Send free SMS to all your contacts with yuilop for Windows Phone


The cost of sending SMS to contacts while they are abroad can prove to be rather costly, but there are a number of services that help minimise this fee, or remove it altogether. One such app has arrived on the Windows Phone Store and is called yuilop (www.yuilop.me). The app, now available for Windows Phone 8 hardware, enables users to send free SMS to anyone with a mobile phone in the world.

What's good about the service is that recipients don't even need to have access to a yuilop app - their phone simply has to be able to handle receiving messages. We're pretty sure majority of handsets can these days. So how does it work and is it free? Well, it's not free per se (hello, advertisements), they have deployed their own virtual credit, but this can be earned without spending a penny. This credit (known as "energy") is spent on sending messages to other devices that do not have the app.

Here are some ways to earn this energy:

  • Invite a friend to the yuilop service
  • Receiving an SMS on the free Yuilop.me number
  • Participate in promotions or redeem vouchers

Yuilop App

Yuilop will synchronise with contacts from the People Hub, as well as any listings stored on the service itself. What's the incentive to invite people to use yuilop? There's no "energy" cost when messaging those who are also using the app. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, opening up some room to invite those who may be on competitor platforms.

A notice regarding privacy is included in the app description, which goes into detail how the company doesn't share user data with third-parties. Conversations through yuilop are encrypted and a mobile number is also used as the user ID. Windows Phone Italy notes that yuilop will sport VoIP capabilities in the future.

You can download yuilop from the Windows Phone Store for free. via: Windows Phone Italy

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Reader comments

Send free SMS to all your contacts with yuilop for Windows Phone


Viber and Skype are banned in some countries (like the UAE and Saudi Arabia for instance).
This could be of use to people living there I suppose.

Unless it's something new, Skype is definitely not banned in Saudi Arabia. I was using it for the whole duration of my stay last March/April...

Nah, its just that telecom companies want to force you to use the paid services instead, phone to phone video calling,  etc

Skype doesn't do that? May be I'm confusing it with something else because when I get messages on my phone they also show up on the messages app.

I'm sorry, but I do not view Skype and imessage as the same.
Skype is for video chatting, I know it has IM but it just doesn't feel as simple as imessage.
MS should make something like imessage though.

I think that's simply your perception, I for instance primarly use Skype as in IM client with my colleagues and friends. And the video chat aspect is secondary, mainly used with family members.This is on the desktop though. On my phone, I use whatsapp and don't use Skype simply because it seems to suck the hell out of my battery. If/when I get a tablet though, I fully expect my usage to mirror my current pattern.

If only MS would get off their butts and take advantage of Skype in this aspect and make it as seamless as Skype...

Its funny that Skype runs fine in the background on an old Symbian firmware mobile, but doesn't on 7.8

Well not only in 7.8. In windows phone 8 also. I always missed chat in skype, when line and whatsapp is working well. and even tested that I can't recevie skype call when I open skype...!! tested several times. no wonder I missed a lot of skype call. I used L920 with latest OS and Firmware available.

Well, don't you forget that whatsapp doesn't send SMS and your communication is restricted to other whatsapp users? And as far as I know, there are no calls possible with WA. So I think yuilop actually is not too late ;-)

Aren't you guys forgetting something? The main draw for this app is that you can send SMS to people who doesn't have this app installed, something that whatsapp or Skype can't do.

I got ½way thru but it stopped! Anyway it chews a shitload of battery so its deleted.

Now my phone is playing up! The volumes gone bezerk, going to zero by itself n wen I get it playing the sound is tinny:( it only played up after downloading this crap!!

Is this one of those apps that steal your number and subscribe you to third party crap? They say no but in reality, how do the make enough money to stay in business? I work for a wireless company and you have no idea how many people get signed up for jamster without then even knowing.

Yeah well my phone volume went mental until I deleted everything that app sent me, its fine now but there's something not right about it n as I'm writing this the volumes gone nuts again! Factory reset I guess:(

7.8 is dead. And I for one won't be updating. Moving from Nokia junk to sadly iPhone or android. Apps for windows phone are hit or miss

Works fine. The thing with verification is that it keeps checking for validity time and again while you enter verification code. Ignore it and enter the code.
App is better than hike which supports only a few countries. Well again, these apps aren't that helpful if you don't have someone living abroad.

I never received the verification code for this. Plus, my phone does not ring whenever I get a call after installing it. Strange.

Looks like I won't be installing this until they fix the problems everyone else has been experiencing. It pays to read the comments to the articles.

Lucky it's a weekend coz I spent all day factory resetting n restoring all my apps. Yeah I should've read the comments 1st lol oh well I've learnt a valuable lesson

+1     My 720 is brand new right now (due to the need for a hard reset), never again will I be an eager beaver to install apps like this one.

Canada.. Says something about no numbers right now.. Please try again in 24hrs... Its said that for 3 days now.. No numbers for windows phone?

Unusable. Tried inputting the verification code and all I got were persistent error messages saying to "Please try again." Needs a lot of work.

the app has for the most part worked for me but right now its doing something wierd... it wont let me send messages to anyone and idk how to fix it... its wierd