Search properties in India with the official Common Floor app for Windows Phone

Common Floor

Common Floor, India’s leading online real estate portal, has just released their official app for Windows Phone. Search, buy, rent or sell properties in India with this application. Common Floor has presence in more than 120 cities and has over 70,000 community listings. Their official app has released initially for iOS and Android, but it did not take long for the Windows Phone variant to follow.

Coomon Floor screenshot

Here are the features for Common Floor’s initial version for Windows Phone:

  • Search projects/properties on the go
  • Search new properties by requirements
  • Smart filters search option - you can search based on property type, property owner, area, budget range, multi-location etc.
  • Search property through ‘Augmented Reality’
  • Search properties on the map - one click to view properties near your location
  • Sort results – search results can be sorted by relevance, price or date.
  • Details of projects/property - view price, amenities, plans, maps, pictures and much more
  • Get driving directions – navigate your way to the property of your choice from your current location
  • Contact property owners or express your interest – send messages, email or call them from your mobile phone instantly
  • Share property/project with your friends via email
  • Post property – add your property details, spot your property on the map

Common Floor screenshot

Using Common Floor is very straightforward. The fastest way to find properties is through the search function. Choose whether you want to buy or rent, select a city, property type, budget, and more. Search results are displayed in list view with images shown on the left. However, we have noticed that many of the listings do not include images. The listings include more details and let you contact owners or builders directly from the application.

Common Floor is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Check it out if you’re looking for properties in India and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Search properties in India with the official Common Floor app for Windows Phone


finally common floor app is here, they have the best online real estate portal in India and this app goes a long way in closing the app gap between windows phone and Android/ios. In this year(2014) alone most of the local apps in India have been launched for WP8 and there are only few apps left which are not on windows phone and hopefully they will be covered within few months.

India is pushing wp very hard, very good !!
I hope Indians start buying apps too, I see no love for paid app from them :'(

The problem is no one except form the ppl from software industry wanna pay for software or operating system separately. Thars the main problem for paid apps here in India.

Main problem is lack of CARRIER BILLING!
(Voda, Airtel, Idea etc)

Majority of WP users here in India are college students, most of them don't have a credit / debit card. I just cannot ignore the amount of people I see crying under reviews of "Paid" apps in store saying "Please make it free! I want to buy it but I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!".

And I buy a damn huge amount of paid apps (Actually games) particularly to support developers.

everyone who has a bank account should have a debit card by now, and most debit cards work fine on the wp store (I can confirm that ICICI works just fine)

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

I pay for all my apps if there is a paid option but you have to keep in mind that most of the people in India don't have credit cards( only one or two specific debit cards work), so they can't pay for the apps and Ad-supported version is a better way for app monetization, this advise applies not only for India but other developing countries too.

And the bad news is my Axis and IDBI debit cards which worked perfectly since the beginning of last year suddenly stopped working :(

Yes, unavailability of carrier billing is the major drawback of store. Once I let my friend use my debit card to purchase a few games (including Halo Spartan Assault while its on Sale) for his phone. He paid me the amount in cash later. But I guess its not possible for everyone, everytime.

Actually, most of the "VISA" credit / debit card works fine. Except a few that don't!

Good to see lot of Indian based app hit the store. Just today we received the official Flipkart app which was a big entry into the WP market.

Websites like these suck in India because half the time no one puts pics. The other half, agents are mass throwing ads out, with fake pics or false promises. I went through this, its not fun :(

Agree, common floor send fake responses to your ad and if we contact them most of them seems to be wrong number or fake agents who never show up for the site visit. I had very bad experience with common floor ......