Sky Sports on Now TV gets a little more affordable

British premium television provider, Sky, has announced some changes to its online only Now TV service with a new weekly subscription option for the Sky Sports package. Previously you needed to hand over £9.99 a day to watch Sky's premium sports channels but from this coming Thursday there will be an option to pay £10.99 for a weeks viewing.

Sadly it looks as though that pricing isn't going to be here forever, nor is the new daily rate of £6.99. The "limited time" pricing doesn't have an expiry date at the time of writing, but knowing Sky it's likely to go up at some point. The new package comes just in time for the start of the English Premier League season, the Ryder Cup later this year and the remainder of the Formula 1 season. It's still quite expensive, but at least for now it's not nearly as expensive as it has been.

Now TV is available on a whole host of platforms including NOW TV Box, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3™, PS4™, YouView, LG Smart TVs, selected LG media devices, Roku boxes and Apple TV.

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Sky Sports on Now TV gets a little more affordable


This^^. When I was a kid it was wall to wall sport on the main channels. That's how to inspire a generation.
Alternatively, make Sky lower the cost to increase the volume .
Would love to see BT Sport put out apps for Xbox and PlayStation.

A week sounds good on paper, but for football fans, Monday-Friday there is nothing worth watching until the CL starts up. I'd probably pay £6.99 if I was permitted to choose any 7 days

HOW is this related to Windows Phone?!!
Please WPCentral, give us a news filter. I don't want to switch off push notifications - but this relentless posting of unrelated news is becoming annoying.

If you even looked at the image up top you'd know this is a service on UK versions of the Xbox One (and actually the Xbox 360 as well) and Windows.

Not to mention being in the actual text. WPC covers Xbox and Xbox related news as well as Windows.

I respectfully disagree that someone can tell it's for the Xbox by looking at the image, especially if they don't own one of those devices.
A filter would be a great idea.

I appreciate you are the author of this piece, but I am not alone in being frustrated at the amount of unrelated Windows Phone news being displayed on a website entitled Windows Phone Central.
Perhaps most galling about this piece (and the reason why I commented) is the fact NowTV is not even supported on Windows Phone....oh, and the small matter that Sky have basically said they won't be bringing Sky GO to Windows Phone either.
Add to that the fact Sky is run by a bunch of rogues, and you have yourself a perfect storm of reader discontent.
If you (as WPCentral) want to post news that doesn't directly affect Windows Phone, why don't you set up a Microsoft portal instead? If I and others wanted tech news and Xbox360 game reviews, I would go to some other website....

Stop spamming the comments section with useless stuff like that, as some people like me care about Xbox News. Windows Phone Central, Thank You and keep it up!

If there's an article that doesn't interest you then the simple solution is don't read it and don't make pointless off-topic comments on it.

Read my original comment!!!
I don't want to switch off push notifications for news. On the whole, I think WPCentral is great. But I am becoming frustrated by the 'news' I keep receiving.
I tend to find that when I switch notifications off, I don't bother looking at all. So I just think WPC should be wary of posting unrelated stuff on what is essentially a Windows Phone news platform...

Did you even read the commenting guidelines?! Turn push notifications off then, don't deprive the majority of others who want news like this. When you see a push notification for an email you don't want to read, what do you do? YOU IGNORE IT. So I suggest you ignore the push notifications of news you don't want to read. This is excellent journalism and shouldn't be unfairly criticised because of one person wanting windows phone news and NOTHING ELSE. Topics and news interjects. You shouldn't have read this article and you shouldn't have commented.

How do you know you're the majority?
I have been on WPCentral for a fair while now. I think the majority of the stuff being posted is great. I have also contributed and helped along the way....so I see no reason why I should remain quiet when I see WPCentral losing its way a little.
NowTV is a service that is unavailable to everyone outside of the UK. It is also unavailable to all of us who have a Windows Phone. It is a service run by an organisation that has no intention of bringing its more important app (Sky FO) to UK consumers.
So why on earth is it being advertised on here?

I have to say I thought wow, this sounds good for my F1 coverage, but then reading details it doesn't even work for people in the US. I also checked for the app. Oh well.

How many other stories have been US ONLY ! You don't hear me complaining saying omg I don't want to hear this ! I ONLY want news from the UK to do with MY VILLAGE and MY phone ONLY. On MY network ONLY and ONLY at 11am in the morning. Can you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Sorry realwarder I clicked reply to the wrong person ! completely on the wrong page. This is not aimed at you :)

I think you deleted something;

"Hi spinzeroWL, eddp77 has commented on: "Sky Sports on Now TV gets a little more affordable

"How many other stories have been US ONLY ! You don't hear me complaining saying omg I don't want to hear this ! I ONLY want news from the UK to do with MY VILLAGE and MY phone ONLY. On MY network ONLY and ONLY at 11am in the morning. Can you see how ridiculous that sounds?"

Having read it, I can see why you deleted it ;).

Yea I did delete it. I then wrote sorry realwarder I clicked reply on the wrong person ! totally wrong page ! So I deleted it.


but thanks creepy NSA guy

Ok I might be the majority I might be the minority. Either way, if you don't like the title, don't read it. It may be of interest to others. The EIGHT previous stories have been about windows phone, occasionally general news articles will pop up. You don't have to read them. WPCentral can't be losing its way if it's still reporting in depth on every windows phone related news, and then some. If anything WPCentral is going above and beyond, covering all WP news and throwing in a little extra for those interested in the microsoft sphere. Its tech news and ineresting. How can you turn down knowledge? 

It's quite easy to turn down knowledge when it is entirely superflous to the reason for me (and others) being here! News about an app that isn't even available on Windows Phone...!?! That's just clickbait - nothing more, nothing less. & I personally don't wish to just be part of some advertising number. I want to read stuff that is relevant to me....which is why, when I visit WP Central, I expect to see stuff that is directly related to Windows Phone. 
As I say, if they change the name to Microsoft Central, or Tech Central, then these kind of articles would be relevant. As it is, all this article has done is reminded me that Sky do not support Windows Phone. & for that reason, this website shouldn't be advertising their wares ;)

Even if it WAS clickbait (which I don't think it is) It obviously worked and you are now part of the advertising number you wished not to be a part of! LOL! You didn't have to click on it, you didn't have to read it. End of story

My toast notification distracted me. The headline annoyed me. A comment was inevitable.
If we as the readers don't discuss the problems with this website, then it won't improve. I simply want a filter so I can select news that is relevant to me. Every other news app does it - but on WPC, I have to read all sorts of superfluous stuff (the article author even went as far as to assume that we would know it was an XBox One news article on the basis of the screenshot. I have never owned nor never will own a One - so the screenshot means nothing to me!).
Allow us to choose the news we want...otherwise the WPC app will just join a number of others where toast notifications get switched off entirely.

I agree if you don't send feedback to people how else will they know? You can send feedback to WPCentral directly. Do you know how many comments are posted on these articles? Do you honestly think anyone has the man power or time to read each and every individual comment and then act upon it? If you want to leave feedback, your voice might have more of a chance of being heard if its directed to the place where it 100% will be read and is a designated place for feedback. Did you read the comment guidelines article? It might help you. 

If all you want is WP news then I suggest you find another site to get your news from. Nobody forces you to read this site. Also you are the minority because there are millions of unique hits a month for this website and you and a handful of others are the only ones complaining. I would say that is the minority.

@spinzeroWL: By your logic can I request that WPC stop telling me about services and offers that we can't get in Ireland / Europe too??

No, because all he requested was a Filter. Being able choose the content one receives rather than WP Central stop reporting on anything that doesn't interest him. In fact even having "Xbox" in the title would have been helpful.

These have a monopoly on most thing here in UK like assuring Game of thrones before anyone else can. Their prices are ridiculous.

Had complete sky for £12.99 pm and still didn't watch it. End of offer they tried to convince me to stay but put price up to £65 pm saying it was still a good deal.
Bought a freesat box for £35.
Sky = rip off

Sky is ridiculous prices per month, I signed up to a hd sports stream site for a "football season pass" of £40 and get 1080p HD streams regardless of it being shown on Sky, BT Sport, Satanta or even EPL channel games. Miracast sorts out my tv being like a monitor to enjoy it all on too!

It's a site called Kingmedia.tv. They used to show in HD (720p, lowered bitrate.. Like Netflix tried to get away with before "Super HD 1080p) and then HQ HD at minimum 20mb speed but a bump in their servers has apparently meant 8mbit gets 1080p now. I'm sceptical until the season starts for true HD but as for stream quality and 720p clarity its better than sky go.

I pay sky £95/month nobody forces me too I choose too, got the full package and 3 sky HD boxes, don't need NowTV or skyGo if I'm not at home I just use my windows phone to remote record it then watch it when I am home. Sky is expensive but isn't most things these days!!!

Some of us are in the UK and do have Now TV and do have Windows phones, mine is a 920.
The sky sports day pass was miles to expensive, I've had a few free of Carling packs, used them to watch F1, not a big footy fan so wouldn't buy the weekly pass.
I might pay 6.99 if a race was good, most have been great this year. So it might be worth it to see the full race including build up if only the highlights are on BBC.

Least you get sky news for free on windows phone , android has no live feed and ios has just lost the live stream on its international version.sky itself is a good platform for tv , uk viewers complain about the price but should look at what you get in europe for the same money , which is not alot , now tv and sky go would be nice if it ever gets to windows phone , but not every android has the service anyway.and all sky sports are free this weekend as well