Photo samples from the cameras on the Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

You probably won’t be using your new Surface Pro 3 for any serious picture taking, but may want to take advantage of the two cameras. Which is why Daniel and Mark just nabbed some camera samples from a Surface Pro 3 at the press event in NYC. Check out the rear and front-facing camera after the break.

The Surface Pro 3 has two cameras, one up front and the other on the backside. Both cameras have 5MP sensors and can record at 1080p. You'll probably be using the Surface Pro 3 and Photoshop for your photography needs. The cameras on here are to get quick pics of something like a whiteboard so you can annotate and mark it up. 

Front camera samples

Rear camera samples 


Reader comments

Photo samples from the cameras on the Surface Pro 3


Sweet! While it won't replace my WP, but it's good to see it can take good photos. This will be handy while doing digital art with Fresh Paint.

THAT pen holder. And the new type covers look really nice. I like the subtle difference in keys and cover.

Camera quality is actually a lot better than I expected too. Convincing me more and more to buy it...

Hey Daniel you tweeted that your camera rocks in which I would agree. What camera was Mark shooting with?

Guys don't u think if surface is a hit afterwards then all the OEMs which run Windows will sooner try to change their operating system against windows in the later run.?

To run what? Chrome OS?

Highly unlikely, oems have had their time and besides you still can get decent ultrabooks. We need more laptops like the razor edge and someone to make a break through in battery tech.

Probably, but will that even matter if the Surface is a hit? I'm sure desktops will stick with Windows since this'll replace the laptop.

Mark is using a mac book?!


lol, well as expected these cameras aren't going to win any awards thats for sure :P.

Looks just as good as the iPad camera! It is not trying to compete with the Nokia Windows phones! 

A 41MP camera on the Surface would actually be out-of-this-world. There's nothing stoppping them from doing something like that and of course, there wouldn't be any hump.

Pictures are decent now, but that's one of the weaknesses in the Surface they haven't really taken care of.

But why? Lol. We all know how weird people look holding tablets to take pictures. If you have a tablet, you prob have a decent smartphone, which has a good camera. Seems like a waste to add expense to the camera. Just as long as it's passable. This one at least looks decent. I'm not anti camera, just seems a wasteful expense.

Iuno.... those looks pretty bad. I feel like the 3MP on my HTC TouchPro shoots better photos than that (of course ith as AF). One of the reasons I wouldn't want a SP3 over my SP1, the quality of photos for OneNote are still pretty bad. Can't wait till it gets PureView, lol.

You actually use your tablet for taking photos? These cameras are meant for Skype and document scans at most.

I think Microsoft should start manufacturing surface laptops as OEM already aligning with chrome OS/browser. Tit for tat

looks good. probably better than on my surface pro one. found one reason to upgrade to a surface pro 3;)

Lots of noise in those pics, but I wouldn't expect any better from a 5mp tablet cam in poor light, indoors.

Just for sh*ts and giggles, I'd be curious to see how much better they look outdoors in some good sunlight.

And while no one's gonna be going around using their surface as an everyday shooter, I think it would be way cool to stick some Nokia Camera technology in these bad boys at some point.  Why, you ask?

Because they can. :)

These cameras would be great for Lync/Skype video conferencing. Rear camera could also be used to record lectures.