Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator now in the Windows Phone Marketplace


The Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for Windows Phone which allows you to load up ROMs is now live in the Marketplace! Going by the name of Sonic's Jewels (SJ7), the app fetches for a fair $1.29 with a free trial.

In our preview a few days ago (see video after the break) we gave the emulator high praise for being extremely well designed with fluid transitions and numerous options including:

  • Pinnable games to the Start screen with Live Tiles
  • Three save slots per game; instant resume
  • Skydrive support for importing games
  • Frame skips for 1st Gen devices
  • Portrait & Landscape support

Needless to say, we really like it. The one down side that as of right now, there is no sound emulation. But guess what? The developer has solved this problem and the next update brings full sound emulation to the mix. Don't believe us? Head past the break for a demonstration.

You can pick up SJ7 in the Marketplace right here. Give it a spin and let us know what you think! 

Update: This app is now known as Blue tomato.



Reader comments

Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator now in the Windows Phone Marketplace


Darn. Then that is the only console I have never played. I was about to buy it but if it's not the genesis I wouldn't know which games to play.

There are so many cools games on SMS or GameGear : Sonic series, WonderBoy series, Alex kidd series, Shinobi, PhantasyStar, Ristar... Most of the hit of the Genesis comes from the SMS !

I'm not sure if it's so important to support zip files cause with Skydrive you could choose just the game you want and stock locally just a minimum number of files.

Its such a pain finding sites w SMS files. Now id have to go the SkyDrive route which is nice but im not buying until I can try it out first.

Version 1.2 uploaded to the marketplace, WITH SOUND. Check their facebook page...
Just hope it does not take 2 weeks...