Poll – Has the Surface pricing changed your decision to purchase?

Surface RT

Too much or just right?

This morning Microsoft announced the pricing of the Surface RT tablet, which will come in at $499 for the 32 GB base price with the keyboards coming in extra. If you opt for a 64GB version with a Touch Cover, you’re looking at $699.

So far, reactions have been mixed as most people were expecting something more dramatic for the price (and those earlier $199 rumors of course did not help). We’re okay with the price because we know Microsoft could not undercut their OEM partners who would have surely bailed on making their own tablets if Microsoft was going to exploit their obvious advantage.

But we want to know what you think. Has that $499 price tag dissuaded you from your purchase? Was it in line with what you were budgeting anyway? Take the poll and let us know your decision in comments. Poll closes in 24 hours. Mobile users can jump to m.wpcentral.com to vote on their phone.



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Poll – Has the Surface pricing changed your decision to purchase?



I hope they are more agressive with the pro. I know they needed the oems for the RT and couldn't undercut them since the oems could go to android. However, what are the oems going to do with the pro version? Go to Linux?

I'm waiting for Pro too, but if I could have picked up the base model RT for $300 I would have gotten one of those also.

Same.  I expect the Pro to be 1000 bucks.  I would be very happy if it was less.  I would cringe if the pro was 1200+

As much as it will kill me to wait 90 days (WHY 90 DAYS MICROSOFT!!!!???) I will do it just so I can install those applications that are must haves for my PC.

As much fun as it would be to troll and say it's not worth it compared to an iPad, I believe the truth is that the Surface, even the RT version, offers a lot more than Apple's product at a similar price point. I do believe that the keyboard cover is overpriced, however, and that Microsoft is missing some opportunities by pricing it at $599 with the cover included. Especially considering that the advertising all features the cover prominently, the cover should have been included in every version, including the $499 version.

With that said, though, even the RT tablet offers a LOT more than an iPad. Multiple user support, expandable storage, and the free Microsoft Office 2013 inclusion means the tablet is actually useful for students, teachers, and others who work primarily in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The support for multiple user accounts makes Surface a better choice as a "family/household" tablet than iPad right out of the box.

I do believe, though, that they're leaving money on the table by not including 4G LTE as at least an option.
For me, $399 sans smart cover and $499 with was the "will definitely buy" point, so I'll be waiting this one out. Maybe Surface 2 or Surface Pro, once pricing for that is revealed.
Microsoft, you're offering a great product and I wish you well with it, but you've lost me for this round. Shame, since I already sold my iPad.

If you read the description of what's include in the box it says that there is a black touch cover included.  The additional colors are sold separately.

+1 except I was never sucked into buying an iPad :-)
Serious mistake MSoft. At this price many who would have considered Surface RT for Xmas followed by a Pro later will, like me, have to wait for the Pro. Going to seriously dent their holiday sales potential.

Well, not even Xmas, I'll probably wait 6+ months to see if it's reduced frantically, if not, then I'm not buying until it's cheaper.

I hope the price makes it easier for me to obtain one on launch. Anyone who thought it is going to cost less than an iPod Touch is a dumb dumb.

Used one already and it gets the pop sound that you hear the windows phone keyboard when you type. It works remarkably well and responds to pressure wonderfully.

Same here, its going to be built well, it has to be. Get the surface pro then that Nokia tablet but RT version of that

I see the poll ..just voted YES
for $499, you get a tablet Windows RT with Office 2013 and Skydrive integration of One Note ---done deal! now where is that preorder page...it disappeared on MS website

Yes yes that's a great deal, some stinges on here!! :D for all you American guys stinge means your wallet is very tight!!

About $100 more than I expected. Of course, as I'm in the UK, the $499 version could turn out to be twice as much...

Base Surface in the UK £399 same as the base 16GB iPad which is £399 too. and the 32GB iPad is £479 so the Surface for me is good value! :)

If it arrives in the uk at the conversion rate then 310£ is spot on, somehow history tells me it wont and therefore a 499£ price tag is way too high. Time will tell i suppose...

Don't forget 20%VAT which takes it up to about £380 so £399 seems very fair compared to the mark up on some other products compared to US prices

Yes. It isn't a terrible price but just too much for what you get. The Windows Store has way too many apps with great stylus support to buy an RT device IMO. Basically I see these RT devices as more PMP type devices, used for internet, music, movies and games.. Which is great, but you can get the Kindle Fire HD which is made for those same purposes for 199.

I don't use Office but that is nice for those that do. I do love OneNoteMX but only because it works great with a stylus, not available for Windows RT devices.

Who in their right mind doesn't use Office??
OpenOffice (LibreOffice now) is a nightmare.  Convoluted BS.  I use LibreOffice and OpenOffice on my Ubuntu machine and can barely stand it.  Office 2010 is a thousand times better.
Hell, I don't "need" Office per se.... but I use it even for minor stuff and have since I was in highschool and Word Perfect was still a legit competitor.

You have to keep reading. Notice the little 1 at the end of the sentence?  That denotes you should have a look at the bottom of the page to read the note associated with it.  If you had done that, you would have learned that it would be automatically upgraded to the release version, for free, once it was out.

That's just it, as far as I'm concerned - Office is 'baked in' and worth $150...Why not just NOT bake it in and make it an optional purchase, which would thereby drop the base price down to $349?
I realize Microsoft wants to ensure that their core products (i.e. Office 2013) can be had in a one stop shop (SurfaceRT), but I personally consider Office 2013 an accessory, just as the Touch Cover, and would rather have them as optional purchases.
With that said, I am more interested in the iPad mini, as that is the device I was initially looking to purchase due to the size and app variety; if it is priced at a cost that I feel is worth it, I will pick that up in addition to my Lumia 920.

So from what you are saying the Surface RT is no different from the iPad.. well true. but comparitively speaking it's also $100 than the same iPad 3. so how can it be 'Way too much" ??
You can't compare rate a 10.6" Tablet in the same class as a 7" Tablet (especially the pricing), that's silly.
Surface RT is mainly a consumption device, yes, but if you need to do some creation, the tools are there (Office for FREE) that's not on any other device.

I was really hoping for an extremely competitive $399 but I will still buy one but not until after I get my Lumia 920 :)

Was also hoping for a 399 price for the 32gb model but I also understand MS doesnt want to severely undercut their oem partners (minus maybe Acer).

Would be nice if they could sweeten the deal with some of that margin -- $100 credit at the app store?  That would also help developers.

If it was $399, I would have just impulse bought one, but I think I'll wait to see the Asus Transformer Book and the Surface Pro since it will have an active digitizer. While the Transformer Book's specs aren't finalized here is what we do know. Between a new device and a potential Lumia 9xx on VZW, I'll wait for the time being.
Core i7 CPU/4000 GPU
microSD Card slot
front and rear cameras
64 or 128GB SSD
KB dock with battery and optional discrete graphics and second HD/SSD
This would make for my ideal Steam gaming tablet since when it is docked it could switch to the secondary graphics card for intense gaming with those games on the KB SSD.
This for less than $1200 would make me very happy.

I'd like to see where that AMD chip based slate shows up. I've heard it supports much better gaming graphics and comes with Blue Stacks. That should be a very interesting Win8 slate.

I'm in the same boat. A digitizer is somewhat important to me. So something running PRO makes more sense if I'm going to have to spend a good chunk of change.

But if RT was $350 it would have been an impulse buy, whether I really needed it or not.

I'm still getting one, but the Lumia 920 takes precedence for me, so it gets my pre-order purchase, and I'll order a Surface at Thanksgiving or through work.

Hey, that's Microsoft's fault for calling the OS "Windows Phone." Do you want him to say "I'm buying a Windows Phone Eight"? That sounds just as silly.

Ideally one would say "Buying a Windows Phone" and be done. If someone asks for the version, you'd say "version 8."

No, you still have to follow the rules. You do not say I am buying IOS or I am buying Android. You say I am buying an IOS phone or an Android phone. For example, if I say that I am buying Windows Phone 8 that could mean an accessory or an application. If you use Aubrey's method, that could mean Mango 7.5 or older and you would need to clarify.
The OP's use of an abbreviated "WP8" is fine because you can ignore the "phone" in the branding and look at the letters like a symbol for the operating system.
I guess he could still say I am getting one of the new Windows phones instead, or just say I am getting a Lumia 920 if he is already decided, but I am perfectly fine with his method.

No, people ususally say "I am getting an iPhone 5" not "an iPhone5 phone" so saying "I am getting a Windows Phone 8" is perfect without the vestigial second "phone"

This is actually a really silly argument. 
1)     He was typing not speaking. The same rules don’t apply.
2)     On the internet we use acronyms and abbreviations when typing. People write “LOL” not “LAUGHING OUT LOUD”
I’d have to say that WP8 is the best way to describe what he meant. He wanted a Windows Phone and not the 7.x  but the 8.x. 
Good job man!

No, like I said, since the name of the operating system is Windows Phone 8 in full, you have to treat it as so.You are getting a Windows Phone 8 what? Phone? Accessory? Application?
Saying that I am getting a Windows Phone 8 is just as retarded as saying I am getting a Windows or I am getting an IOS.
I am getting a Lumia 920.
I am getting a HTC 8x.
I am getting an Ativ S.
These all work.
I am getting a Window Phone 8.
Sorry, but NO. That sounds absolutely terrible.

Sorry, but NO back to you. "I am getting a Windows Phone 8" sounds perfectly acceptable, and "I am getting a WIndows Phone 8 phone" sounds okay, but silly. A lot of people say that they "have an android" when talking about phones.
Excuse me while I go to the ATM machine to get some cash so I cam keep playing my MMORPG game on my PC computer.

He didn't say "Windows Phone 8 phone", he said "WP8 phone".  Big difference.  It's just like "DC Comics"...when someone says it, they clearly don't mean for it to be read as "Detective Comics Comics".

Are there any detailed specs on this yet? Everything Ive seen is really vague! How can we pre order without detailed specs?

The price is perfect, and right where I expected it to be. But the $100 for the touchcover is way too much, so I'll probably go for the $699 version with touchcover and 64GB. Best bang for the buck imo.

and when you look at any ipad keyboard covers that are huge and clunky and cost around the same price its a sweet deal to me

Will have to wait for the MSRP for people in UK....
If in fact the $ represents the costing for a UK user (around £350) then I'm still up for it... Beyond that and I would have to wait for New Year Sales (if UK retailers stocks)

I'm sort of confused on how people think MS isn't being competitive here? A 32GB WiFi iPad with a Smart Case and add in a Keyboard, direct from Apple, is $707! A 32GB Surface with the Smart Type cover is $599.

With a price point like that, can someone please tell why I should even consider it when I can have a Kindle Fire HD (8.9) for $299? Now i have no choice but to bank on the Ipad mini having a price point that makes more sense in this already very competitive tablet market.  Microsoft and who else is making Windows 8 RT tablets?

Really? All those integrated services that the surface will come with. Office. NOT consumed by unwanted ads. (kindle fire HD). And just overall a better, innovative brand. No its not cheaper, but well worth it.

Do you really think I will be getting a Kindle Fire HD to run it with Amazon's stock version of Android?  Man, I might even run Open Webos on there, but that's not the point, it's about having a price point that is more accessible to more persons.  I was thinking that it would be more around 399

Well it's all about RT and at that price point it's cheaper than some smartphones. Not sure what you really expected when it comes with all the extras. 

Yes.  It's too expensive for such low end specs and non-existant ecosystem.
Needs at least 1080p and plenty of apps to justify such exorbitant pricing.

Exorbitant pricing? It costs less than the equivalent iPad lol. And 1080p on a 10 inch tablet is so unnecessary. Anyone who says anything else is full of it.
There is a reason that you don't find higher than 1080p on virtually any computer monitor smaller than 27".

The new iPad has a 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution. A much faster cpu/gpu.  A better browser.  And the most complete tablet app ecosystem out there.

LOL at calling the iPad CPU faster, and good luck feeding it with half the RAM.
also, ROTFLMAO at calling iOS Safari version better than IE 10.  Safari, already the worst browser out there, isn't helped by iOS in any way.

I whole heartedly disagree. Resolution for a work space is priceless. I will not buy any tablet bigger than 7" without ATLEAST 1080p on it. WXVGA would be fine as well. Windows tablets are more catered towards work (Even RT) than iOS is. And thus resolution is worth every penny it may cost you.

Completely agree. I would've accepted the lower resolution at a much lower price point though and gotten a surface. Pity that MS leaves out this chance to grab marketshare with lower pricing. Considering the surface price + keyboard I could easily add 100$ and get a great laptop and with some luck even an ultrabook (which isn't gimped by being able to only run RT apps). Or go the cheap route with an inexpensive android tablet (e.g. acer iconia a210) with the mentioned downside of lower screen resolution, but for the price that's acceptable.
Imo pricing for the surface should be 399$ (at most) without the keydock and 450$ with it.

Same argument I get from Mac Pro users who scoff at my triple monitor Nvidia Surround setup.  They say: 
"Pssh! Three 24inch LED monitors that are ONLY a measly 1920x1080, my MacBook has higher resolution than that"

My Response is much the same.  At 24 inch, and already spanning almost 5 feet across my desk, I don't need bigger monitors.  I also don't need higher than 1080p because I am sitting bloody 18 inches from the screens.


I didn't really care to much about about the RT version but $699 for the PRO and it functions like a full desktop, im game. I remember always paying $799-$1,100 for a good laptop, now I'll have something more integrated and cheaper

Ordered and awaiting delivery after the 26th. Hopefully not to long. $499 ($519 CAD) was pretty much to be expected, the cover pricing was higher than I was expecting but I could not do without a Cyan touch cover to match my Cyan Lumia 800. This will be great for school, traveling, living room use and showing off.

The base model with no accessories (yes, a keyboard is an accessory on a tablet) is the same price as an iPad but offers TWICE the storage. Seems like a good deal to me. Oh, and it comes with Office 2013. Even a better deal. Don't like it? Go get a damn iPad and have fun with iWork...

Idk considering how well zunehd did with same pricing as ipods I see another epic fail they eventually fall to like $200 after awhile then I'll get one

OMG stop the presses! We have the prophet himself here speaking only truth!!
Spare us the BS.  Everyone not using a Mac will have a Windows PC, everyone buying a windows PC in the future will be getting Windows 8.  Everyone will want the same functionality on their tablet as their desktop.  Those comfortable with Windows 8 (and there will be many, many more than OSX that's for sure, look at Windows' marketshare) will be comfortable with a tablet with Windows 8.  They will likely want it most over the Apple counterpart.

I feel once people can touch and play with it at the new Microsoft stores. The price will become more reasonable. Quality does cost money. I feel the price is about right.

Not too much, I've been holding off my Ipad purchase so I could stick within the Microsoft ecosystem. The price is right, IMO you get more than what an Ipad can offer and its capabilities is endless.

It's delayed my purchase, I won't be getting this (or any RT device) until Spring or Summer. Instead, I'll buy an ASUS VivoBook for my regular PC needs (14.1 inch for $699) and pick up the Surface RT down the line when having a tablet becomes necessary. 

nope.. Hasn't changed my mind. I knew it wasn't gonna be "$299-$399" like people were expecting. But as far as I can't tell, it still comes with more than the cheapest iFad ... I mean Pad

The price tag was about what I expected (give or take 50 dollar/euro), but I'm also still pretty sure I'm not getting the RT surface :) I really want to get the pro so I can replace my work laptop with it.The only thing holding me back is the connected standby but I have 3 months to think about it :)

Not feeling to happy about the price now. I wanted to pick up a pro version, but now it seems that it will be over a grand for one of those. Guess I'll wait till all pricing is official and set in stone.

Should have been $400 and only $50 for the cover. Oh, well...I wasn't going to get one anyway, I just want to see it do well in sales.

Office or not the OS is just too limiting for me to pay anymore than $300 for any RT device. It will always be a secondary device to me and so really doesn't warrant anything more than throwaway pricing.

Yeah that new iPod Touch starting at $299 is ourtrageously expensive. I just don't know who is throwing that kind of money around these days. But for $300 you can get yourself a small Android tablet if all you're going to do is have some fun (games, Netflix, etc).
If you'll be using a tablet to (for the most part) replace a laptop, then the Surface price is more than justified.

I think the price is not bad, but not good either. I'm more concerned the Pro version will hit the roof in terms of pricing. And that's just the one I'm interested in!

It has NOT Deterred me from getting the 64GB RT Model with the Type Keyboard. I just have to save up more money to get it for my Wife.
When the Pro Model comes out, With the 64GB & 128GB Models, I will be getting the 128GB Pro Model for myself, also with the Type Keyboard.
I figure that both models with the Type Keyboards and any Warranties for them plus Tax might be over $2,000 combined. That still will NOT Deter me from getting them both.

Having a separate, higher price point for the covers is mistake. The touchpads might just be sizzle compared to the rest of the device, but it was pretty clear they were a large emotional hook for people. Something they really liked. This pricing has managed to kill that feeling by making them just another iPad like accessory.

Completely agree! Tablets in general are getting too pricey considering how inexpensive the technology is becoming. At least offer the keyboard/cover with the current price. Especially since Microsoft made such a big deal out of this feature in all their hype.

Quit ur bi*tchin'. 
When you cram a more powerful computer into a smaller and smaller device the price goes up.  Remember when computers were the entire floor of a building on a University campus?  The cost increase comes from making that power smaller.  Cost is essentially a power to size ratio.

never mind the fact that Microsoft trotted out the touch cover on DAY ONE and implied it was a central part of the package.  IN FACT, only recently did they start pulling back info on surface.com that said it would come with a touch cover.  This was a last minute decision and it has completely blown their marketing buzz.  This thing should have ABSOLUTELY been $499 WITH touch cover.  If Microsoft doesn't do at least SOME promotions at stores throwing in a touch cover they are doomed.

Inevitable price considering materials, cost, design and patents and hidden costs. In all fairness the price seems right. For me now the proof is in the pudding with its functionality, battery consumption and daily stability of the OS.

Too expensive for me and without touchcover is almost useless...hope the PRO will be around 800 with touch cover...

Like anyone, I wouldve preferred to get it for cheaper, I had a budget for myself at which scale I will buy the Surface RT without much thinking and this is still within budget.
So still buying!

As much as I want the Surface, I'll have to wait for the reviews to come in, along with reviews of the OEM devices. The fact this thing doesn't have a cellular data connection might be a deal killer.

They did say months ago that the Surface tablets would be Wi-Fi only. I guess you're just finding out? Or, were you hoping it changed?

price is fair and MSFT is walking a fine line with maintaining positive OEM relationships.  If it was priced $100 lower, OEM's don't have a chance.  I wish there would be a bundled subscription service as was rumored with Xbox Music for a discounted upfront price. It could still happen as this is just MSRP pricing.

I am still undecided. Like others if it was $399 I'd buy one just on impulse. Now I'll probably wait and get the pro what I really want.

Why are so many persons comparing the Surface to Ipads whatever happened to the Asus Transformer, or have we forgotten that it exists?

I would have purchased one if it were $300, I would have gotten the pro also though. It was never my intent to purchase an RT anyway, but if it was so cheap I would have taken it heh.

Microsoft is really pushing that Touch Cover on the ads, to the point that people will think the covers come with the Surface. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people unless Microsoft makes it clear that the Touch Cover DOES NOT come with the Surface.
I have an iPad and an HP Touchpad (dual booting webOS and Android). Don't get used much except to play Netflix, a few games, and maybe use the maps (maps on a tablet are great, btw). I wouldn't get the Surface at $499 unless I really knew I'd be using it A LOT.

Was never interested in an RT tablet to begin with, it's just like an ipad with office what's the point

Fewer apps?? Not for long, do remember that the most popular is in the world is about to be released with the same app store. I am 100% confident that the app store will surpass apples in both quantity and quality!

I gotta feeling it's gonna sink like the Zune player Like it or not Apple has this market cornered. A billion more apps. They both are quality products. Why would the average consumer pick the Surface? Microsoft should've used their Xbox strategy and under cut Apple. This is how Microsoft built buzz with the Xbox. It was cheaper than the ps3 so they got it into peoples hands. I hope I'm wrong but at the same price as the iPad it's gonna fail.

Then they would've undercut their OEM partners too. OEMs wouldn't be able to compete with Surface and would find their products languishing on shelves.

The price isn't what detered me from the Surface. I need a sturdier docking solution than the device provides. I don't always have a tabletop surface to work from.

Price is not horrible but it won't deter people from getting/upgrading iPads. Sorry MS, but Apples ecosystem is just too large. I may skip this and use the money towards the Pro.

Poll may be compromised, because some people are voting "Yes" thinking they are saying "Yes, I am going to buy a Surface".
This pricing is certainly within $100 of what I expected.  I wish it were lower for market share expansion purposes, but I suspect there is pent-up demand for Windows tablets that will keep demand high through the holidays.

Then those people can't read.  I voted no because I will be getting my surface rt.  It's still a better device and value then the iPad.

Only looking at the pro for myself. But I'll have to handle it first hand before I decide to buy one for my fiancé

This pro is a real steal.
If we are going to judge the price on stupid internet rumors, then I choose to believe in the $999 fake price that Swedish webhallen put on their site a couple of weeks ago. And judging from that price then $499 is a real bargain :-)

I'm getting a surface, as soon a they show up in Sweden.

Sure has put the brakes on me
9" Kindle Fire HD with 1080x1920 resoution w/32GB is $383
I guess a gen 2 surface with equal 'retina like' screen resolution would make me move, but the keyboard accesorier is heavily advertised as IF its part of the package...but its not..it $100 more.
Does anyone believe the BOM for a keyboard is 1/5the the price of the entire tablet? MS might be kill some excitement with the $100 add-on ( how is this different from iPad?) as their advertiment leads people to believe its part of the package.
They should put a disclaimer at the end of the commerical with the obligatory fast talking spokersperson.

There is a disclaimer at the end of the commercial that says, "Colors sold separately. Apps from the Windows Store."

Yup. I'll wait for the price to drop next year when the Surface 2 comes out. $399 is my limit. In fact, I'd pay for a $399 16 GB version if they had one.

It does not deter me from purchasing, but it does defer my purchase.  Had it been slightly lower, I would have purchased on launch.  I imagine that there are a significant number of people who find themeselves in the same place.

I'm definitely in for getting one, just have to check out a couple side by side comparisons in the Microsoft store. There are several great options being thrown out but I would definitely have to say the surface is a strong contender for me right now. As for as the additional add -on keyboard I will probably do the same test it out first and go from there. A lot can be said for having a tablet with a keyboard always present and one that requires little effort to remember to bring along with you, nice move having it double as a cover. That alone justifies the price but function will be the deciding factor. And in regards to possibly getting a kindle fire hd instead of a surface that's not going to happen already tested one out and while it is intriguing not worth the investment.

The hardware is compelling.
The OS is amazing.
If they have the apps, this thing is still going to work.
Not to mention: the time is right. The holidays are around the corner. It comes out early enough for first buyer feedback to ignite the other potential buyers.
It's probably a win for Microsoft. And even if the price is too high for some, this will simply redirect them toward another Windows 8 OEM device.

I'm really not trying to be a buzzkill to Microsoft fans, but how is this a better option than the lenvono lynx? For $150 more you get the pro version with twice the battery life (when docked with keyboard). What am I missing? Is it because of the Microsoft brand name? Just surprised there is not much talk about the lynx.

I paid more then that for my 32gb touch pad on launch day 600 plus 100 for geek squad so I hope no one complains too much about the pricing 500 is a great price for a tablet

I wouldn't mind the $499 price tag if it included the keyboard like previous reports said. To be fair, it's still $100 cheaper than the 32GB iPad, but when you throw the extra cost for the covers...
I think I'll wait until the Intel Surface is released to buy one.

Now that I think about it, I'll most likely wait for a while to see what Nokia comes out with. At those prices I'd prefer to upgrade to WP8 sooner and check out an RT tablet later.

disappointed. For 500 and 600 this tablet is 100$ overpriced considering the following points. The apps are not there and for someone to purchase this over the pad is not happening. (the masses not Pl on this site, work with me ok) Second, office preview? Office Preview? Are they kidding me. And charging this price without the touch covers which they have been promoting heavily is a mistake when entering a market, which they are with tablets. I can see ppl justifying the pro version for whatever the price will be because it is a full blown pc,but not the RT tablet. I think this is going to be a fail. I'm going to wait for the review and for the price to drop. I'm mostly waiting on the price to drop though, because for me idc about apps as much, I mean I had a windows phone for over a year I obviously don't care about apps.

Yeah, looking at the specs this is not for me... I already have iPad 3 (64Gb + 3G) and Surface RT is nowhere as good as that. I'll keep waiting for Surface Pro.
Out of good surprices: BT 4.0, microSDXC support (originally it was rumoured to be only microSD), two microphones, stereo speakers
Out of bad: low resolution, shitty rear camera, lower battery life, only USB 2.0.
Final bit - Microsoft website states following about included Office 2013: "not for use in commercial, nonprofit, or revenue generating activities". WTF?

How is a 720p HD rear camera on a tablet bad? It's a camera on a tablet that shoots in High Definition. Haveing rear camera's on tablets is debatable anyway. 8 hours isn't low battery life. That's a work day's worth of battery life. Unless, you meant lower than the iPad. Also, the Office disclaimer has always been there. I'm not understanding your complaint there.

Problem is, we all got really aroused by the $200 rumor. The actual price (altho reasonable) is giving us all blueballs
..sorry for the ladies out there

What idiots believed that the Surface would ever be priced at $200? Amazon is selling Kindle Fires for $200 at break even. And the Surface has improved harware over that. Do the math.
Why would MS sell the Surface at possibly hundreds of dollars loss per unit?

For £250 (about $400) I can get a full Windows 7 tablet, upgradeable to Windows 8.
Why would I get this over that? Price tag not nearly justified.

I'm in the boat that the touchpad should have been included in every box. I just feel like they missed an opportunity to make this thing THE must have gadget of the year, whereas at its current price it will be just a successful product launch. Sure that's fine and good, and I didn't expect the 199 price, but $500 should include the cover. That cover should be something everyone associates with Surface. Now it's just an addon.

"I'm in the boat that the touchpad should have been included in every box."
You mean the Touch Cover. For a moment I thought you were saying an HP Touchpad should be included with every Surface, LOL!

Hah yeah touch cover. I actually have an HP Touchpad too which may be why I said that to begin with. I still really want a Surface but I may have to wait it out and see how this unfolds against other things in the market. Include the touch cover at the $499 and id be ordering one today. =/

I do not even want office, I'd rather get it $100-$150 cheaper without office please.
I'm not even looking at surface now, I'll wait on iPad Mini prices I guess as I really wanted a smaller screen anyways.  Not even been a valid rumor of upcoming 7-8" surface tablets so this may have never been for me.  At a lower price with a xbox music sub or somehting I'd have got one just because.  Looks interesting, but at this pricing I'll never get one.
Tried convincing work that as the IT guy I should get one for testing to see if we could try it as a company.  Price was too high for that even lol, below $300 I can get whatever toy I want - above that I usually need a reason at least and I can't come up with a good one so far for RT.  No apps for things I could actually use it for.

I am convinced to get one...the Surface Pro.
Surface RT itself isn't attractive for me as it lacks legacy program support. My netbook has them, but I will like something lighter. So Surface Pro it is.

Add this to the long list of fantastically designed Microsoft products that will be appreciated by just a few people because of poor marketing and pricing.

Lowest pre order US price $499. Lowest UK pre order price is £399. Converted from US to Uk surface would cost £310. Where did the extra 90 quid come from. Stuff that. I'm going for another make now. Might even be an iPad!

I voted yes,
At $300 or less, i probably would have just went for it, but at $599 for it with the keyboard i'll just wait to see what the pro offers.
Right now i have more need for a new laptop than i do another tablet, already own an asus eee pad and hp touchpad.  So at $300 it would have been a low risk purchase, at $600 i'm not ready to jump on it.