Tip: Speed up the auto-focus on the Imagio camera

It's pretty well known that the HTC HD2 (Leo) had a wee camera problem with some odd colors showing up in the center.

That has been addressed via a patch, which is available now.

Of course, what would be the fun of having a patch for one device and not trying it out on another?  Not very much.

Turns out if you apply the .cab'd version to the Verizon Imagio (see review) it greatly speeds up the auto-focus -- as in cuts the time in half as well as just general quickness of the camera app. Image quality is said to be the same and no one is reporting any negatives, so if you've done a fresh backup give it a go.

And for the record, we did try this on our Sprint Touch Pro 2 and saw no difference ;-)

Download the .cab here.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Did not work for me. Tried installing it to the Device and \Storage Card...got the following error: "Fab985 Leo Camera Fix" cannot be installed. To try installing again to a different location, choose a location:. Any thoughts??
  • I would not install this if I were you. Even though it did not install correctly, my phone is acting up now. It is extremely slow, and the Album is jacked up.
  • i installed it on my TP2 and it worked good, the auto focus is mayb 10 to 15 percent faster....the pictures quality does not really improve.... The only catch is that you have to install it drectly to your phone and NOT the storage card
  • *UPDATE* it appears that my storage card is faulty. Please ignore my previous comments above. Thanks.
  • The link is gone. Would someone upload the cab file to another link please. Thanks.