Samsung releases ChatON messaging app for Windows Phone users

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We've heard it was coming and now Samsung have gone ahead and released their ChatON (web.samsungchaton.com) app for their Windows Phone users. We last reported on this back in April so it's nice to see the app is finally live.

ChatON is a proprietary messaging service made by Samsung but works across various devices including Bada, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and now Windows Phone. 

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Truth be told, it's a fairly decent messaging service that offers some unique features like

  • Profile page
  • Animated messages (via drawing)
  • Location info
  • Calendar
  • Multimedia sharing (and storage)
  • Group chat
  • Interaction Rank

Proprietary messaging services are always a tough sell especially since you need to convince your network to change over. Having said that, Samsung has done an admirable job with their service though we're hesitant it will catch on. Either way, it's good to see the app now on Windows Phone for Samsung users.

Pick up ChatON in the Samsung Zone now in the Marketplace. Thanks, Corepc, for the tip

QR: ChatOn


Reader comments

Samsung releases ChatON messaging app for Windows Phone users


Exclusive apps that enhance the functions of the device itself (like maps, readers, video players etc.) make sense, but an exclusive SOCIAL app? Strange policy.

Fragmentation! LOL. sorry I just had to do it. Prepare for the army of complainers in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

No one wants a useless app where they can't message anyone. It's like HP releasing software (on PC) that will only allow you to message other HP owners... only difference is that there are way more HP owners :P

I'm ok with this.  Samsung is trying to make its own (weak) ecosystem.  keep it in Samsung Zone....the rest of the world uses Whatsapp anyways.

I have a Focus S but can you get it on a non-samsung Windows Phone? It would only make sense seing as it's on iOS, Android and Blackberry.

it was not listed under Samsung Zone but it listed under Apps - Social - New at least for Me.
I stand corrected maybe only Samsung Phone can get them..exclusive is nice..

Hmm. I have mixed feeling on this being exclusive to Samsung phones. While I do want some exclusives, the whole point of the app is to message your friends. If my friends with HTC Windows Phones can't use it, then it's value decreases. Then again, most of my friends have iPhones, so they can still use the app. And at least Samsung is putting some effort into Windows Phone.

Aww, I have a lumia 900. I want this! Lol j/k. I am glad to see Samsung finally release something for their users after all the Nokia exclusives. I will be happy to see even more from them and HTC.

I have a question that's off topic. NBA.TV app just came out and it says it's not for my phone. I have an HTC Arrive on Sprint does this mean I need to get a Lumia or something. WTF. I love unlimited data on Sprint but growing increasingly frustrated over these apps that shouldn't be exclusive.

Woohoo!! Been waiting for this...and has anyone seen all the exclusive apps for the galaxy s III? Yeah...those are coming to WP too!! Samsung is going for the jugular on all platforms...and I have to say, they do know how to make a killer device! - from a proud focus s owner

+3. Exactly. This doesn't seem to make any sense. A messaging app should be available for all devices for it to catch on.

I'm thinking that there could be technical, not just political, reasons for the Samsung exclusive.  Example: A Marketplace app can't save video to the media hub, but an OEM app can.  It's possible that they want to take advantage of the increased platform access that OEMs are granted, that most developers don't have access to.  (I'd say it's lame that Microsoft doesn't just open access to everyone.)

Very nice! I hope it works fast because I'm getting tired of Whatsapp working slow (on a Lumia 610 of course).  My friends with iPods can't get Whatsapp but they can get this one, which is great.
EDIT: damn I missed that it's only for Samsung devices!

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I don't understand the appeal of these closed messaging services. Phone, text, email, IM, Facebook, and Skype aren't enough? What am I missing?

One appeal is that you use data, thus you can message Internationally for free. I'd also like to get rid of unlimited text and save $$.

Can't download for my Samsung Omnia W. It says " This application is not available for your device".

This is dumb, I have both a focus s and the lumia, why would Samsung release an "exclusive" app on the windows os but then have it on android and ios.. If it's exclusive then make it for only Samsung devices! Its not like there is a shortage of Samsung devices out there.

This is dumb, period. A messaging app can only be as good as the number of people you can message. They waited too long to get to Windows Phone and then this? Irrelevant.

I've got it on my HTC Titan using Marketplace Config (homebrew). I just need some 'buddies' to try it out now. Shame that you have to give away your phone number to add people.

Exclusive Social App -> Fail. ut of the same Reson IMassanger for IPhone isn't worth it. I would like seeing this App on all Windows Phone's it seem's to have some good futeres that would make me switch from What'sApp.

I bet it would be a time limited exclusive before it gets to the general marketplace like Nokia. Did with tango video calls

Every handset maker does it if your vocal enough and not complacent like everyone was with the year long Nokia exclusive then we might see something more fair

Looks like iPhone messaging. Not surprised though it's Samsung we're talking about.
Don't see the point at all with this. What's wrong with WhatsApp, Kik Messenger just to name a few?

I Do believe That its a regional thing too & its only a matter of time for the app to reach all WP Devices.
Cuz this app was design mainly for Bada phone users to connect with the rest of the world.

Don't get your hopes up. I got it on my LG but not by simply going to the Marketplace. With that I only got the warning that the app couldn't be downloaded to my device. I had to change the OEM marketplace with WPH Tweaks to Samsung.

eBuddyXMS, GroupMe, HeyTell, ICQ, IM+, Kik Messenger, Palringo, Talkbox, Tango, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat... And Samsung decided we need another social messaging app?!?!?! And made it exclusive for some retarded reason?!?!?! FFS!

CNN app for windows phone exclusive to Nokia, Chaton Available for IOS, Android, BlackBerry.....etc but exclusive to Sammy's windows phone...RUBBISH.
I think it's high time Microsoft address this.

Come on!!! A messaging app that is only avaiable to samsung users... Who will usa an app that you can chat with only a few frieds? Better get Whatsapp or Kik and chat with everyone...

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