Virgin Mobile Offering HD2 Across the Pond

Those of you in the UK looking to pick up an HTC HD2 can now do so with Virgin Mobile for free with its 24-month £30 tariff. Up to this point the Snapdragon toting beast has been available unlocked, on O2 and T-Mobile.

Have any of our British mates been lugging an HD2 around recently? What carrier are you rocking? Regale us with tales of your device superiority in the comments.

[via CoolSmartPhone]

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  • I switched from my HTC TyTN II with Vodafone to the HD2 with O2 just before Christmas. I nearly went for the Touch Pro 2, but decided that I didn't use the hardware keyboard enough and the TP2 was sorely lacking the 3.5mm jack with UK providers. I reckon I made the right decision. So far, the HD2 has provided a much smoother ride, probably thanks to the processor and HTC Sense. USB file transfer speed is vastly improved too. I suspect you already know about the good stuff, so I'll throw in a couple of niggles: 1. Don't keep it in your back pocket, not even screen to buttock. I squashed my HD2 between 175 pounds of me and a soft sofa. Consequently, I now have a black patch about 1.5" by .5" on the screen where two layers have squeezed the 'juice' out of the way. It hasn't affected functionality in any way, but it looks bad. I took it back to the O2 store who said they'd send it back to HTC for a screen replacement quote. I'm a little annoyed at myself for doing this and surprised that the screen couldn't take the soft pressure, it wasn't like I'd sat on a brick wall. Anyway, you've been warned and I've learned to find alternative storage where possible. 2. My bluetooth car kit and the 3.5mm jack don't play together. I have a Nokia car kit, which works fine on its own with the HD2, but it means that I can't listen to Audible via the 3.5mm jack to car stereo at the same time. One or the other, but never both. There may be a workaround, but I haven't sussed it yet. There is a bluetooth option to play system sounds through the car kit, but it didn't seem to work, though I'd like to revisit that option when I get some time. 3. I was going to note that you can't change the order of the Home Screen Tabs in HTC Sense, but just discovered that you can. Sweet! 4. AccuWeather don't have a clue about the actual weather in the UK, so the pretty weather graphics for my location are sadly pointless. A nice touch would have been an option to select your weather provider, though that may not be HTC's fault. Other than the time that it locked up on me, which may have been due to my Audible/Bluetooth impatience, the phone has been magic. Now we just need companies to start producing WinMob apps as well as iPhone apps :)
  • It looks like you can't get any internet access on the 12 month contract though. I've just spent a week in Italy with no data connection and the HD2 loses a lot of its cool without permanent internet access.