Spearmint Nokia Lumia 920 leaves us green with envy

Nokia Lumia 920 Green

The Nokia Lumia 920 is available in a decent range of colors including black, white, cyan, red, yellow and in some places gray. A new color has surfaced on Nokia Jordan's Facebook page, green.

Call it spearmint, pastel green, lime green, or just plain old green we think it looks good. While pictured on Nokia Jordan's Facebook page there is no information on when or if this color option will make it to market.

We can only hope that if a green Lumia 920 sees the light of day, other carriers will pick it up (along with the gray). Hint, Hint AT&T.

Source: Nokia Jordan via: Techorz


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Spearmint Nokia Lumia 920 leaves us green with envy


seriously bring a decent windows phone to t-mobile usa the 8x is decent at best t-mobile needs a flagship phone like the 920 or a variant thereof. and what the hell is up with us (t-mobile) getting a smart feature phone the lumia 521 i have the  lumia 710 and its the same thing as mine with only paltry upgrades.

Maybe.  But the original image was posted on March 28th and the April 1st post calls it a mint scented Windows Phone.  It could very well be an April Fools joke but the color option isn't bad at all.

Spearmint is kind of girly. Real men wear real green! If Nokia wants some volume, they're gonna have to darken that up a bit

Though it is April Fool but if Nokia would launch this green beauty in Pakistan, they would make some serious money.

Wish I could trade my black 920 for this. One of my favorite colors is mint green and this sure would be unique amongst all my peers.

Just submitted a request for emerald and azure/sapphire colors for the Lumia 920. Hopefully we see those in the next iteration of Lumia Phones or on the 920 soon.

DEAR LORD I wanted Cyan so bad but now... I'm torn. The phone's still too big for me ... perhaps this colour will come to the 620?