Quick Review: AGF Leather Shell Case for the Lumia 1020; go retro!

Following up on our quick review of the Speck CandyShell Grip case for the Nokia Lumia 1020 is AGF’s Leather Shell Case. Also available at AT&T online and stores, the case goes for the same $35. While the Speck case offered mid to high level of protection from drops and falls, the AGF shell offers a lot less, making it a tougher sell.

Still, if you’re looking at that image above and you’ve owned a 35mm camera in the past, your interest might have just increased. Yes, while we think $35 is too much for what is arguably just a plastic shell offering limited protection, it does look super cool. Combined with the large camera housing of the Lumia 1020 and the case makes the phone look like a classic 35mm film camera, which is very apropos.

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Although protection is light, it does cover the vital polycarbonate corners, which are the most likely to take dings during a drop. For that, we’re pleased. The case is also easy to snap on or off, so unlike the leave-it-on Speck, this case you can toss on when you need or go naked when you don’t.

The inner shell is made is glossy plastic while the outer shell is a smooth, matte material with minimal drag. Combined with the faux leather that runs down the middle and it looks rather classy. Granted, it’s not a full wrap around, genuine leather case, like the one spotted supposedly coming from Nokia, but for a basic shell, it’s stylish and to the point.

It’s a shame that the price is so high though, even though protecting our $700 investment is a top priority. Our bet? Lots of companies will start making cases that go even further in simulating the retro camera look and they’ll do it cheaper.

Having said that, if you don’t mind the price, it is a cool shell and we’re kind of jazzed to use it when hitting the bar.

The AGF Leather Shell Case is available now from select AT&T locations and online for $35. Find more accessories for your Lumia 1020 in the WPCentral Store!

Daniel Rubino

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