Skype for Windows 8.1 update now allows users to edit sent messages


Microsoft has released a new update for Skype for Windows 8.1 users, which will now allow them to edit or delete text messages they have already sent out to their contacts.

Microsoft says:

"To edit a message, select the message you want to edit or remove, by tapping on it or right clicking with your mouse to highlight the text you want to remove. Select 'edit message' to revise your message or 'remove message' to remove the message completely. You can remove multiple lines in sequence."

In addition, the new 3.1 update is also supposed to have improvements for the app's video message notifications to make them more reliable and to also make video messages more accessible. What do you think of this latest Skype "Modern" app update?


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Skype for Windows 8.1 update now allows users to edit sent messages


Well this is kind of counter intuitive. Sharing the screen where only the Skype App has access? that would result in an endless loop. The App can't access other Apps that are running and if you are on the Desktop, why don't you just use the Desktop Version to manage the call? I mean you already are online in both clients and can decide which one you want to use for an incoming call or a call you want to make. So desktop sharing is a senseless feature in the Skype App.

They would have to change a lot in the Background to even make this possible. 

I'm sorry for saying but running two Skype clients simultaneously on one computer seems counter intuitive either.

Can't tell you how annoying it was to keep getting app notifications while I was chatting with someone on the desktop app (same machine). Wish it would know which app I was actively using and manage notifications accordingly.

Precisely, that's why you should put the "modern" skype where it belongs: Garbage bin.

Why would anyone use the inferior tablet skype on a PC is beyond me.

It's meant for tablets and cannot be properly windowed, desktop one works just as fine and has more features, but whatever floats your boat, man.

You are right, but it makes kind of sense, if it works correctly. It could be integrated into Windows more deeply, so it is actually only one running Applications with just two different UIs. If you are in ModernUI, the ModernUI UI (<< haha) of Skype will show and if you are currently in Desktop you get that Desktop notification. And then there should be one simple button that lets you switch between both UIs so you can have Skype no matter where you are and what you want to do. Putting Skype more in the background would also allow that Screen recording in the ModernUI, outside of the Skype App.

Damn, this sounds like an awesome idea. This would be one awesome advantage of Skype on Windows over Skype on other platforms. 

Desktop sharing I a good feature. You no need to use teamviewer for just sharing the screen when on a call. When the other person in not at the computer, he can view the screen through the phone also without disconnecting the call.

why the fuck woluld you run both clients at once? thats resource whoring, thats also 3 notification sounds each call if your like me and have onedrive always open,skype app is standalone, not a complimentert app of desktop...

it means they have a similar base, but if you just use the base, you'll get a horribly unoptimized app, which is actually what skype for WP is now, universal doesnt mean you make one app and done, theres a lot of micromanaging that needs to be done, thats jsut useful for making the skeleton of the app.

No, the iniversal app doesnt magically make perfect code for all devices, it gets pretty close, but you still need to fine tune things for performance and ui.

Yep! In fact many apps that people (including WP Central) call Universal are actually only Unified. There aren't too many truly Universal apps yet, though numbers are increasing quite rapidly.

Nice timing Microsoft. With such speed u can even make WP Skype app better than it is for iPhone in like... 2 years??

Didn't we just get one? Not that does this specifically, but we got a nice update on Wednesday last week.

Picture sending, looking back in conversation history and the ability to write in bold or italic.

It isn't in control panel. When you begin the Windows 8 installation you will have the option of performing an upgrade. But, if Yu don't feel comfortable, don't do it. Just know it is possible...

It's called backup, i.e even with upgrade option you should always backup. Use an external hard drive for example.

Yes it is. The app purchases are tied to your MS account not the phone.

For example when I upgraded from my HTC HD7 WP7 to my Lumia 925 WP8 I was able to install all apps that were compatible with WP8. Now with WP8.1 it is even easier to reinstall apps simply by going to the "my apps" option for the store.

There are some benfits in Windows 8.1, but I hope the ability to use the inferior tablet version of Skype isn't one of them. You were able to edit messages on Desktop version of Skype for years.

Both the Win8.1 and WP8.1 apps need to be able to access Skype voicemail, the ability to share from the share menu with contacts plus be able to block/unblock contacts. They're missing parity with the desktop app.

Just tested it. It doesn't let you edit messages sent from other platforms. So I can't edit my WP8.1 Skype messages from my Windows 8.1 tablet. Not sure if that will get fixed/updated, just thought I would post.

Still... When I send a photo from Skype for WP8.1 to Windows 8.1 PC with Skype 3.1, Skype tells me: "This version of Skype doesn't support new photo sharing features yet."


Not sure should I laugh ot MS or should I cry. How could you be so miserable.

Yeah, universal app my ass. If these have the same code underneath, why cant I send an image from tablet to phone and have it work?

Esp since they retired Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype. WLM was leagues ahead in certain functions, when compared to Skype.

Good feature. Still there found to be difference between desktop, windows app, windows phone. Dose this Skype desktop or windows8 app of Skype has photo attachments? The way we have in Skype for WindowsPhone.

What about clearing or deleting chat history on WP, there is no where to permanently clear my chat history on windows phone Skype.
If MS was serious enough, by now most users would have been using Skype more than Whatsapp.

"improvements for the app's video message notifications to make them more reliable"

Bullshit! Community wants it working "reliable", NOT "more reliable"! A functionality is either reliable, or it is not reliable at all. There is no such thing as "more reliable". If something is reliable, its consistently reliable (as does not depend on any parameters or border situations, its reliable, period). Anything else is NOT reliable, just wants to approach being reliable. It is called as quasy-reliable or semi-reliable. In terms of Skype, such things are f*king not reliable, lets not BS the problem, say it clearly: all these functionalities suck. Period. Dont BS that its already PERFECT, you just want to make it PERFECTER. Its BS. I believe the BS generator at MS does not understand the meaining of these expressions.

Ooookkkk.... No, seriously, it's been years since MS bought Skype and the experience still sucks. I wonder why we keep waiting on their promises.

I still hate skype...big time.
I linked a skype name to my ms account and...
Guess what, one of my skype contact saw my ms account info instead of skype name info.

Isn't that breach of privacy? They promised that account info remain on that account and will not share to other accounts. If only i have money i will file a case for breach of privacy and confidentiality.

I will hate Skype forever.


This is terrible. This means you can't scroll back through conversation history and see what was said a few days ago because you can't trust it hasn't been edited.

It's a nice feature, but I would have rated it very low on the priority list.  I'm not sure why the spent time on this functionality as opposed to working on other much needed improvements.

How is it possible to edit or delete a message after it gets sent? Does it mean Skype stores messages on their servers? And does that mean if I update a message a year later it will sync and update the message on the other client end?

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Essentially since MS took over, Skype has moved away from its peer-to-peer technology.  Yes, your messages are stored on MS servers.

If only Win8 version can recognize that the desktop version is in use... also if on desktop, the WP version shouldn't ring.