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Opera has today announced the company has signed a deal with Microsoft to see its Opera Mobile Store replace Nokia's portal as the default hub for apps and games on select hardware. Nokia feature phones, Symbian, as well as Nokia X mobile devices will be affected by the switch, which will commence in the first quarter of 2015 as Opera begins redirecting consumers through their own store portal.

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Opera Mini for Windows Phone has been updated once again, just days after its release. This marks quite the start for the company's beta, which has received a steady supply of feedback from the community trying out the new web browser. What's new in this latest release? Well, you'll be pleased to learn the app is slightly more stable – in other words, Opera Mini no longer crashes when loading a website.

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It was only yesterday when Opera threw up its Mini web browser for Windows Phone, opening up the beta program for the Windows Phone community. After covering the app itself and using it for some time, it's clear to see there's some work to do. The team behind the app have already released an update today and are actively encouraging everyone to provide feedback to help them work on bugs and improvements.

Update: it seems as though this update actually makes the app more unstable, according to comments received (and we've just confirmed the crash issue ourselves).

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In an interesting and unexpected twist, Opera Mini (not to be confused with Opera Mobile) has surprisingly been ported to Windows Phone and posted over at XDA. It comes from the Windows Mobile code but has an extra "layer" to interface/work on Windows Phone 7--that's the good news. The bad news is it can only run on devices with custom ROMs like DFT meaning interop and dev unlocked phones are out, for now.

The file is only 1.13MB in size and Windows Phone Hacker notes that "...the dev obfuscated his code. Thankfully, we already know how it works, which is surprisingly simple. Time to hack ;)" meaning perhaps we'll understand more about what is going on with this and what is not. What we can take from this experience is that Opera Mini could evidently be ported to Windows Phone, if Opera wanted to do so, but due to perhaps Microsoft blocking such an app in the Marketplace, not worth their effort.

We're sure we'll be seeing more on this project soon. Though we do have to wonder: compared to IE9, how good can this be?

Source: XDA; via WPSauce, Windows Phone Hacker

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Opera Link for WP7 - App Spotlight

Looking for a way to import your Opera desktop browser favorites to your Windows Phone? Look no further, Opera Link for WP7 is an app that will pull your Opera desktop favorites on to your Windows Phone for Internet Explorer to use. Opera Link won't import the bookmarks into IE but acts as a middle man of sorts.  From Opera Link, just tap on the link and IE launches.

The process is quick and painless to set up. From the Tools Menu on the Opera desktop browser, you set up an Opera Link account (Tools>Synchronize Opera>My Opera Link Page). You'll use this account information when you load the Opera Link for WP7 on your Windows Phone.  The app will then sync your Opera bookmarks, notes and speed dials.

Should you be using a mobile device that runs Opera Mobile or Mini, the Opera Link will keep all your devices in sync as well. Opera Link for WP7 is a free application and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

via: devicemag

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Opera Mobile drops Windows Mobile

While Opera Mobile 11 is launching today for Android and Symbian platforms, the mobile browser is saying goodbye to the Windows Mobile platform. According to a blog post by Dag Olav Norem at My Opera,

"The mobile landscape is changing and Microsoft has moved their efforts away from the Windows Mobile operating system. No new devices have been launched for some time and the market share is falling. As a third party developer and a business, that is a reality that Opera Software has to adjust to."

Norem continues to explain that the Windows Mobile platform can no longer provide the revenue potential that Opera needs to continue investing in it. With regards to bringing Opera Mobile to the Windows Phone 7 platform, Norem states that the company is continuously evaluating that option.

Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile will continue to be available for download from Opera Software's download page.

Source: My Opera Via: Favbrowser

Thanks goes out to Andy for the tip!

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Earlier, it was reported that Opera would be bringing their mobile browser to Windows Phone 7.  We have now received word that Opera Mobile is not heading to our Windows Phones.  While there was a glimmer of hope that the press release from Opera Mobile contained a typo when it read,

"The Opera Mobile 11 will bring the music on the Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms."

We have received confirmation from Opera that this wasn't a typo and the company was referring to Windows 7 (the desktop OS). The reasoning, there are a few tablets out there running Windows 7, technically are mobile, and will be receiving the new Opera mobile browser in the near future. Quoting Falguni Bhuta from Opera,

"Yes indeed Opera Mobile is headed to Windows 7 - the desktop OS which is also used on certain tablets and touch desktop devices."

It wasn't that big a stretch to think that Opera is referring to mobile operating systems when they discuss their mobile browsers. Right?  I guess Windows Phone 7's loss is Windows 7 gain.

Thanks goes out to DavidK for tipping us on this!

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