Popular Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free today [Update]


Mehdoh is an old Twitter client, and by old I mean it has been around for some time. Forming a large user base through Windows Phone 7 and now on Windows Phone 8, not to mention the numerous releases pushed to the store, the app has come a long way. Today, you can pick up Mehdoh for free, thanks to a sweet deal offered by the developer.

What's more is should you download Mehdoh, you'll also be able to enjoy support for both Soundcloud and Instagram. We highly recommend checking it out. You can download Mehdoh from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Update: Turns out, this deal isn't part of myAppFree and is a standalone offer from the developer himself. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Popular Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free today [Update]


You don't see the need? Lol because people need and want choice. Besides it wasn't until like last year that twitter actually made their app useful and comparable to the same official apps on android and ios lol

I'm gonna guess you weren't around in the days when the official Twitter app officially sucked.

I'm not new new to twitter yes new to windows phone no. I just really started using twitter in the middle of 2013

Same for me. I just tried it and uninstalled after 5 minutes using it. Too clumsy UI. Official is way better.

Might this be because Twitter revoked their API(forget the finer details)? Like what happened with Rowi?

So we may expect this app to be non-functioning in the near future/development will cease?

Hi. I'm the dev of Mehdoh. We're some way off the token likmit. Hence me making it free for a very short while. 


Also this is absolutely nothing to do with myAppFree. No idea why people think that it is.

I really love Metweets (it's my current main twitter app), but recently I've found it'll hang on the resume screen (reinstalling didn't solve it). I'm waiting for a small update to fix that.

MeTweets has been my go to app as well. I've sent the dev several messages over the last 5 months and he says he's busy with school so don't expect an update soon. He seems to be very busy and hasn't bothered to update the app at all. It has been working for me though so I have no problems so far.

I think they must have caught the twitlonger people on a good day. I requested twitlonger access (for Mehdoh) some time ago and never received any replies.

I think tweet it! Always reply to my question. Oh, tweet it also has custom sound for toast while metweets stable in push notif. Rowi is very light, but their push notif is really horrible. Twabbit is a little bit heavier. And i don't like mehdoh UI. tweet it is still the choice for me (but metweets, rowi, mehdoh, twabbit and the official one are still installed) lol.

from their twitter account

"Mehdoh is not free due to any collaboration with "myAppFree". We have absolutely nothing to do with them"

Twitter is pretty useless. After something like 6 years I've barely found a need for it. I always ask people what they get out of Twitter that an RSS feed doesn't give them. That's because I have no interest in following the dietary habits of celebrities and only follow information / news sites.

Twitter is useful for news stuff on WP. I follow Breaking News on twitter and I pinned it to my start screen. This way I never need any news apps.

I don't. Isn't that what most people do on Twitter? I'm truly wondering what people get out of Twitter and why they spend so much time on it.

I deactivated my Twitter account too as it became pretty annoying and pointless. However, I've heard good things about this application and will give it a whirl.

I deactivate twitter because in my freind cricle I was only one who using twitter, and my non of friends where instrested in twitter hence after 2yr of using twitter I found it boring hence I deactivate twitter and start using Instagram because picture can say thousand word

Yeah, none of my friends tweet. Ever. I might tweet once a year. I'll update my FB status more often though... Twitter is always an afterthought. I have more friends on Google+ but that's even more of a ghost town.

Since the API limit changes, i dont see any reason to use a thirdparty client. Sad but true.

Because even with the API limits, some third party apps add features the official app doesn't have like mute filters, gesture based controls, etc.

Just because it's featured there doesn't mean they're affiliated with or sanctioned by the developer. He's already said he hasn't had anything to do with them.

From my experience reading WPCentral there is a hard core of other people who don't bother to read the comments fully or the articles sometimes. So we end up with silly and repetitive comments which are best left ignored.

I think this is the best twitter app available. Smooth UI, useful features, active dev. Worth the money and then some.

I like the way it displays photos without having to tap the tweet first. Official app hasn't got this.

Does anyone know of a Windows Phone app (and a Windows 8 app) for Twitter that has the following feature ... when you REFRESH the tweets it KEEPS your position in the timeline so you can scroll UP to view new tweets - otherwise you don't know where you left off.  All the Windows apps for Twitter I know of push the tweets down and you don't know where you left off.

Twitter for iOS has this feature and I prefer it and would like to see it for Windows.

The official app does exactly this for me. When I refresh by pulling down, it doesn't throw me all the way to the top of the new tweets. I get a nice distinctive break line just above the most recent tweet(pre-refresh) and have to manually scroll upwards to view the new tweets.

We have official apps now, and them works very well. Mehdoh was useful in the past but is not used anymore since official Instagram app appeared in the store and Twitter started to be in line with other OS versions. It is my opinion but I think that Mehdoh is turning free for actually lack of users.

The usual reason for when applications go free is to drum up interest in the application and get some more downloads. So since we do have a decent official Twitter client interest in paid for applications will drop. You're probably right on the money then with your opinion.

Yep! You nailed it! I am trying to reach the 100,000 token limit and get the app shut down as fast as possible! #facepalm

Yeah its now 99 cents.  Bummer.  According to the Dev it's been free for 2 days now so it's no longer free... and the word "today" is misleading.

I used to use mehdoh religiously its good, but have been using the official Twitter app for a few months now & find it does the job & looks pretty good.

Note: If we have to state that an app is popular in the title of an article, that automatically means it is not popular.