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Nokia Lumia 800 to launch in Sweden on January 23rd. Pre-order now.

It's official - the Nokia Lumia 800 (our review) is set to be released into the wild in Sweden on January 23rd and you can pre-order it now.

The country has already seen the Samsung Omnia W being added to carriers, but now it's Nokia's turn according to an official statement. The Windows Phone will be on Telia, Tele2, Telenor and Three (Sweden), as well as a number of retail stores just three-weeks from now. The price tag of the handset is aimed to be around the 3900 SEK ($560) mark.

Source: Nokia, via:

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  • Just wondering... can you get the Lumia 800 in Finland? I'd kind of think so, but I don't think I ever heard it mentioned.
  • Why yes you can.  In fact I see the Nokia 800 winning the sexist phone of 2011 on another site where the reviewers seem to be leaving Apple and Google phones and switching to windows.  We of course can understand that.  Finland also has a festival that celebrates the fashion designs of Finland.  I can understand how fashion from Finland is held in such high regard when I look at my Nokia 800.  It honestly is amazing.  I think I will stay will Nokia for good and leave Samsung behind.  Frankly, I'm excited to see what other Nokia products come to the U.S. along with the smartphones.
  • I have to agree I like the style and the design of the 800. If that device was a 4.3 screen I would be buying it. Though I can say that as I have yet to hold it in my hands and use it. It would have to really blow me away in how it felt in my hands and how my eyes reacted to the smaller screen. As i currently use an HTC HD7 which is 4.3.
    As for a design no question it's the best looking Mobile device on the market cureently.
  • There is a 4.3 screen coming out by Nokia.  It's the Nokia lumia 900.  It will be 1-2 after the lumia 800.  Same look but beefed up.
  • Have all the issues with the Nokia Lumia 800 been ironed out?
    (The battery issue for example)
    I like 3.7 as a nice pocket friendly form factor, and the Lumia 800 seems like the sexiest device in that size. Just don't like bugs :)