Steve Ballmer is finally the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

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A new report says that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now finally and officially the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA pro basketball team, after a court fight with the team's former owner Donald Sterling went in Ballmer's favor.

Bloomberg TV reports that lawyers for Sterling tried and failed to convince the judge in the case to stop the sale of the L.A. Clippers to Ballmer on Monday night, and that the deal to finally finish the $2 billion purchase closed a few hours after the judge made his ruling.

As we have stated in previous posts about this ongoing fight, we are sure there will be a ton of of Clippy jokes to be had now that Ballmer owns the team. What do you think about Ballmer becoming a pro sport teams owner and will there be a friendly rivalry with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who owns the Portland Trail Blazers?

Source: Bloomberg


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Steve Ballmer is finally the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers


Finally? That was quick. Sports are a waste of time though. He should of done something good like bill gates or Elon Musk.

Its his money. If he wants to cut it up into paper angels, he may. If he wants to outfit, arm, and surround himself with a paramilitary army, he can do that too. NO ONE, has a right to judge what is a good cause for the expenditure of personal money. Sure, we can always think of other things, but it is not our money, therefore not our business to judge...unless it is something outside of the law, clearly unethical, and/or morally bankrupt. Even then, that is a slippery slope when you use morals and ethics as benchmarks.

Obviously he can do what he wants with his money. Personally I think it's a waste to blow it on a sports team and I'm allowed to have an opinion.

The last thing anybody wants is someone else telling them what they should do with their money.

How is it "blown" on a sports team I'd out ends up making him tons of money in return? Which I'm sure it will

so I guess you give your money to charity and stuff like that? or are you talking crap about other's people money and how they use it?

I mean, how do you even know Ballmer doesn't do charity? only because he doesn't do it public like most people do only to get 5 minutes of "aww that person is good", do you go to a news paper everytime you donate something or help someone?
again, you don't know ballmer and you probably don't do what you want.

if you have a dream, would you not making come true because people think it's a waste of money to have that dream? lol please... stop being hypocrite and ignorant.

again... only because Ballmer doesn't put a label on his forehead "Philanthropist" like others so people would think they are better person and helpful, it doesn't mean he has never ever helped someone with his money or his hands, because you know, sometimes you dont even need money to help others, just saying.

I really hope you do charity everyday, or week... if you are talking so much crap. you say you are allowed to have an opinion, but hey, it doesn't mean you are right or your opinion is smart at all.

You need to chill out. When I said "you should give all your money to charity", it was a response to the comment above. Had nothing to do with Ballmer. It was a joke obviously.

While I wish this site would have stayed WP only (or close to), they made it pretty obvious a long time back that it was going to be more of a Microsoft website with a focus on WP.

I know that and that's fine (though I agree with you, wish it was just WP). Nevertheless, this still has nothing to do with Windows. Or Microsoft.

Steve has been their CEO for quite some time and if they are smart enough this could mean some new marketing strategy for Microsoft.

it's fun to hear something about an old staff member of Microsoft that  did a lot mean for wp.

and it;s always better to have the microsoft league then the british putin league most the the premier clubs are bought by russian money.

Ballmer is the most recent former Microsoft CEO. He oversaw the creation of Windows Phone. This article is about him. Get it?

Ballmer is Microsoft's largest shareholder. So, yeah, it has something to do with Microsoft.

Did you know that the definite article is the only word in the English language that's impossible to define without using itself?  This stuff could do your nut in.

It's Microsoft\Ex Microsoft related and has been stated over and to everyone that keeps asking this pointless question.

It'd be like asking, why does s someone with an Android phone need the WPcentral app and visit the site.

Doesn't matter, it's related to someone who was CEO of Microsoft, therefore, it's Microsoft related.

As WP\W8\XB all become a unified OS, just makes sense to have a quality news source for all things Microsoft, which WPcentral (name change coming from what I've read) is.

Ok well lets follow some pretty simple logic:

1) Ballmer is the largest shareholder of MSFT.

2) Ballmer is a Board memeber of MSFT

3) Per 1 & 2 Ballmer has a very large influence over MSFT

4) Because of Ballmers influence over MSFT, large financial decisions (like 2 Billion dollars) MAY have an impact on his needs from MSFT, and thus have an impact on Windows Phone...


The world is more inter-connected than single input logics... You can also follow different trains of thought and come up with many more reason this could affect windows phone (like the idea of sponcerships in the staple center getting TONS of consumer exposure), but this is at least one...

Still trying to figure out why you bothered to open and comment on the article that you don't find relevant

It's fine to let the staff know. Most of this day has not been about WP directly. Hopefully they keep the bacon number no bigger than 3 while we wait for some real WP news.

The thing is, the staff & editors know that they're posing non-WP stories, so it's not fine to "let them know". It just clogs up the comment section with useless comments and useless replies about said comments (i.e. mine right now).

Lol. Complaining about clogging up the comment section with useless comments while they clog up the news feed with useless stories. It's not a matter of don't read it, I still have to get a notification everytime they post a story. And when it's not Windows related, it's a bit annoying to just find out you don't want to read the article.

Out of curiousity why would enable new article notifications? Is it urgent and highly improtant information that you're expecting?

Because I got a notification on my phone about a new article. Hoping it was something about WP, only to find it's not. So, to choice my annoyance,I made a comment about it. I don't care about the contents of the article, not did I ready it, but I don't like a news site about Windows being voted with entertainment/sports news. That's what shorts sites are for. That's what Bing news is for.

What do you think is an easier solution, for you to try and convince WPC from stopping coverage of this topic? Or turning off new article notifications?

Luckily for you, the deal is done and unless something big happens surrounding the team it looks like the coverage of this topic has run its course

Still trying to figure out what your comment has to do with this article. If you don't like the article, keep scrolling.

Windows phone does not create enough news in and of itself. There must be reporting of Windows related stories or things would get real stale real fast. Besides, does your phone communicate with your computer? Yes, we need to be apprised of these things. Duh...

Lol. Yes it does. Inside alone is half the news we get. Bad enough I can't filter that out, let alone getting stuff totally unrelated to anything. This is not a general news site. I have Bing news for that.

I find it relevant and so do others. There might also be some who agree with you and skipped this article and just decided to not comment. 

In any case the entire Clippers fiasco was national headlines, and the fact that Steve Ballmer was on the buying end of it only seemed right imo to write about it. It's not like he never had an arm and leg involved in Microsoft/Windows Phone. 

Because he's the guy that is ultimately responsible for Windows Phone OS being a very distant #3...and W8 being a disaster...and.....

Including up to the USB type C article here is what you would have received today: Shiny the Firefly released, Nokia Lumia 530 launched in Malaysia, WP + Offspring + Dolby Digital 5.1 concert sample, Deal of the day case for 920, Manuganu 2 game released. USB C, Clippers, Windows 8.1 updates and Xbox news would have escaped me and many others that find it relevant.

How boring would this site be if you had your way? Very.

Sounds good to me. I don't find it boring. This isn't an entertainment site, it is a blog about hardware and software and the stuff that goes along with it, namely apps. That's what I expect to see. If I want to find out who bought the clippers, I will go to a sports site or an entertainment site.

After reading few comments which I have to say are just stupid and maybe childish?

"Oh why do you post this!? I don't want to see it, I don't care about etc."

Is it really such a big problem to skip the article and not complain? And while reading those stupid comment it sounds like you telling off the WPCentral Team like you lot are employing WPC and paying them money every month so they only publish news that YOU want to see!
Do me a favour and just SHUT THE FUCK UP! Others are simply fed up with those comments and personally I get a headache while reading such comments.

It wasn't worth reading, and the title was pretty straight forward, making it unnecessary. Ballmer should have bought the Arizona Coyotes and brought them to Seattle. (NHL). But he wasted 2 Billion on a shitty team. Not newsworthy. My 2¢.

A lot of students want to be athletes. And many want to be in NBA but the only way they will get there is to be drafted from college. A college they have to attend.

You mean he could have donated it to charity instead of buying a business?  That's very generous of you to give his money away like that.

What's to say this "investment" won't bring him more money back than what he purchased it for? Sure, he probably has enough money to last a couple life times... but the residual income possible from owning a sports team can do a lot more than just giving it away.

Good for him. As long as that keeps him AWAY from Microsoft, fine. He could buy the entire NBA for all I care.

Yep.  A C+ CEO at best.   He would have been fine running Proctor & Gamble, but in this league he was outclassed and he stayed about 10 years too long.   I wish him well but glad he's not at the Helm anymore.

Retirement must be nice.

Hey what are you gonna do now that you're retired, Steve?

Think I'll spend a measly 2 Billion and buy me a sports team...

Hey, now you can join the ranks of Kiss, Bon Jovi.....

I wish windows phone central was more windows phone oriented.... Well only wp oriented... Data is being wasted getting notifications about windows, xbox, CEO etc etc. Or give option in the app to choose the kind of notification i want to receive... That would do good... Just a view... Peace :)

I HOPE he brings some type of marketing connection with msft and the NBA... Even though they have some type of Samsung thing in place.

Q: What's worse than people complaining about "first" and "faster" comments?

A: People complaining that an article is out of scope for this site. You can always build your own news site.

This is something that should not be covered on wpcentral. Nothing to do with windows phones and Mr. Balmer has already passed on the baton.

1. Off-topic: Why does it seem so hard for people to NOT comment on an article they claim to not care about? I'm not really a Nokia fan so I barely even open any article about them, let alone comment on them. One of the easiest things I do all day is not commenting on something that doesn't interest me.


2. On-topic: When will Apple investors buy a team so people can say Apple invented basketball teams?

Haha, yea right!   Man, I watched the World Cup for the first time.  "Soccer" is a good sport in itself, but the league and some of the ridiculous rules (e.g. "stoppage time") completely prevents anyone outside the USA from making such statements.   

Before Soccer could get really popular here, they need to give the refs a friggin stop watch so they can measure timeouts to the second and count them as they happen, rather than guess and stick it at the end of the game :)

Why is everyone so bitter about other things being posted on wpcentral? I think its great. Gives me more to read and learn about new things. +1520.3 +635 +900

Your editor just recently went out of his way to remind us to ease up and stay on topic because the writers are so hectically busy, yet you still have time to write about this kind of irrelevant garbage? Adios, WP Central. I know you could probably care less about losing readers, but nonetheless, I'm outta here. Good luck with your sports thing.

Thank god. Good riddance to sterling. He was a racist, a bigot, and had no place anywhere near any sport. The clippers are in a much better situation now. Good for him for doing the right thing and taking this decision to court to ensure he won.

Glad for the clippers. They now have a real owner. Good news for Microsoft I see a sponsorship deal coming and a new mascot coming.

Do not care...

That leaping, yelling, sweating freak leaving Microsoft was the best thing to ever happen to the company. I don't give a rat's a$$ what he does with his cash now.

Cue Steve Ballmer and Clippy memes here. But hey that's good...put the team in a better person's name than that hooligan. Congrats, Ballmer!