PSA: Windows Phone Store down? Throwing error 805a01f7.

Windows Phone Store Error

The Windows Phone Store is dead. Long live the Windows Phone Store! It would seem the store is inaccessible to many, with app listings returning the error 805a01f7 when a user attempts to view more information or download an app / update. Many are also receiving a "We can't search right now, be sure Internet is available and SkyNet hasn't been activated."

We've received follow-up reports that the Store has in fact come back online and is once again accessible. This may be delayed in your market so fear not if the above errors are still showing. But what's the issue?

According to the Xbox LIVE Service Status, there are no immediate issues that have been published by Microsoft so we can only assume that this downtime with the Windows Phone Store is temporary and is due to maintenance. Be sure to head on over to our community forum and join in the discussion that has started.


Reader comments

PSA: Windows Phone Store down? Throwing error 805a01f7.


Was strange for me. Whe trying to update an app, it would actually download the update, instead of installing, I'd get the error message. Strange. Wouldn't think I could download it at all if the store was down. Persistance paid off though. I kept trying again and again, and eventually all of them except Nok's Panorama update installed.

I think it's because it had the ability to download, but there may have been something wrong with the security verification process.

I got my HTC 8X a few hours ago and now can't install any apps. Hope this is fixed soon on the German store. Already thought my phone was broken :-D

I just bought Lumia 920 and wated to download the apps to customize the phone and saw this error. Wondering if it was only me, luckily I saw this post now, it is completely down. It is relief :) -At least it means my phone is working properly, of course hope store starts working soon so everyone can do whatever they want to do :) -

Yes, WP Store down. I can't download anything.  Even search apps on windowsphone dot com doesn't work.

Outage due to maintenance is unlikely. Outage due to failure is likely. If it was maintenance they should have a maintenance message, not an error code.

That's right. I haven't paid much attention to this (marketplace outages) in the past, but if Microsoft wants to win over the consumer, cryptic error messages and unclear communication for maintenance outages will just solidify the image of user unfriendliness and software that breaks. So, hopefully they can improve this, and "more hopefully," this is not their standard message when the marketplace receives maintenance (which ought to be transparent for the most part, and not take it down).

This happens to me a lot lately, hopefully it's cause they've been getting so much more traffic because they are activating so many new devices.

Just keep trying.
This issue happens randomly on my side. When I try to open an app from store search, it gave me 805a01f7, but when I try to open the second time, it worked. The same thing for downloading, when I retried the downloading, no more 805a01f7.
So I guess it is the server load issue.

Same here, just try again and then it eventually works. At first I thought it was the company wifi firewall blocking it again, but thankfully it was just a temp issue.

Yep its down.....i was just able to update the weather app but can't download anything at the moment with my Nokia Lumia 920

yes, i got the same problem, but you guy can download app via web in laprop or pc, i tried and sucess.

Its still not working on my 820. Error codes, downloading then failing etc.  Its getting to be a farce. No Portico till Feb will be WP 9 out before they get it all working right.

This was happening to me a few months ago when trying to purchase board express and only board express using my new microsoft/outlook account. Very frustrating. Started working again after I contacted windows support through twitter.

Yep back for me using USA region. Wad able to download my app! I know this is off topic but is viber gonna support voice soon? Still waiting for it...damn its taking to long

It's on here in india. For the first few times i did get this error but now i've have a game on downloading. So it's all back to normal here. :-)

Response from Microsoft, this is a known issue at the moment, we have a team working on the Marketplace to fix the problem as quick as possible, it should be working within 24 hours.


I also had the same problem still, I even update the OS of the device by the Nokia Care Suite, now I have to download everything again.


very nasty this news, my impatience will cost me hours ....: (

Man I get my Nokia 920 today, I hope I don't have these problems. Or at least it's fixed before I get my phone. If my store isn't working then I can brag today. That sucks!

Service was down for about 20 - 30 minutes this morning in Virginia. Xbox Music and Video on the 360 and Xbox.com was also down. Everything started to work again around 9:00 am.

Either you have sign out from set up my account from app "people " in WP8. Or you dont have an account or you had it the account and then deleted or messed with another account. So look at set up my account at APPLICATION PEOPLE 
This is real solution trust me .

I got the Nokia Accessory update on my 810 and that download worked, but all other downloads were downloading but erroring when trying to install, now not even letting me download it, I am in Ohio

Was down, then up. But back down again here in UK. Microsoft gone all apple and giving no information out.

Back up again!

i switched trom cro to us marketplace because of xbox and now this marketplace prob is often.thats my luck :(

Not sure if any connection but Microsoft Sky Drive servers were very flaky yesterday, probably all clustered servers together....

It's even worse for me, I've just done a factory reset and now the store is down so all my apps are in limbo until it's back up in the UK.