Stick Sports looking to bring their games across to Windows Phone

Stick sports

Stick Sports (www.sticksports.com) is looking at Windows Phone for future expansion, according to a response sent to a consumer. If you're never heard of Stick Sports, it's an online Flash sports game website which boasts numerous titles for visitors to enjoy, including the massively popular Stick Cricket. 

We're yet to see any of their games arrive on Windows Phone, but it's certainly plausible especially since many of them are available for Android and iOS. Here's the message that was sent in response to the question about Microsoft's mobile platform:

"We currently have some plans to develop our suite of games on Windows phones. Not sure on time frames just yet but it's certainly on the cards."

So how about it, folks? Who's excited for the team to bring out their games for Windows Phone? 

Thanks, Yaswanth, for the tip!


Reader comments

Stick Sports looking to bring their games across to Windows Phone


Over just a few months a lot of places have changed their tune from "we have no plans" to "definitely coming"

I was starting to get a little nervous but it looks like we are here to stay! Too big to be ignored now.

Yes, yes, yes,, you are completely right, my son...
We have had confirmation for quite some time now that WP is here to stay... All of the apps are coming now, and I think developers look at WP as the new cool platform to develop for...

I don't sure they will come very soon, but it's great to know that they have added Windows Phone to their list!

I got the same response when I asked them abt a week ago. Looks promising. I'm a big fan of their games and certainly looking forward to it

I remember sending them a similar question about a year ago. They replied with exactly the same wording.

Well now we just need adult swim and other companies to jump on board then we'll start seeing games from everywhere come in which is honestly like one of the weakest parts of the marketplace.

Spent countless hours with Stick Cricket during my college days. Would love to have it on my phone.

Ummm..not the most desired app on my list but hey..anything is good as long as the ecosystem grows so that no one tells me "I dont want a WP8 phone cuz it doesnt have stick cricket". I was bored of hearing the same thing about temple run, now that its here, they want temple run 2. And subway surfer. *baah*

Stick cricket is huge in India, cricket is insanely popular here and stick cricket is like the halo of cricket games, thank you stick games!

Looking forward to it.

Have been playing their games on and off for quite a long time ...I actually play their Facebook version nearly every day !
Let the good times keep rolling .. :)

Hi Guys, please put the some games to windows platform for Stick Sports Cricket. There games are great, easy to play & enjoying the time with us. Please Published the Stick Sports related games to windows platform.