Lumia 800 goes on sale in Sweden today and Nokia steps up advertising

Lumia Subway Adverts

This is really something. Following what we've witnessed in the UK, Sweden is witnessing some Nokia Lumia redecorating on the subway, in newspapers and on advertisement screens. Attention all Swedes - incoming "The Amazing Everyday" campaign to accompany today's launch of the Lumia 800 in that country.

We've also learned that the Lumia 800 can be had for SEK 194,50/USD 29 (for six months and 239 for the remaining 18 on a 24 months subscription plan) on Tele 2. You can pick that up here.

Check out the video after the break for a quick capture of a Lumia advertisement. 

Source: Wingadget.se (translation); Tele2; Thanks, Per Lundberg, for the tip!


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Lumia 800 goes on sale in Sweden today and Nokia steps up advertising


Nokia is doing the same thing in Switzerland, it's great, although I have very often noticed N9 advertising right next to it, so I'm not sure that's great.

Who cares of N9. Windows phone is way better OS.

Move on has Nokia made a good decision getting WP OS has their main

N9 is Dead. Just like WP 7.5 killed blackberry rim. :D

I love wp7, but don't think we can attribute rim's demise to this os. With increasing security in other smartphones and os's in addition to rich mm experience, rim's market evaporated and they didn't advance fast enough. Add in outages etc...and sadly dead in water (sad as I am cdn)