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Tekzilla looks at the Imagio, HD2

It should come as little surprise that the boys and girls at Revision 3 have a cool job than you. Look no further that this episode of Tekzilla in which Patrick Norton and Veronia Belmont go hands-on with the Verizon Imagio as well as ... wait for it ... the HTC HD2. As if we needed another reason to want that phone. Head in to about the 28-minute mark for the goods. [via pocketnow]

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HTC HD2 on T-Mobile? Sign us up!

For the sake of all you T-Mobile fans out there, we hope and pray what looks to be an early prototype poster is on the level. TMoNews just posted the leak of all leaks, and it looks like the HTC HD2, its 4.3-inch capacitive screen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor are headed for T-Mobile.

No word on when, or just how much it's gonna cost, or when T-Mobile will get even more of its 3G network rolled out, though it's certainly making progress.

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HTC HD2 Review Surfaces

While the HTC HD2 appears to be headed to the U.S. Market, it's already making waves in the European and Asian markets. Mobile-Review has published a review on the HD2 and found it to be an impressive Windows phone. You can find the Google-translated review here.

In reading the translated page, the HD2 it appears Mobile-Review is impressed with the latest Windows phone from HTC but gives the Windows phone low marks for size and for lacking enough hardware keys.

Follow the break for more pictures of the HD2 and our observations on Mobile-Review's article.

Via Pocketnow

Update: HTC's own Eric Lin reminds us that what's being reviewed isn't yet a finished product and should be treated as such.

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Looks like all of us who said the HTC HD2 had no chance of coming to the United States were flat-out wrong. According to Slashgear:

Perhaps best of all, HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that HTC will be offering a US 3G version of the HD2 in Q1 2010.

Rejoice, rejoice! We can pretty much rule out Verizon, most likely, because it just launched the HTC Imagio. And AT&T just put out the Pure. That leaves two ...

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The HTC HD2, aka the Leo, has been one of the worst-kept secrets out there, and HTC pulled the covers off it this morning. Unfortunately we're not looking at a U.S. release, so we'll have to gaze at the massive 4.3-inch screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and honest-to-goodness Sense UI, as first seen on Android, from afar.

The HD2 will be available "later this month across Europe."

Full presser after the break.

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Some registry diving in one of the leaked HTC HD2 ROMs floating around out there and found a couple of interesting entries.

  • Looks like the HD2 (aka the Leo) will ship with Opera Mobile 9.7 Build 35411.
  • Pinch-and-zoom will be enabled.
  • You can restore tabs after closing and reopening the browser. Very cool.

There are a couple of other nerdcore entries in there. Check 'em out.

Via wmpoweruser

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HTC HD2 appears in O2 catalog

Guess that makes it really real: The HTC HD2 (aka the Leo) has made an appearance in the an in-store catalog for the UK's O2 network, and said catalog was slipped to Engadget Mobile. They're also hearing that the rumored Oct. 12 launch date might have slipped to Oct. 26.

Engadget also points out that the promo shot show the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen instead of that new TouchFLO 3D goodness we've been seeing, which is interesting. Maybe that means something, maybe it's just promo shenanigans.

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Can't get enough of the HTC HD2? Yeah, us, either. Pocketnow got a tip that includes a few more details.

  • The HD2 name is good. (So long, Leo codename.)
  • The phone will launch in Holland by November, for about $800 U.S.
  • As you can see in the picture above, it indeed has a capacitive screen, but multitouch doesn't work in Internet Explorer. That means no pinch-and-zoom.

Presumably that's a current version of PIE running on Windows Mobile 6.5 and not a newer version of the mobile browser — pinch-and-zoom works fine on the Zune HD's flavor of PIE. And we're still pretty doubtful that we'll ever see the HD2 in the U.S. Sorry, folks.

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