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T-Mobile US rolling out 1328 OS update for Nokia Lumia 925 today

T-Mobile seems to be on a roll this week with updates. Earlier we saw the HTC 8X finally receive its GDR2 OS update along with new firmware and today, the Lumia 925 has received a minor OS bump from 10327 to 10328 along with new firmware, adjusting it from 1325 to 1330.

Since the Lumia 925 already shipped with Amber and GDR2 onboard, this update to 10328 is mostly related to carrier-related improvements and isolated bug fixes, though its exact contents are unclear at this time. Some users have reported some odd behavior on their 925’s, including occasional resets and even a “blue screen of death”, which is irrecoverable (we had this issue, though it seems very isolated). Also things like the soft keys not lighting up and Wi-Fi connectivity have been occasionally wonky, though overall, the Lumia 925 has been very reliable for our daily use.

Users can get the update by heading into Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates. You will need to be on Wi-Fi to grab the update with at least 50% battery level. The process could take up to 20 minutes as a backup is performed.

Currently, T-Mobile has no documentation on the update, though we’ll keep an eye out.

[Update: Support page is now up. It notes "...adds user experience improvements" as the changes]

As a side note, T-Mobile has dropped the upfront cost of the Lumia 925 from $49 to just $29, making the Lumia 925 an even more attractive purchase for new or upgrading customers.

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T-Mobile US rolling out 1328 OS update for Nokia Lumia 925 today


Time to switch to T Mobile. Shame on you ATT. Quicker updates on Tmob as well as lower prices.

It does seem to improve the soft key backlight issue on mine. Hopefully it allows me to send mms messages over WiFi.

For the mms over WiFi that issue was very frustrating to me. Yesterday though while going through my setting I realized. Under Cellular you'll find Use cellular data under WiFi. After realizing I needed cellular data to send mms I checked that and it seemed to work.

I have that checked.  The reason I want it to work is because i don't have cellular data at my job.  If I did I wouldn't use WiFi at all.    I tested it and it still does not work.  Bummer.

Turn off wifi calling when you want to send mms and turn it back on when done. There is some issue with the wifi calling interfering. I had similar issue and spoke with t-mo tech.

To put it in simpler terms, this is gonna suck in your situation specially.

Basically you need to turn off Wifi Calling if you want to receive mms messages. Very simple lol there is a bug on Tmobiles Wifi Calling app and until it gets resolved you NEED to turn off the wifi calling if you want the contents in the mms to load.

... And pay $50/more for data you will never use. My TMo plan includes 4.5GB at unrestricted speed, after that they throttle down. I am on my phone all the time, frequently using LTE instead of WiFi because it's faster, and the most data I have ever used in a month is about 2.5GB. I think I'll keep my $50/mo, thanks.

I'm not watching my data on Tmo unlimited, and I could go to sprint, get unlimited, and pick up the Nokia...oh wait, nevermind.

How is T-Mobile going to get 1520 when they cant even market the 925. We have five lines from T-Mobile and I can say nothing but good about their pricing but their lackluster support for high end Windows phones drives me nuts. Verizon was able to secure 32gb Lumia 928 and marketed the hell out of it but what do we get from 'T-miserable'? a 16gb 925 with barely any TV or online advertising.

I agree with the marketing thing but hopefully we will get it by virtue of being similar to ATT (like they have the 925 now) and the hopefully increased push by MS due to the pending Nokia purchase (I know a lot of wishful thinking in all of that)

IOS releases update, everyone gets its. Doesn't matter what carrier you are on, it is available from apple. No carrier involvement in that.

It seems t-mobile is doing a good job with updates bravo. I have at&t so I can't benefit from this....,

I havent had any of this, but i will ask you guys, have you had any screen flickering going on at all?
for example when im in the multitasking apps screen and i start to scroll left and right some of the apps being displayed start to flicker?
that and my damn 'other' storage just went up to 1.4GB ... i really thought it would stay under 1GIG after GDR2

Haven't had the screen flicker at the moment but have had a small studder, it was fixed by restarting the app. In regard to the "other storage" its dynamic now. I have a little over 1gb right now but I've had it up to 2gb. It seems to periodically clean itself though because after having that 2gb I checked it one morning and it was back down to 700mb so its fixed in that its not persistant but rather gets cleaned out with use.

I generally only noticed flicker with AlphaJax. Will be interesting to see if that improves after the update. Installing now...

Yeah, I had the same thing happen (the restart randomly) last Saturday night the phone wouldn't turn on until almost Sunday night after turning itself off.

The blue screen has hit me twice. Both times I was in a parking deck (no connectivity) and my car was connecting over Bluetooth. Freeze, reset, blue screen. Care Suite resurrection was the only option.

I sure hope this update fixes a lot of issues. My 925 is almost unusable. The WiFi cuts out all the time, random resets, the GPS loses signal constantly while using Here Drive. I took it to T-Mobile and they said a lot of people are having issues. I walked out frustrated and ordered a Nexus 4 that day. Oh well, now I'll have two OS's to play with.

You silly! TMo would roll out the 1325. AT&T the 1320, Verizon the 1328, and Sprint... well who knows. (Sorry, Sprint fans.) ;)

I have the phone its great buy, I had HTC 8x broke and the insurance sent me a new 925, it's camera is not 1020 but is off the chain....

I heard on Twitter that GDR2+Amber will be released around mid-Sep on EE in the UK. Might be the same period for AT&T.

I had my guess on late September for ATT. Its only a minor update so I haven't cared. (although amber is a beauty) ;)

Yay Tmo!  Although aside from one freakish hot-phone-really-really-hot-phone episode, my 925 has been great.

Horray!  I got credit for the tip!
Loving the 925.  A few quirks to be certain, but a whole lot more stable and snappier than my old Galaxy Nexus.

It's much like what you saw with WP7.x with Zune Desktop, although I notice the number of steps for an update is down to 5.

As I said before, my predictions is 920 will not get update till after the release of 925 and now quite possibly the 1520 in typical ATT fashion. I never seen ATT release an update until well after sells slowed down from other phones (1020 and 925 when released)

Why does anyone need the update on an LCD 920? I dont get why people are upset. You cant properly use Glance on it & it hurts the battery.
I love my AT&T service, speed, coverage & customer service. Oh & my 21% discount.

Hopefully this will fix my issue with random cell/data drops for 30 seconds at a time. On top of that MMS takes 6-8 tries before it goes thru.

Installed on 925 twice and experienced blistering hot phone and an unbelievable battery drain both times. Had to use factory reset to get phone working properly.