Use this app to help those impacted by flooding in Serbia


Record rainfall has resulted in tragic floods in Southeastern and Central Europe. Areas affected include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. Though the worst of the flooding has been centered on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes. A new app in the Windows Phone Store, called SerbiaFloods, is available to help take donations and support those in Serbia.


SerbiaFloods is a free app in the Windows Phone Store. It’s a simple app that does one thing – connects you with various outlets for humanitarian efforts in Serbia. With the app you can get quick access to Red Cross donation pages, information on how to donate directly to the Serbian diplomatic mission and more. You’ll also find information on call centers in Serbia and can view images and tweets from the floods.

Check out these series of photographs from The Big Picture to see the devastation yourself.

Download SerbiaFloods for Windows Phone

Thanks for the heads up Steven!

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Use this app to help those impacted by flooding in Serbia


Apparently no one understands what I meant. I wrote that to keep someone from being an arse about a good will post. Perhaps a mod should just delete this tread. I will keep from doing, what I believe are, nice things in the future. I just stick to being a sarcastic bastard. This is my fault.

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I don't want to be an ass here, but don't call any unknown numbers. If anyone wants to help, verify the numbers properly. Cheers:)

It applies just to Serbia :) I'm from Banja Luka and situation here is not critical as it is in other cities, places.

There is a way to help both goverments by PayPal. Just search MVP BIH PayPal and Serbia government flood PayPal. I was able to send money to both of them. BTW thanks to all who help in any way.

The best thing to do is to go to trusted, verified sites and apps (such as this one). This will help protect us from those who want to exploit something out of this catastrophic disaster...

Thanks/ Хвала/ Hvala.
Nice to see it posted here, WPcentral. Thanks for sharing this.
It would be highly appreciated  to get info about B&H and Croatia as well in upcoming app update.
Best regards from Serbia.

+1520 it would be really great if we could have the numbers and the info for Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia as well.

Personally I'm from Croatia but I have a lot of friends in Bosnia and Serbia that are affected by the floods.

Thanks for posting this app, WPC. Situation in Serbia has been normalized, but the damage done by floods is enormous. It would take a lot of time and money to rebuild cities, factories and restore homes.

Your right.. it will take months if not longer for normality to be seen. Living through hurricane sandy folks are still coping and rebuilding.. These Balkan floods makes sandy look like a walk in the park..