What's going on with the HTC HD2

We promise we'll go all out on the HTC HD2 once it's more widely available in the United States. Really. We will. (And because you'll ask: Yes, it's coming to the U.S. early next year. No, we don't know exactly when or on which carrier.) In the meantime, here's what's going on:

  • Our pal Matt Miller from Nokia Experts has the HD2 in hand and is giving it a thorough run-through in his ZDNet blog.
  • The HD2 is now available on T-Mobile in the UK. [via Tracy and Matt]
  • The HD2 has 802.11n WiFi available, though it's turned off by default. Here's how to turn it on. [XDA via MoDaCo and Engadget]
  • HTC acknowledges there's a problem causing the HD2's camera to occasionally go pink. A software fix is on the way. [via wmpoweruser]
  • HD2's now on sale with O2 in the UK. [via Coolsmartphone]
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  • It might be out on all those networks in the UK but NONE of them have it in stock. Currently have an order placed with Vodafone (2 Weeks now) and its not due to arrive until December. Urgh.
  • HTC HD2 is available not only in UK, but across whole EU. Here, in the Czech Republic, is offered by almost all mobile vendors, including two of four carriers
  • I've been using my HD2 here in the U.S. for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest, it's hit and miss. The hits: Screen, Speed and Build Over Thanksgiving, I took the HD2 on a hiking/camping trip to "The Wave" and Canyon de Chelly in Arizona with OCN8 to get me there and back, BackCountry Navigator to make sure I didn't get lost while there, and TheSky to navigate the stars at night. The large screen is fantastic for navigation and updates incredibility fast. There was no degradation visible even at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The misses: Accessories, Navigating Old Apps, Camera Intrusion, and the Marriage... There's are three accessories I always get for a smartphone: a desktop dock, a car mount, and a case. The simple pouch-type that comes with the HD2 is surprisingly serviceable and I found a Rainbow Compass Case at REI that fit perfectly. However, there's still no good cradle option and the HTC car mount isn't due until February. HTC, take a note: you should have the accessory bases covered when you introduce a new phone. Not having a cradle available for the HD2 in inexcusable. The HD2 is a thin phone, but ungainly. The reason is the camera housing protrudes over 2mm beyond the back of the camera. The HD2 can't be laid flat and wobbles in the position as you move your figure around the screen. The edges of the camera housing are sharp, not Palm Pre dice your carrots sharp, but still pretty sharp. An unclad HD2 will scratch any soft surface it comes to rest on, or risk scratching the camera window if it should meet a hard surface. Let's face it, HTC and Microsoft have to decide who's going to be wearing the pants in the relationship. WM6.5 and Sense aren't a good match on the HD2. For instance, I have the excellent HTC launcher on the Home screen and two ways to access the Microsoft launcher. (Note to HTC: do the lancher buttons have to be so big?) Most people only want one way. Also, while the new IE is there, it's effectively hidden. Let people choose the web browser. Also, initially Solitaire, not to mention the excellent HTC Task Manager, were no where to be found. Say what!?! I had to resort to a third-party app to restore the Task Manager to its Diamond2 form. Finally, the biggest inconvenience has been running older apps on the HD2, like the previously mentioned Backcountry Navigator and TheSky. Navigating the options and features of apps designed for a stylus can be a challenge on a touch device no matter how responsive they are. So what's my personal verdict on the HD2? Some great features will appeal to the established WM fanboy base, but the device with the current quirky Sense/WM 6.5 mashup and lack of a good selection of accessories make the HD2 too inconvenient for the Smartphone mainstream. HTC will sell a few but it won't be a hit or a WM savior.
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