ReddX is a new Reddit app for your Xbox One


Microsoft has just announced that a new Reddit app will be coming soon to the Xbox One. The new app called ReddX will be available to users starting tomorrow. It brings the Reddit community to your Xbox One with a native app. Not only is this the first Reddit app on Xbox, but it's the first Reddit app aimed squarely at TV. Not only that, but MTV is joining the Xbox One, and the Twitch app is gaining some new features.


ReddX for Xbox One will be available to Xbox Live members in the United States and Canada. There will be a customized main page and access to all subreddits. You can read text, view images, GIFs, and videos using the app. You're also able to zoom in on text and images for a closer look.

And of course, you'll be able to upvote and downvote content using ReddX.

You can look forward to ReddX coming to other languages and regions in the near future.


Fans of MTV can look forward to a new app coming tomorrow. The app will be like other channel apps by giving users sneak peeks, bonus clips, recent full episodes and more from MTV. The MTV app on Xbox One will be available in the United States at first.


The Twitch app on Xbox One will be gaining some new features. You can look forward to auto zoom, audio capture from headsets and a new section called "watch with friends." In the new "watch with friends" section you'll be able to see what Twitch channels your friends are currently watching. You can then catch the same broadcast as your friends. Kinect can now zoom in and follow your face while broadcasting if you want via the settings.

What do you think of all these app changes coming to Xbox One? We can't wait to check out ReddX.

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Reader comments

ReddX is a new Reddit app for your Xbox One


Cool! The Xbox One just gets snazzier by the day! Might just have to pick one up, especially one of those new bundles.
But the bundles don't include Kinect, so it's a no-go for me, unless Microsoft makes it available as an after market accessory. Until then, I'll pass.
Still cool, helps improve the health of the Xbone ecosystem. :)

Where was that mentioned? Genuinely curious, because I know Microsoft originally said it would be available as an after market accessory, but then nothing came of it. Even Daniel Rubino said he had no idea what the deal with that was in the most recent episode of Windows Weekly.

I mean, seriously, how long did we have to wait for the Live Lock Screen app to become available when it was "Coming Soon?"

They said the stand alone Kinect would be sold in the fall. And if you can't wait there's always someone selling one on Ebay for a decent price.

Good to know. Thanks! Seeing as Mobile Nations is typically my main source for tech news, it not being posted on WPC (to my knowledge) means I missed it.

MajorNelson.com or news.xbox.com is your Xbox news sources. Also, I'm sure there are Kinexct bundles out there. Nonetheless, hope you find what you're looking for.

The good Kinect bundles are getting harder to find, though. My brother just bought an Xbox One 2 weeks ago and had a really hard time finding the Titanfall Kinect bundle so he went with the Forza 5 Kinect bundle instead.

This isn't a knock against you at all, but it's bizarre to me how everyone wanted MS's head on a mantle for automatically including Kinect and now people are disappointed it isn't included. MS should just stick to their guns.

It is bizarre to you because you think in far sweeping generalizations. I for one was sad when they changed the DRM from the original plan. I think we finally had a chance at a steam-like console, but it got scrapped (along with a huge setback in features) because many only thought of the bad.

I was shocked when Microsoft continued Kinect inclusion. Honestly, this is a case where they should've pulled an Apple and put their foot down, saying, "Sorry folks, but this time: We know what's right for the consumer more than they do. They just can't see the scope of what we have envisioned, and what its true potential is."

Same thing with the DRM thing. While I still don't have one, I was very crushed that we lost the ability to share games with family and friends, and the ability to load up a game from the cloud on another console owned by someone else, all kinds of stuff. But no, this is another case where the consumer has a knee jerk reaction to change, and couldn't see what it truly meant. Disappointing, to say the least.

This all applies to Windows 8, too, I feel.

None of these were perfect, don't get me wrong, but nothing ever is, really. Always room for improvement. My point is, I honestly feel like Microsoft needs to occasionally think different, put their foot down, and say, "No, WE know what's best this time 'round."

I also was disappointed that the original Xbox One policies went away. Just to clarify, though, you can still "load up a game from the cloud on another console owned by someone else". You just need to sign into your account on that console.

Board room discussion

OLD CEO: I'd like to purchase an NBA team.

REST OF BOARD: Good idea, but we've heard some negative feedback regarding the inclusion of an always-on device which watches, thermal watches, night watches, listens, tracks skeletal movement and can read your heart beat. That and some Snowden fellow is making a stink about data collection policies.

OLD CEO: I can see where the American public might have an issue given the timing. I know, we'll reverse our policies on just about everything except the one thing that was most worrisome at the time.

REST OF BOARD: After twelve years, we're done arguing with you. Aside from the Nokia purchase, this will be the last meaningful decision you'll ever make at this company

(new CEO is appointed)

NEW CEO: That other guy was a moron. All questionable decisions will be reversed including the bundling of military equipment with a gaming console



Love updates. Still waiting on HBO go, why does it take them so long to make apps? MLS live would be cool too

Now that Xbox Entertainment Studios is being relinquished, HBO might ease up. It's difficult to support a company who is openly challenging your business model.

This might actually get me on reddit. Never used it before. You know what would be sweet, guys? MixRadio on the Xbox One.

This is seriously cool. I personally love the GIF section in Reddit as there's some truly hilarious stuff in there. An XB1 dedicated app with all this functionality is an added bonus that adds value to the console beyond playing games. Hope they keep it up.

I moved all my not necessarily appropriate subscriptions to another profile completely separate from main one, best decision I've ever made.

ugh, what for? I waste enough time with reddit on my computer and my phone, I'd rather waste my time doing other things on the Xbox...

The only apps I want for XBOX are media players and voip apps

Sure thing! I'll do it as soon as I get home (working overnight). Once I do that, it'll take about 2 days for Microsoft to send you a message over Xbox Live with the link to download the preview app and register.

I'm surprised people are complaining, I mean they do understand that the service isn't being pushed down their throats it's just another nice option for those who might want it?

yet still noo dam mentions of the crunchyroll app... ugh im getting really tired of waiting for it to come... i dont like switching between my xbox 360 and the ONE just to watch a few anime 


Ok, awesome! but c'mon already, open up the API's and let us third party devs make that a console never to forget.

I'm guessing that will never happen because of fear that improperly coded apps would guzzle up system resources and hinder game playing, pissing off consumers.

I see what you mean, but they could make the certification process really difficult and that way only the apps that are done right get to be on there, also they could put some limits. Just imagine how cool it would be if the Xbox One becomes an extension of your lumia and desktops and not only in games, but other apps as well.