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app highlights

Nokia has released an update for App Highlights, which has now been bumped to version It's a rather minor update that changes a handful of things within the app itself, including the alteration of the highlight layout from landscape to portrait. For those who are unaware, App Highlights is a solution from Nokia for consumers who are seeking more content from the store that they may have not yet come across.

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Nokia has released a new beta for Lumia Windows Phone owners to enjoy - App Highlights Social. So what can one do with said app installed? It essentially takes the baton from the App Highlights app we've come to know and love, but improving the overall experience with new functionality and a more advanced interface. Our first impressions: it's really, really cool.

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A rather interesting discovery was made over at Should you make use of the search functionality in Nokia App Highlights for Windows Phone, you'll be able to check out apps that are not yet available on the official store. This is a pretty revealing find that alerts everyone to what consumers can potentially expect to see in the future.

The first publishers to be searched were of course Nokia and Microsoft, both populating the results page with numerous apps that have yet to hit the Windows Phone Store. But if you've yet to try this out, you might be out of luck. The loophole has since been fixed. Luckily, we managed to take some shots before our access was slashed.

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The latest version of App Highlights from Nokia

It sure has been a busy lately for Nokia and their various Lumia apps and that trend continues today with App Highlights v2.0.

As far as we can tell, this has been in beta over at the Nokia Beta Labs for a few weeks but it has now gone to the masses, judging by our update notification. So what are the changes?

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We talked about Nokia's App Highlights app (odd to say, no doubt) a little while ago. It's similar to other apps in the Marketplace that bring attention to certain, very popular apps or "must haves". It also showcases apps for local developers in certain regions, giving the spotlight to indie devs who may be lost by the big software houses.

The app itself is not too remarkable but it's not bad either. You can shake the phone to get a "surprise me" feature, similar to IMdB on Windows Phone. It also has push notifications and a Live Tile for app updates, with the former missing from Windows Phone currently. Overall kind of cool and great for people new to the platform, but old hands familiar with the OS will quickly grow bored.

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