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Rayman Fiesta Run listed in the Windows Phone Store, but you can’t get it yet

It seems like only yesterday, but it was actually this past September that we first learned that Rayman Fiesta Run would be coming to Windows Phone. At the time, game maker Ubisoft said we’d see the game during the fall on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Well it’s not exactly fall anymore, more like mid-winter, but it looks like we’re finally about to get Rayman on Windows Phone. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see Rayman Fiesta Run sitting there and with a surprise.

This is of course not the first Rayman game for Windows Phone. We’ve been happily playing Rayman Jungle Run on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 for quite some time. Now we’re about to get some Rayman Fiesta Run fun on Windows Phone, but with a little twist. Xbox Live.

Here’s what we’re getting with Rayman Fiesta Run for Windows Phone:

  • More than 75 new levels
  • New epic bosses
  • New amazing powers
  • And much more

Rayman Fiesta Run

We’re very excited to play Rayman Fiesta Run and can’t wait! Unfortunately we might need to wait a little. Right now we see the game in the Windows Phone Store, but can’t download it. We’ve even tried changing to a few different regions and haven’t had any luck. The published date in the listing for the game shows as 1/16, which was nearly three weeks ago. So this could also be a beta of the game

Tomorrow is Wednesday and this is an Xbox Live game. So don’t be too surprised if the link starts working in the next few hours. Anyways. You’ve got it bookmarked to download the moment it’s available.

Rayman Fiesta Run can be found in the Windows Phone Store. No word on price yet or whether or not 512MB devices are supported. We’ll update this post once we find out. And if you have any luck downloading the game be sure to let us know your region, phone, and carrier.

Update: Comments below indicate that the game is currently available in India, but we do expect more regions to light up. The good news is that the game does support 512MB devices and will probably go for about $1.99. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the tip Guru!

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Rayman Fiesta Run listed in the Windows Phone Store, but you can’t get it yet


Look up the so called impossible achievement on trueachievemtns and you might just find a guide which will make bagging it easy as pie.

Yeah, I really hope this one is more reasonable than Jungle Run was. Getting all the achievements in that game was nearly impossible and very frustrating. If Fiesta Run is as tough, the case is closed: bunch of sadists at Ubisoft! :)

Overall, the game has a 1% completion rate, which makes it one of the most difficult Xbox games ever. The hardest achievement was the Collect 3600 Lums in one run (1% completion rate), as you mentioned, but the Mister Death levels were all way too hard. I'm a pretty good gamer and I had to restart each of those levels dozens and dozens of times. That's ridiculously difficult for a kid's game. I don't like cakewalk completions either (see, Collapse!), but Jungle Run was insane.

*revives osoalex*

Great to see another game that is not abandoning Xbox Live support! Take my money!

Viva la Xbox on Windows Phone! Everyone tweet @UbisoftMobile a big #SaveXboxWP thank you!

EA has been inactive on WP8 for a while. They have always supported Xbox integration right? An xbox enabled Real Racing 3 would be mindblowing. You should aim for that next.

Yeah, EA hasn't given us a new game since Tetris Blitz in September. But, they also have released more Xbox games on Windows Phone than any other third-party publisher (mostly thanks to Nokia signing exclusive agreements with them). Real Racing 3 would be nice. Also looking forward to FIFA 14. I'll definitely keep prodding them. Hope they release something soon.

Lmfao! Your comment was so witty and clever! I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for contributing to the discussion, and I look forward to reading your future work. Unfortunately, I was not the only one to Tweet them, which makes your comment look silly and uninformed (since you could've gone to Twitter yourself and checked), but you're still super hilarious and relevant. I love you and your work. Keep it up!

Don't you have a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend to talk to instead of commenting absolute rubbish on every article..

By that logic, seeing as how you keep commenting absolute rubbish on every article, you also would be loverless. Maybe we should date and then all this time we spend on WPcentral will be justified in the name of love.

You would think, seeing as how you're qualified to determine whether other people are "dumbasses" or not, that you'd be aware that I too receive those same emails, thereby nullifying your entire premise. Also, in this case it's 'your', not 'you're'. Thanks for trying this time, though.

I even contacted ubisoft and Microsoft. Turns out the only problem,for me was the region. That's what they said. They did send me the firmware requirements.

Wow! I didn't know people actually followed up like that. Everyone complains now days, but few actually write to the developer. You're awesome!

That is one of my pet peeves about Ubisoft's games: they almost never have free trials.

I had so much fun with rayman on the playstation when I was like 8. How different is this? Is it just running?

I managed to get jungle run for free after exploiting a glitch, but still haven't got round to completing it - agreed it's an excellent game though!

Hi Sam ,
i have one question from you ,
i want to buy rayman fiesta run by my Microsoft gift card that i receive from Bing rewards ,
is there any problem if I change my phone's region to India ?
as you know , gift cards from Bing rewards are for the USA residents ,
I want to know , my gift card will be block ?

How is it "in the store" if you can't buy it yet and it doesn't come up when you search for it, oh wait, because it's not in the store lol...

Anyways, I'm happy to see another Xbox Live game!

Yeah. Its really a shame that fewer and fewer paid games support trial these days. Always better to try before you buy. Sure, goy can read reviews, see gameplay vids and screenshots, but you don't really know whether you like it until you played it. The reviews of contre joir called the game the best thing since sliced bread, but when i paid for it and downloaded it, i found that i didn't like it.

Could do what I do, watch it being played on youtube. Gives a good idea of graphics, game play etc..

Just an idea

It can be downloaded in India. Available for 135 INR. Like the previous title ther's no trial available. The game has Xbox integration.

Ubisoft is one of the few remaining publishers supporting Xbox games on Windows Phone. So, if you like Xbox games on Windows Phone, be sure to pick this game up, along with Rabbids Big Bang, Babel Rising 3D, and Rayman Jungle Run, and then tweet @UbisoftMobile a nice big thank you for supporting Xbox gaming on WP. #SaveXboxWP. For more information on the #SaveXboxWP movement, check out the original thread: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

Speaking of spam: arbetaren's post. This is an article about an Xbox game for WP. My post was about that Xbox game for WP. You're post contributed nothing to the conversation and only disclosed that you're self-centered. The world is bigger than you.

Warren G, you are a troll. Go back under your bridge. You contribute nothing to the conversation. You make baseless accusations without expounding on them. If you want to debate, let's debate. I'll shred your arguments. If you want to throw sticks from afar, then go throw them at a brick wall and stop usurping other peoples' discussions.

It was available for download from some time coz i found the game in (more from ubisoft) search about a week ago in India. I thought you guys must have reported it. May be it had been a soft launch for wpindia.

Kindly clarify to me whats the benefit of being an xbox game and what will you get for the achievement. I have an xbox 360 but seldom use it. Lol

The game itself is kinda difficult if you want to collect all lums and complete all levels. Playing with X360 gamepad on PC was much more enjoyable to me.

Instant buy because of the Xbox Live Integration.. The fact its Rayman its a bonus! Keep it up UbiSoft. Looking forward to AC Pirates now!

Good because Jungle Run was brutally difficult. I was beginning to think there were a bunch of sadists at Ubisoft.

Jungle Run had a 1% completion rate, making it one of the most difficult games in Xbox gaming history. If 99% of people cannot 100% the game, it's too difficult.

and this information comes from....? I loved it that I didn't actually complete everything in the first try, as it is the case in so many games these days, for people crying like you and the children. I even completed the whole thing numerous times while wating for fiesta, as there is no such a good game in the store... and honestly I don't know anybody who didn't O_o

We're talking about getting 100% on all of the Xbox achievements. Statistics on user completion rates indicate less than 1% of gamers got all of the achievements in Jungle Run.

Havent done it yet, but lums quest is do-able with a tad of effort. I have gotten close and I barely play it. Lums survival is a total B*** though. not even attempting that one!

Has anyone tried the download manually and install option that shows on the website?

I think i got fiesta run for free, must be a glitch, though i paid 55₹ for jungle run, is there some concession or something like that??

Cant wait to download it here in Canada. Was just playing Jungle Run and unlocked the Lums Quest achievement then died right after lol

So I ended up switching to the India store, and adding my credit card to try and purchase it. Didn't work at all bit randomly today it seemed to work. The game downloaded but it didn't appear to charge me as I never got the purchase email that I get anytime I purchase anything. I guess I will have to wait and see but the game is phenomenal.

Edit: Just checked my Microsoft account and it doesn't show any recent transaction for it so I think I may have gotten it for free.

if I change my region from usa to india and buy this game with Microsoft gift card , my card will be block ? Will be problem ?

I'm getting rather pissed off that another Wednesday has come with no Xbox game released. If the game is available in India, it should be available everywhere. There is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be released. Are there 10 other Xbox games vying for release today? NO. Why the heck haven't they fixed the certification issue. Its pathetic. Microsoft has been too slow to change its policies, and software. I love the platform but it sucks getting the leftover scraps from iOS and Android, not to mention there are features in those phones that are yet to be implemented on Windows Phone. End Rant.