T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families

T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families

T-Mobile already has a special promotional 4-line family plan with unlimited text and talk along with 10 GB of data total, and now it seems that the un-carrier network is launching an even larger family plan to accommodate groups of up to 6. The 6-line plan is similar to the 4-line plan and will cost $120 per month.

Like the 4-line plan, each of the 6 lines will come with unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB of data during the promotional period per line, for a total of 15 GB across all lines.

The promotional data will last until 2016, after which the data allotment per line will drop down to 1 GB for each line, for a total of 6 GB across all 6 lines.

The previous maximum for T-Mobile's family plan was 5, and according to a leaked report that was obtained by TmoNews, it looks like T-Mobile may be eyeing family plans with up to 10 lines total in the future, which could stretch out your single plan to accommodate an even larger extended family. It appears that T-Mobile is eyeing a [Framily])(/sprint-introduces-new-framily-plan) feud with rival Sprint, which currently maxes out with 10 lines.

Are you looking forward to adding more family members to your plan on T-Mobile?

Source: T-Mobile via Tmo News


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T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families


Same. I would have to subject extended family to T-Mobile in order to have enough people and I just don't dislike my family that much.

Yes and i provided link with instructions but diskpart is natural and faster for me and is part of windows also.

1) Targeted towards Families not friends splitting the phone bill.
2) It's one bill BC there's only one person responsible for the bill.

Okay, now a serious comment. Sprints' Framily plan is not a family plan. It's a referral code. They are not the same at all, the referral code brings an individual line down to $25/1gb, $35/3gb, or $45/unlmtd. Alone. No bill sharing. Nor family. Seriously, not the same.

I discovered that as a Sprint customer, I wasn't allowed to join a Framily plan. I was only able to start my own and hope people joined, which made it less of an option for me.

I ended up canceling and switching to T-Mobile. I can't afford the ETF and I needed a new phone. With new phone and new plan I am saving almost $25 a month compared to my discounted plan at Sprint (no unlimited data but I've never actually gone above 500 Mb except for once).

Evolution Heavy actually understands it. However, it might sound like alot, but you just give a sprint store rep a code, and they'll usually hand it out at the store. Or you can send it to friends. Or....transfer of liability.

We have unlimited data on tmobile. You shouldn't suffer from capped and overages. Tmobile is the only remaining company who offers unlimited data now.

Unlimited use to be something worthwhile until soft caps were introduced. Now I would rather pay for full speed.

That's wrong, Tmobile will throttle you after 16GB. As someone who users around 32GB a month and have been getting throttled every month for about 5 months, I can tell you, yes they do.

On the flip side though, the 5GB they give you for Data Share doesn't actually throttle or end after using it up. Use it on my laptop as it's faster than my Wi-Fi and have yet to have it stopped or throttled and I've been using around 15GB on it for 6-7 months.

@Evo... Is that while under contract? I pay 160 for 3 lines w/ ONLY 1 GB!. I went in yesterday & told them I feel like I'm getting robbed because their ads so its so much cheaper. He said those prices don't include phone equipment (meaning my bill is higher bcuz I got free phones by signing 2 yr contract). He said that if I would have bought my phones outright, I would qualify for those prices too. Somehow, I feel like he just bs'd me.

Call customer service or change the plan yourself online. Two phones are out of contract the other is my 1020 on at&t next.
(iPhone 4, red 920 and white 1020)

I think this is great. My T-Mobile service is not quite as good here as my Sprint service was, but it is generally fine and I'm saving so much money. I think a lot of people will appreciate having such a lower cost option.

If tmobile brings some decent service to lima/findlay, Ohio area I will bring my family over in a heartbeat. I would save about 150$ a month coming from a Verizon family share plan.

I love that T-Mobile keeps pushing the envelope on wireless pricing. I hope it keeps up. I'm not a customer, but the better their pricing, the more it forces Verizon and AT&T to compete on pricing as T-Mobile gains customes and market share. These companies would still make a country killing if they cut all their plans in half, so there's room for more reasonable rates.

Remember when we used to pay $.,25-30/minute for long distance to AT&T and the Baby Bells when MCI and Sprint came along offering $0.10 a minute? That's what T-Mo reminds me of and I don't think we've reached the bottom yet, there's room for even better pricing.

This reminds me of what att wireless did before Cingular bought them. Went crazy with deals and plans to gain customers to look better to get bought. With no contracts its gonna be interesting to see how many people hang around when they get bought

I'd rather share 10GB with AT&T than be limited to 2.5GB with crappy service while the rest of my family only uses a third of their allotment. I like my 7GB of full speed LTE data.

You do know that you're not "limited" to 2.5GB, right? You get 2.5GB of 4G LTE then it may slow down but you won't get charged overages. 

As much as I love T-Mobile's plans and really despise the others, I am almost being forced to switch just so I can get a better upgrade on Windows Phone.

Not really an upgrade jumping from my 521 to a refurb 925 or the 635. Wanting a 1520 so bad I've been hanging out at the att store just to get some time with it.

Just wish 1: T-Mobile would wake up and get some better phones or 2: Other carriers offer better plans around the same price point as T-Mobile.

I should check to see if they have good coverage in my area.  So many more WP that work on T-mobile compared to Verizon, much cheaper for my family of 7 if they go that high.  Even more attractive if they allow Xbox Music to be part of that "streaming music doesnt count against your cap" thing too.

Awesome, I have been wondering what my wife and I are going to do with our youngest daughter once she gets to obtaining mobile phone age (in about 18months). These 6 persons family plan is the answer.

Now If only T-Mo can get more good WP in their JUMP offering, I am still waiting to upgrade from my initial L925,

At this rate I might go drastic on T-Mo, since I have almost finished paying for the phone. I can get one of the new coming iPhones when it comes out this year, pay off the remaining amout on my JUMP program, get off their bad JUMP that is not WP upgrading friendly and use the iPhone sale money for a good TMobile network able off the shelf WP phablet.

Hey; I might be up to something here.