ScoreMobile FC bringing all the football goodness to your Windows Phone

ScoreMobile FC for Windows Phone

ScoreMobile is a popular sports app for your Windows Phone that pulls in scores, stats, standings and videos from the entire sports world. ScoreMobile FC is another sports app from Score Media that focuses on the various international football (soccer to our U.S. readers) leagues.

Key features of ScoreMobile FC include:

  • Free customizable push alerts (including goals and key incidents)
  • Daily video “vodcasts” featuring special guests
  • Sync tournament fixtures to your calendar
  • Up-to-the-second live scores
  • Live blogs or text commentary for EVERY game
  • Comprehensive list of match times, tables and statistics
  • The latest Euro 2012 news, previews and post-match analysis in video format
  • “Bet Now” feature, allowing UK-based users to place real-time bets via licensed betting and gaming provider William Hill

The football leagues covered includes UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Argentine Primera Division, French Ligue 1 and many more. You can even get coverage on the 2012 Olympic soccer matches.

ScoreMobile FC

ScoreMobile FC is laid out very similar to the original ScoreMobile with pages covering your teams, your comps, access to all leagues, a listing of top matches. With Euro 2012 and the Olympics right around the corner, ScoreMobile FC is a good way to keep up with all your soccer...err... football scores from your Windows Phone.

Update: While the initial release on ScoreMobile FC did not make the distinction, we have since learned that push notifications are not currently supported for the Windows Phone version of this app.

ScoreMobile FC is a free, ad supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

ScoreMobile FC bringing all the football goodness to your Windows Phone


Did u pull the app description from crackberry.com? ScoreMobile or ScoreMobile FC doesn't support push notification or calendar syncing on WP7. I've been harassing them about it from the beginning. Unless there is a secret version that haven't hit the marketplace yet. One can hope.

Features were in the Press Release from Score Media with no distinction between the various platforms.  We have since recieved clarification that push notifications are not currenlty supported with the Windows Phone version.

"Premier Leagues +" does push notifications beautifully and I've been using it for months. Good alternative to this I imagine...

I just used the app, really slick design. The Score is a company that knows how to make awesome apps. Kudos. 

Gosh I wish they would update the main Score app. Not a great implementation of Metro in that one. Cumbersome UI. I want to like it but I just can't.

Actually, in the English-speaking world outside of the British Isles, it's "soccer", not "football". Ask any Aussie, Canadian, or South African. Sorry!

Chill people, football is the proper name used world wide, it's not just about countries which English is the first language.
Anyway, as far as I know Americans use the word for that other sports because its "ball" is one foot long, so it kinda makes sense as well.
Can we still be friends ?

No fast resume is unacceptable. I'm sure this means they have no intention of ever updating their other app either.

I use Soccer Mobile FC because its stop the best football app on Marketplace, but it's far for perfect. For instance, has a very dated look, feels too iOS or droid...
And no push notifications.
On the positive side, it covers plenty of leagues, has its own in-app news feed and its developers answer to problems and requests, always polite and friendly.

Well if they are so polite and friendly they could fix this app for wp users.. the content is there but the presentation is mediocre.

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