Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925

Quick review – Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925

Looking for light protection for the Lumia 925? This affordable case may be your answer.

Following our AT&T Nokia Lumia 925 review from earlier today, we figured we would toss up a quick review for a new case as well.

The Lumia 925, while an excellent phone, is almost too thin and light making it easy to drop. While a fall on a rug won’t have any ill effect, on a hard floor or some jagged concrete it could be devastating (hint: we speak from experience).

Don’t get us wrong, the Lumia 925 will still work, but the cosmetic damage may ruin the otherwise gorgeous design of this device—and you don’t want that, do you?

The Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case runs a modest $6, and if you want something that offers decent surface protection, this is your case. It’s thin, protects the corners and it even has a slight lip to keep the display from touching when lying flat.

Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925
Corner protection: Check

It’s a hard shell case that is barely noticeable but it also has a nice, soft-touch rubberized coating that makes your device silky smooth. Heck, we think it makes the Lumia 925 feel even better in the hand.

Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925
Added lip around the camera helps protect the front lens element

While it won’t offer rugged protection, if you were to drop your Lumia 925 you would have at least some basic defense, especially for those highly exposed corners. Combined with the low price, how little bulk it adds to your phone and the soft-touch rubber, we have to say this is a winner.

Check out the video review above or the rest of the photos. The case can be found on eBay and Amazon.com for around $5.95.

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Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925
Buttons are slightly recessed but still easy to use

Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925


Reader comments

Quick review – Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925


Nokia finally is getting the design right (almost) with 925. NL 920 brickish design was a mistake. It didn't have mass appeal. Logically it translated into poor sales compared to other flagship phones as SG3.

In fairness I kind of understands what he means, It was designed after the 800/n9 (or is it n8... dont stone me... plzzz) which is widely regarded as one of the best looking phones... only the 920 is phat and eavy and has a rim inbetween the glass and poly which the 800 doesn't have (1020 doesn't have it eaither...mmmm) and that ruined it for me (looking at my white 920, had white 800).
But no thats absolute horse brown sauce... if that was the case samsung would of outsold the 920... which it didn't... (yes i understand they were late but they aren't even close)

Subjective aesthetic values =! fact

I think the NL925 is the best looking Lumia yet. And I have every single device, so there ;)

Looks like the Incipio case for my 928. If they're the same than than it is a good case. I would recommend it. I like the way it feels too.

Why did they put a cutout for the wireless charging contacts? With this case on they're not going to be used...

its not really a big deal... if anything it saves on plastic but it really is a cartoon scratch the head moment

It has great corner protection and that's probably the first area to make contact. It's also easy to grip/less likely to drop. 

I wonder why no case manufacturer has ventured into the wireless charging world?  Licensing fees?  Just too technical for a simple injection molding company?
I would be nice for the Qi adoption rate if someone would start doing it, especially since most oft he latest Nokia models are wireless "ready" rather than wireless "enabled"

I was just thinking the same like if that case in the article had the wireless charging capability then it would definitely be a huge selling point! Idk why they don't bother...

I want someone to make a camera grip/battery for the 925. That would be a nice accessory. My battery drains too fast.

My 925 took a 4 foot drop onto a parking lot as i was getting out of my car. The glass has a big spider web fracture in the area that it landed on and the back, the plastic cover popped out a bit. The phone and screen had no case or screen protector on at the time. My advice, get a cover and a screen protector. My screen replacement will run about $180 just for the part. The Phone still works as it is but i will be getting it fixed as soon as i can. The 521 i had was dropped dozens of times with no case and it never broke. The 925 cost 6X more and is 10X more fragile. Be carefull with it.

U can replace the screen? Where do you have that done? I have a small hairline crack at one of the corners

My son works in a repair shop here in Wichita, KS. We are getting the part off of ebay. If you need authorized nokia repairs here in the USA you should go through palco phone repair.  They will cost alot more but provide better warrenty.  If you know of a local tecnician you might save some money getting it done close to you. The screen runs 170-180 off of ebay.

Same story here.  Dropped my phone in the parking lot-it got tangled with my headphones and those gorgeous aluminum sides are just too slippery.
Shattered the entire screen, got some substantial dents in the frame.  Looking at $200 for Palco to do a replacement on my month old phone :(
Plus, Palco doesn't have the screen, so I'm looking at a month without this phone while they order it.

Its a pity Incipio, Case Mate, Otter box, Diztronic haven't made any cases for the L925. I detest those cheap s line cases

I'd recommend the Nokia Tech21 D30 case. I personally haven't seen it in any other stores but T-mobile but I really like the case. Just got the 925 and the case together. Had one for my 810 and it was fantastic! Would literally toss my phone around for the heck of it. Will run about $30 but definitely worth it.

"almost too thin and light"? Compared to what? Perhaps to other lumias its a tremendous improvement, but certainly not by today's industry standards (Galaxy S4, HTC One, iphone5, etc). I really like the 925 and may get one but I feel like its pretty average weight and thickness relative to its screen size.

He didn't compare it to a phone, he compared it with the ability to drop it. 

No reason to go crazy ;)

Exactly. George and I both agree the NL925 is  more dainty, easy to drop than other Lumias. Also just by itself. It is thin, it is light. It is easier to drop (less to hold on to) and it's more fragile.

Lol from 920 "too heavy" to 925 "too light".

I will miss being able to drop my 920, that phone was a beast! I dropped that biotch on concrete and it would bounce, no lie. Won't be doing that with the 925.

However, I did get the wireless cover, because that was the primary reason for the switch. My 920 overheated and wouldn't wireless charge :( the wireless cover is awesome.

what is even more awesome is sine the 920 and 925 have basically the same dimensions, I just took my 920 plastic cases and put them on the 925 for added protection :) the cutout for camera and USB port are different but easily fixed. Voila, super protection, no extra money spent...

Just for clarification, I'm not complaining about it being light. Just saying there are tradeoffs. Devices that are thin, nimble and don't weigh much are easier to drop since there is less to grab. Combined with a metal frame and a lot of glass, they become more fragile. See iPhone 4s and the glass back.

does anyoen know if there a design like that for the L928, i want a sleek look like that. i rarely drop my phone so i dont mind that type of protection.