Snooze longer with new alarm setting in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Did you upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1? You'll notice obvious new features like Live Folders ( see our hands-on) and the changes to Internet Explorer, but might miss those changes that are more subtle. One of those subtle changes is the ability to internet sharing over Bluetooth. Another one we just found – snooze preferences for alarms.

Set an alarm using the default alarm app in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and you'll see the usual options. You can set the time, choose to have it repeat, pick an alarm sound and name the alarm. Those are the options you're familiar with, but you'll now also be able to set the snooze time.

You get the option to set the snooze time as either 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes.

How much longer do you sleep after hitting the snooze button? Sound off with which one you'll be using in Update 1.

Thanks for the tip everyone!


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Snooze longer with new alarm setting in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1


Yeah. Were is my 15 minutes snoze for events alertes 15 minutes in advance ...? And 45 minutes for that matter.

Some of the small issues in WP makes me sad we lost webOS and it's fantastic patching and customization abilities.

This is surprisingly something I am also excited about... does it give you the option when the alarm comes up too? Or you have to set it ahead of time?

Actually, I just remembered... I was looking for custom snooze times... but I don't even remember why I wanted them now. Lol

Yep, now the math is easier to figure out if I can afford to hit the button one more time! Sure, adding 9 isn't hard, but if I wanted to turn on my brain I wouldn't be hitting snooze.

Really can't believe this wasn't there all along. And when are they going to give us some more snooze time options for Calendar reminders?

im not one to hate the options, but i truly wish it was a number slider too. i like 15 min. plus appointments should have a custom slider too. 5,10,30 are weird times. 15 is the sweet spot.

I sure hope so. The ones there are pretty useless. With a default reminder time of 15 minutes, why would I need 1 hour or 4 hours, let alone a whole day? 

I use the one day option quite a bit. If its something you have to prepare for, like a meeting then its great to be reminded a day in advance.

Oh thank God, the alarm on regular wp8 isn't really great. Now all I need is lumia cyan update...

 And of course they miss the most obvious snooze time ever. 15 minutes. Who the F needs to snooze for an hour? If you're snoozing for an hour, you're just not getting up. 15 minutes is the PERFECT snooze length. GAAAAH

Yes, wonderful that my city's website works now, and I can finally pay my water bill online without frustration... Very nice!!...
Now, if only I had the app.....

Great! Now I don't need to set multiple alarms 10-20 minutes apart from each other :D

Never even knew this was in the works.

The app "Tricky Alarm" will set something like 100 reminders for you. The only way you can miss it is if you're dead, deaf, not in the same room as the phone, or you've gotten good at one of the puzzles and can unlock it subconsciously or in a daze without remembering it (Happened to me twice)

Use my Sonos system for it. I hit stop on first chime alarm then back to sleep until the next alarm goes off which plays radio and means I'm supposed to be listening to that in the shower and I'll be late.

Where do I go to change the tone for the alarm. The one that is set is a wimpy sound. I need a bugle to blast me out of bed.

We need more snooze times for calendar reminders! The jump from 10 minutes to an hour is ridiculous. We need a 30 minute option!

Internet explorer seems even worse now, before I could just about scroll side to side for gumtree pictures (think of it like craigslist), now I can't at all.

And facebook website still has the pictures going right off the screen.

Am I doing something wrong? IE is actually worse than pre-update :(

To answer the headline question: No, I didn't get the gdr1 update since microsoft and htc can't decide whose responsibility is for update to work on htcs...

We need stopwatch and timer to be built into the alarms app, like on W8! It's a very small feature that I'm surprised isn't built into WP.

They really need to add the ability to select a default alarm sound! That default "Nokia clock" sounds is just awful! It's so quiet and peaceful that it's more likely to put you back to sleep than wake you up.

What's the point in asking cortana to set up an alarm if you still have to go in there manually and edit the sound every freaking time!?

I will definitely use 30 minutes for my snooze. @SamSabri. Have any of you guys went to Bing.com in IE. IT says launching Bing but never loads the website. When you press Lauching Bing it brings you to Cortana. This is different. And Cortana asked me If I needed anything. As for IE in general, love the tweaks.

I never hit the snooze button. I'd rather sleep till I need to than spend 5-10 minutes in some psudo half awake eyes closed dreading waking up state.

Awesome featured. But my entire start screen has been cut in half and it was quite large, all because of live folders, and it's beautiful!!! Almost my entire screen is guilty dynamic which is awesome and even though it can use some polishing, the way it does and transits into everything is an awesome attention to detail, just looks great. I very much like this update.

Doesn't anyone else remember the custom snooze length that WP7 originally had??? It was taken out in either the No-Do or Mango update; I can't remember which. Anyway, nothing but 9-minute snoozes since 2011!

I wish they did something about the alarm graphics. It's pretty basic as it stands. I'm thinking... the buttons for snoozing and dismissed were different sizes, the snooze could be bigger and the dismissed smaller so you don't accidentally hit the dismissed when you're gonna have to wake up in 5 min. Happened to me more times then I like. That way when you are ready to dismissed the alarm, you have to be more alert and precise, which sort of means you are a little more awake now.

On a related topic, I hope they added custom time amounts for Calendar reminders. I hate when I want to set a reminder for, say, 3 days - and all I have to choose from are 1 day or 1 week. Very frustrating!

Y there is no seperate volume control for alarms? Its really difficult to have ringer volume set to max for alarm & after awake i have to put it back to vibrate. Is there a way for seperate alarm volume?

One of the greatest problems with the WP alarm is that you cannot set how long the alarm will ring.  The current alarm just rings and rings and rings which is annoying.  There should be setting for how long the alarm will ring.

Fonally... They're still lacking a timer or stopwatch function... This should be mobile OS 101... No clue why it takes them do long to realize

I usually press the dismiss button go back to sleep on off days..

Right now it is 7:32 am and my pesky neice hasn't gone to sleep yet.. when I find out who in my fam gave this little 4 year old a full can of soda, i'm going to go ballistic (depending on the person who gave it haha).

Not that anyone will notice here, but it would be nice if the snooze and dismiss buttons were colored green and red. My eyesight is usually a blur when I wake up and I struggle to see which button is which. I can never seem to remember either :(


Or I'd like the snooze button to be much bigger and the dismiss button to be harder to press (requiring long press or a confirmation tap).

No. They need the ability to change the size and/or color of the snooze - dismiss text.  Its a bitch to pick which is which without your glasses when the phone is arm's length away.




Alarm goes off, and without having to reech for your phone you say "Cortana, snooze my phone" and the device snoozes!

Am I alone in thinking it would be handy as hell to snooze or turn off your alarm totally hands free. Why can't it just trigger Cortana to wake up and listen :) ...be ace! Taking it a step further would then be "Cortana, snooze for 8 minutes", a dynamic varied snooze!!

Come on... implement this MS and assistant is assisting like no other!

Something I noticed and didn't notice before. You can now select multiple texts received/sent by clicking on the left border of the screen paralel to the message. It will reveal a check box system to mass delete / forward texts from a contact.

I don't recall ever seing this before and hit it accidently yesterday when trying to scroll around.

I would LOVE the Ability to set Custom Snooze Times. That are Different for Each time the Snooze Button is hit. This way your Body Don't get used to the Same Amount of Snoozing Each time you hit the Snooze Button.

What do you All Think about this Idea? 

Let Microsoft know what You Think about this.