A quick look at the coolest Windows Phone Fan

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As we say in New England...this is wicked awesome

With the hot days of summer settling in we figured we cool down with a Windows Phone Fan. Literally.

We covered this little gizmo back a few months ago when our friends over at WeLoveWP.hk managed to grab a few during Microsoft’s launch. The fans themselves are your standard “hand fans” with some LEDs in them that can be programmed. Evidently they're quite common for promotions.

Simon Luk of WeLoveWP.hk was kind enough to send one over to us and we actually forgot we had it until the other day.

We’ll contact Microsoft to see if they have any available and maybe we can grab a few for you guys. And if not, we’ll tell them they should get more because they’re kind of awesome. Check out the video below to see for yourself.


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A quick look at the coolest Windows Phone Fan


I'm in! Would serve the Family well when our "third world" power company decides to take another few days off here in DC :-)

In the UK we don't need a fan so far this summer :(
The hot days of summer have not settled in. Only the rains have. I think we're getting all the rain that the US farmers need here. Nice little fan tho.