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Opera GX gains smart way to clean up your junk files

Opera Gx Cleaner
Opera Gx Cleaner (Image credit: Opera)

What you need to know

  • Opera GX now features GX Cleaner, which helps you delete old files from your PC.
  • The gaming browser also gained customizable color themes.
  • The same update also brings an Easy Files feature for attaching recent files.

Opera GX has a new set of features that make it easy to keep your PC free from junk files. The gaming-oriented browser gained a feature called GX Cleaner that helps you delete old files while keeping the ones you still need. The same update also brings customizable color theme support and an Easy Files feature for attaching recent files.

GX Cleaner helps you purge old files such as cookies, browsing history, and downloaded files. The feature allows you to filter files by date or browser location, so you can keep files you still need will getting rid of those that you don't. Downloaded files, cookies, and other files can build up over time. Having a way to easily clear them while filtering specific files to keep should make it a bit easier to manage files and to clear up storage.

With the latest version of Opera GX, you can customize the browser's secondary colors. You can choose from preset themes such as Rose Quartz and Frutti di More or create your own color scheme.

The same update also brings an Easy Files feature that is also available on the standard version of Opera. The feature presents recently downloaded files when you go to attach or upload a file while in the browser.

Opera shared that the browser now has 5 million monthly active gamers. Opera GX launched in June 2019.

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  • Files cleaning I already had for some reason on the side bar for a while now. Themes thing is pretty cool.