Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case

Quick review: Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case for the Lumia 1020 - $5 well spent

Today we’ll continue to try and test out various cases for the Nokia Lumia 1020, after all we want to protect this super pricey device. So far, we’ve seen two that cost upwards of $35 though they were clearly over-priced. What about at the other end? Those $5 cases you see on eBay or Amazon.com? We decided to take a look.

The case in question is the Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case in blue and it can be found any place that sells cheap cases. In fact, they often omit the “Zizo” name and just use the latter part to identify it. That’s because Zizo is a generic case maker out of China and they specialize in low-cost accessories. But just because it’s low cost, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have redeemable qualities.

The Zizo is a soft but firm TPU (or thermoplastic polyurethane) case that is offers both low profile protection and optional colors including blue, clear, and magenta. It falls between the hard plastic “shells” and the soft silicone cases, offering a nice compromise.

We have no immediate complaints about the case, as can be seen in our video review. It doesn’t add bulk, has all the appropriate cut outs, feels nice in the hand and the blue adds a little extra pizazz (though you can opt for clear if you like too). Hey, considering we dropped $5 on this case, we’re quite pleased with it.

Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case

Speaking of dropping, it should offer mid-range protection, including shielding the body from mild drops, body scratches and dings. In other words, most regular people should be okay with this level of protection.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low profile case, the Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case for the Lumia 1020 might be up your alley. Need more accessories? Make sure you head to the Windows Phone Central Store specialized for the Lumia 1020!

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Reader comments

Quick review: Zizo Flexible TPU Injection Case for the Lumia 1020 - $5 well spent


Very nice...  I like nice, inexpensive, and minimal cases...
LOL< Why are the charge cover ports open?  Any way to use those???

And thus the Lumia 925 further recedes from memory with almost no accessories, nor coverage. You can't even buy a charging cover from T-Mobile, yet they have the charging stations.

Which is what I am very afraid of because if a high end device comparable to the 920, and 928 don't have cases nor accessories and the phone has been out for a month(s) in Europe/ so it should have these things. Plus there is no advertising through Microsoft, and T-Mo, it does not foreshadow well.

I have always thought using cases is like wearing a helmet in public.....however now that I have a Lumia 1020 I kinda feel different.....

Daniel, silly questions were you able to put the gel case on the phone after attaching the wireless charging cover? If so how did it look? I'm curious, have to wait for september / october to try it myself lol.

i bought this from Amazon and received it last night. the case is thin, however, it doesn't have proper edge raise for the camera.  I have the speck case and it has a nice tiny edge that protects the camera when i place it on the desk, or any surface.  I'm definitely sticking with the speck case rather than this $5 case for this very purpose

Hey Daniel - Any idea when you might review an Otterbox? I assume it is coming. If possible, let is know what you think the potential for a Qi mod is for it. There appears to be a disc shaped indent in the right area. Thanks.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a really good case. People fork out $25 and higher for something like this. Nice find, Daniel.

I been using tpu covers for years....where's everybody been? Just bought a 4 pack with 2 stylist's included for my 920 for less than 10.00.

Question, Can you use this or any of the other cases over the wireless charging add-on?  I suspect the only one that would work would be the soft silicone cases, but I am curious if Daniel or any others with these cases and accessories has tried it?