non-supported, totally forgotten about WP7 HTC Titan 2. See no need to upgrade to this when I have this Flagship here in my hands.


It is unbelivebale how a flagship device such as the HTC Titan and HTC Titan 2 were left behind in the 7.8 upgrade.  That is what has left a bitter taste in my mouth about AT&T and Microsoft Windows Phone.

Sigh...as much as I want to buy this phone I refuse to switch from my 920 until Microsoft starts supporting game save backups. I'm on my third windows phone and its a pain to restart my games and lose my achievement progress each time, I have way too much time invested in each of them

It's up to individual game devs to implement that functionality.  From what I've seen, most of the good ones do it.  I strongly agree that this is a very sad state of affairs.

I would like to get one, but I just got a 920 and am under contract for two years. Otherwise I would have picked up this phone. The 41 MP and the great camera features are really temping.

Want one on Day One but am waiting to see who offers the best incentives. MS Store is offering the free camera shell; curious what Best Buy and AT&T Stores will do. Will be visiting neighborhood AT&T store today and talk to salesperson/manager there to see if they think they'll be doing anything. If not, www.microsoftstore.com here I come...

1020 is amazing technology. I bet if  iphone or android had specs like this, people would drool like fools. i can say 3 words that makes me wanna go to the Microsoft store and grab it today...SPRINT HTC ARRIVE!!!!! The new offerings that sprint have coming is not good enough. To the evil empire i go. good bye sprint, hello AT&T :-(

Its okay if some people decide not to buy this phone. This is not for everyone, its for a niche market, photography enthusiasts etc.

I think I am going to sit this one out. Nokia mentioned that there is a new phone coming out this fall which is said to be quite impressive plus I am still quite happy with my 920. Also I am not excitied about this switch to OLED as I have had screen burn-in with every OLED phone I have owned.

Passing on the 1020, seeing as I got a 920 on launch day. Plus, at the end of the livestream they said they have another big phone coming out later in the year. That sounds like a follow-up to the 920. I just hope T-Mobile starts getting Nokia flagship phones sooner. I'll be leaving AT&T as soon as my contract is up and moving over to T-Mobile's LTE in Chicago.

Not that big of an upgrade IMO. I will wait till it drops severely since it's not going to sell that fast and then get it if I want. Or I might just wait till the nex generation.

Well, I was going to spend $700... as a matter of fact, I was at the preorder page (MS store), I see the free camera grip... I'm excited and then I change to "replacement device" and not only did I lose the free next day shipping, I lost the free camera grip. So, MS / Nokia is willing to give less to those who spend more?  In the end, I said screw it and left... no pre-order.  I shake my head at the logic of some companies.

They should have just changed the wording of the last option to, "no, waiting to buy after it is released".  That would cover all the people that want to see it before they buy it as well as the people waiting for contracts to expire.

Judging from the poll results, I am not the only one waiting for a true next gen Lumia (Lumia 920 true successor) but it looks like the majority of people are thinking the same way.
Despite Lumia 1020 **AMAZING** camera technologies.

The issue is whether you want a 41mp camera, the next 'true' successor to the 920 is very unlikely to have a 41mp camera.

True and obvious.  We do not expect the next flagship to have the same 41MP PureView although, you never know :)
Personally I rather have true successor and slightly improved camera than last gen hardware and hugely improved camera. Snapdragon 800 and 1080p display specifically are must for me.
Assuming that by then we will have a clear confirmation that Windows Phone 8.1 will come with Notification Center, otherwise I am out no matter what. :(

Since there wasn't a better choice I selected "No, skipping this phone" just so I could see the results of the poll. If this phone were available on t-mobile I would buy it like yesterday!

Walked in to the MSFT store in Costa Mesa at lunch walked out 5 minutes later w/ my preorder done.  Should be getting this about a week before our family vacation, so the timing is impeccable.

I got my 920 around the time it was released, and I love it. Yes I would love to get the 1020, but i'm in a 2 year contract and $700+ just for the camera is a bit much for me right now. My 920 still has the best cam in the phone market, and i'm very satisfied with it's cam. I came from android and ios and haven't looked back since, I think I may just wait til the next big Lumia phone to come out, until then i'm sticking with my 920!!!

I think im gonna start a collection of Lumia phones starting in 2016 when they are as cheap as the 3310 is on ebay now :D

For 920 owners, there's really no reason to upgrade to a 1020, except for the camera, it's essentially the same device.
Even for owners of WP7 devices, I'd suggest waiting until November when the new updated Windows Phone devices with 1080p screens are released (if not waiting until next year for the devices launching with Windows Phone 8.1).

I paid 800 for my 920 on release date. It's not the time for upgrade.
The big issue with my phone is rebooting randomly.

FYI - AT&T might buy your used phone from you, if it's in good condition.  I was offered $100 for my iPhone, but my phone isn't in good condition.
I learned this after asking if they could help me out with Verizon's $150 early termination fee.
Regardless, it's a done deal for me today.  Looking forward to the 26th :-)
Switching from iPhone 4S and Verizon to Nokia Windows Phone and AT&T.   That's a big switch! 

Am I the only one predicting the next "it" device from Nokia, replacing the 1020, will be the Lumia 1080? With GDR3 or 8.1 said to support 1080 screen resolution the number sequencing seem to make sense. If they're smart they will have a Lumia 1080A, V, T & S (att, Verizon, mobile, sprint). Capitalize on the one model (1080) device for all platforms and quit using different numbers for each carrier. Look how well branded the Galaxy devices are across all platforms.

I tried buying online through the Microsoft store choosing the order by phone option. The purchase was for off contract at full price. I was told that the return policy only allowed returns if the package was not opened otherwise the device must be defective. There is no grace period.
I called the local Microsoft store and was told they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy. So I bought it that way.
Microsoft has some work to do.. They are making it harder for me to give them money.

i'd rather to skip this first, because i'm already have a Lumia 920. my parent will kill me if i want to buy Lumia 1020.... uh maybe next 3 year later, maybe lumia 5020, has 400 MP super zoom, OIS gen 20 (if earthquake happens your videos is still staaaaaaable. XD kidding) or Night Vision integrated, so it will capture low light photos, oh i mean NO light condition. haha.
#sorry english

Pre-ordered a white 1020 from MS Store last night. I fat fingered my wireless number and required agent chat intervention...hoping I didn't screw myself out of Day One delivery. No email update/confirmation, still stuck on the "Carrier Approval" CoD (Circle of Doom) on the order status page :( Might have to call and talk to a human later...

I think a few people have made this point, but while I'm more than willing to play full price on a new phone, this one doesn't offer a significant upgrade over my 920. 
The camera is cool, but really over-kill for my specific needs.  The processor is essentially the same, and more RAM is nice I guess, but frankly, I've never felt the need for more on my current device.
A compelling reason to upgrade would have to include at least a couple more significant upgrades.  A 1080p screen, thinner body design (it'd be great if we could accomplish this without losing the Wireless Charging), more storage, better processor / more RAM, maybe a few other surprises, (Think: Innovation), and WP8.1.
When that day comes, expect a lot more interest in upgrading.

While this looks like a nice phone, I already have two very nice and very expensive cameras (one of which fits easily in my pocket). I don't need to spend another $300 to have one that makes calls. Besides, I'm still under contract with the 900 I rushed out and bought, and which quickly became obsolete. I'll be skipping this phone. However, as quickly as Nokia is pushing them out, the next great Windows phone will certainly be ready when my contract is up.