Review: Fizz Alarms

One thing that’s nice about having a Windows Mobile Device is that (ironically) Microsoft offers one of the more open mobile operating systems on the market. The ability to choose your hardware form factor, and then customize your device with applications and settings gives you more flexibility than any competitor.

The best applications (particularly for the mobile environment) are often some of the simplest. Many are simple upgrades to applications that may come pre-installed on your device. Fizz Alarms qualifies for both of these statements. Using your cell phone as an alarm clock is nothing new. Many Americans have stopped wearing watches in lieu of utilizing their cell phone to tell the time. Fizz Alarms attempts to improve upon the simplicity, power and flexibility offered to you by a digital watch while utilizing the hardware that you already carry around in your pocket.

To see all of the features in detail, this is the place to be.




Fizz Alarms offers you the ability to schedule alarms for a set time of day, and then on a schedule. The scheduling feature borders on overkill. The daily alarm allows you to choose the days of the week that you wish your alarm to activate. This is useful for setting one alarm for the work week, and another for the weekend. The monthly alarm allows you to set the alarm to go off on a set day each month. The yearly alarm will allow you to set one day each year for the alarm to activate. The last option allows you to set the alarm to go off only once; after which the alarm is retained, but deactivated.

Once your schedule is set, you can also modify such options as what sound to play, whether vibration is used, or if you want the sound to increase in volume over time. Additionally, you can customize the snooze duration (imagine being able to set the snooze for a work day at 5 minutes, while the weekends are set to 30).

But wait, there’s more! Fizz Alarms also supports stopwatch and counter functionality.  The stopwatch provides all of the features that you would expect, with lap times (including the ability to save times) and also the ability to prevent your device from going to sleep. The counter option allows you to specify an amount of time before an alarm will fire. The counter alarm offers the same features as the standard alarm functionality.




Fizz Alarms is very finger-friendly. With large buttons and an intuitive control set a stylus or hardware keyboard are not necessary. All of the functions are similar to a digital watch or clock, giving you an intuitive method of inputting and manipulating the program.




Travelers or those that have a constantly varying schedule would do well to pick up a copy of Fizz Alarms. A three day trial is available, and will quickly sell you on the benefits of having such a flexible and powerful alarm clock. Grab your copy at the WMExperts store for $14.95.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Features: 4
  • Usability: 4



  • Good set of features for a reasonable price
  • Usable, finger-friendly design is very easy to use


  • No intuitive way to navigate to your own music for alarm sounds

Reader comments

Review: Fizz Alarms


What about G-Alarm which is free, or alarmToday which is same price but offers WAY more options?

Those sound like good options as well, though I haven't had the opportunity to play with either. This wasn't intended to be an all inclusive article, simply a review of a single product.

$14.00 for an alarm clock?


I can go to any Goodwill and get a real one for $1.00.

No doubt there are some people that would prefer that, but there is a lot more functionality that can be packed into a software solution than a hardware clock of the same price. Also, some people like having as much functionality on a single device as possible.

I tried this alarm clock as trial and found an Error:
IT always put my Atom life into silent mode.
- alarms still worked but i could not hear phone calls.

imagine u sleep in after turning off alarm and cant hear a fellow friend calling to wake you up.

using g-alarm now,so happy :)

This was the first app I bought after getting my Fuze. It works very well except for one issue...you can't have the stopwatch or counter working in the background. If you switch to a text msg / phone call / etc, the stopwatch or counter will stop until you navigate back to it. But since I use it 98% for the alarm function (which is wonderful) I'm ok with this issue.