Relive Nokia's heyday with thousands of classic ringtones

Nokia Tones

If you've been a fan of Nokia smartphones and other products in previous years, you would have experienced the wide variety of loaded ringtones. To relive those special moments, Aleksi Eeben from Nokia has compiled thousands of ringtones into a single Windows Phone app. What's more is you can even save these classic tunes as ringtones for your own Windows Phones.

It's really easy to get started, simply load up the app once installed, select the track you wish to either preview or set as your ringtone and hit the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You've got tunes ranging from Caprice all the way to Dance Floor. It's a strange feeling hearing notes that bring back some fond memories.

Nokia Tones

We're sure many of you Nokia fans will enjoy this app, looking back at hardware previously owned and installing some vintage content on your modern Windows Phone. Because this is a rather large collection of ringtones, the app size is 350MB, so be prepared to remove some games and personal media to make room.

You can download Nokia Tones from the Windows Phone Store for free. Be sure to check out the Nokia design team's SoundCloud page for more.

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Reader comments

Relive Nokia's heyday with thousands of classic ringtones


Wow! Good remember!!!!!

My Symbian was Nokia 6300, just perfect. After that was Xpress Music 5200 and 5800.

Just good memories!

They also have a website where the ringtones can be downloaded, but it is much more tedious to navigate.


Completely agree! It also showcases the degree of art and effort that the sound engineers went to in order to produce the beautiful sounds that millions of people listened to for years. Every phone call, text message, alarm, beep, all masterfully created.

Or instead of wasting 350 precious MB, google "classic nokia ringtones mp3" and download the individual one(s) you want at a fraction of a meg each.

You speak as if we all have to worry about space. I have a 32GB 1020...space isn't really a concern - the convenience of such an app is more important to me.

You just can not understand.

Maybe you never had a Nokia phone in the past (or now).

But for people like me, who grow up with Nokia Symbian, those awesome phones ever… wow, now I am feeling to nostalgic. You just don’t get it. 

Well that's weird I have had Nokia Ringtones (different to this one) on my phone for sometime. This morning it showed an update but that update went to some homework app!!! Which I don't have on my phone

Yeah I have that app and saw this crap in the update description. Didn't trust it. Guess I'm not updating it.

Is there any particular reason the application couldn't just download the ringtones you want rather than have to download 350mb of them?

Nice, but 350 MB is too much. Better to download some best of them separately from inet. Its easy to find them.

I've been looking for a clean (not recorded with a mic) version of the original midi Nokia Tune tone. (Or whatever ringtones were called back then.)

Finally have it! :D Worth waiting for the 350mb download... And a lot of the other ringtones are cool too.

Just what the Dr. Ordered. I always was somewhat envious of iPhone tones. They sound really nice and distinctive. This app is sure to make my 925 happy.

What? Except the OG iPhone ringtone, they all sound like shit. Especially the Alien one.

WooHoo, I can get 2011 Nokia tone now, not the worse (imo) newer one. Need more time though to go through them all.

I've been using Nokia since the 3210, wich I still have BTW, so of course I'd LOVE to hear again those classic ringtones! Ah, the good old days...

Nokia should have released an app for getting their old tunes from Sound cloud in the Black update and maybe added some more tunes. It feels a stupid with so many tunes when you only need a few of them, better to download the ones that you want. But  I will download the app anyway, just to remind me of old memories.

This is great because if you save a ringtone from the list to your phone, you can then use it as an alarm tone or  text alert (at least on phones with Update 3 installed afaik)!

Respect to Nokia Design Team for all their work over the years :)

Got 32g on SD card (can't use, yet). And 20 sum' on OneDrive (stupid). Think one of these apps would go there! Prob solved Nokia.

I tapped Install and was greeted with, "You've reached the storage limit on your phone. Go free up some space, then try again."

Didn't think I was back down to 638 MB. I guess I have a few weather apps to remove from my phone! LOL

It's so annoying when the store forces me to use WLAN when I don't care about data usage with my unlimited data plan. :-( Why are they doing this? A simple warning would be enough to prevent accidental excess data usage for users with small amounts of data included in their plans.

Planning on downloading app, saving the ones i want as ringtones, then deleting the app. 

Someone please alert me if that won't work for some reason! :) Appreciate it.

Will definitely try this out. I've been using the "Nokia Tune" that came preinstalled on my Lumia 925. Might be time to change that now!

I like the idea... But I agree that 350MB is too much.
Well, if you know the name of the ringtone, try searching for it through "free ringtones" from fast code... (you can save it to your phone)... That's what I did.

Sweet ! Maybe finally I can get that ringtone from my dad's old 6610i (?) ... I always liked that ringtone , but both my 3510i & N-Gage didn't have it.
God I can't believe its been 12 years ... I feel old.

Uninstalling angry birds (star wars)...NOW! Why can't Windows be an efficient provider! Oh wait April update coming, April! Leak that SD thing now! Would rather get good stuff quicker.

Yeah, it's 350mb of high quality files - would you rather have low quality junk?  So delete some of the crap you really don't need off your phones then delete the Nokia Tones app after you grab the stuff you want.

I love this...!!! I've spent so much time online trying to find a decent collection of Nokia ringtones...finally got it all in one beautiful package...!
Thanks Nokia...you sure know how to keep your fans happy...! :')

You have been able to set custom tones for alarms from day 1 of wp8....(don't know about 7) Have had Koh Ohtani's swift horse from shadow of the colossus ever since i got my L920. Just drag and drop into the ringtone folder via a pc...

feel great listening to these legend ringtones... I guess its the right way to win back all the lost users by playing such ringtones on our Lumias

'Floating' is another favourite of mine...it used to be there on e 71...but I couldn't find it in on the e 72...looked like they had discontinued it with the next iteration...finally found it again...:) :)

Sure brings back memories, heck i think i have my old 3510 in a drawer somewhere! Lol. I never thought I'd be able to adjust to the E61 keyboard but surprisingly it was sooo good and easy. Which i still have lying around somewhere...

I really like the Mosquito tone, back in the days of 8210. Am downloading the app now, hope it's included in it.