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Following on the heels of AccuWeather’s update for Windows Phone is WeatherBug, who lands at the 3.0 marker today. If you know updates, a whole number change means “big” and that’s the case here. How significant is this? Well, our records last show an update for this app back in May. Wait sorry, that’s May 2012.

WeatherBug 3.0 has been completely overhauled and it’s more in line with their iOS and Android designs. That’s not to say they haven’t flatten some of the graphics and adapted it for Windows Phone, but rather the menu system is a bit odd for Windows Phone users. Having said, we would be lying if we didn’t say it was feature packed. Let’s take a look.

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It's been awhile since we've seen WeatherBug get an update, let alone a significant one. So it's nice to see version 2.0 finally (finally!) land in the Marketplace with some advanced Live Tile and Mango support. The full change log is as follows:

  • Live Tiles - New standard live tile and Live Cam views.  We've also added detailed one-day forecast and two-day summary forecast secondary tile options.
  • Visual Forecasts - Easy-to-read, at-a-glance displays of essential weather information you need quickly and easily.
  • Bad Weather Warnings & Alerts - Receive dangerous weather alerts faster from both the National Weather Service and our exclusive WeatherBug Network
  • Live Cams - Scroll through and view live shots from HD cameras in the WeatherBug Network

Of course the new stability (and hopefully reliable background updates) should be the real story here, but those new Live Tile options are quite nice as well. This app falls nicely after the Microsoft Weather app in that it offers many more functions but has ads for support. The app seems zippy enough and we really like the layout (though we'd gladly pay $0.99 to remove those garish ads).

Overall, a nice update. Note: WeatherBug is now re-listed under a second entry in the Marketplace, so a standard update won't work here. You must fresh install the new version, which can be found here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Jaison S., for the heads up

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Windows Phone Weather App Roundup

If you search the keyword "weather" over at the Windows Phone Marketplace it will yield you about one hundred results.  Everything from Accuweather to Nude Beach Weather, the choices cover a lot of territory.  But which one is the best?

You've got Windows Phone weather apps that will deliver the basics such as your current conditions and an extended forecast. You also have weather apps that will throw radar imagery, videos, and more weather stats into the mix.  Then there are non-weather apps that have weather features.

After taking a look at a handful of the weather apps on the Marketplace, we've rounded up the ones that stood out. After the break, found out which weather apps we think should find their way to your Windows Phone.

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Yes, like you our WeatherBug Live Tile had stopped updating quite a few days ago. And yes, probably like you we went with the Weather Channel's app as an alternative (see review).

It turns out WeatherBug is well aware of the problem and it has to do with a bug related to interval times and updates. They seem to be on top of the issue, trying to resolve it with Microsoft. But until an update for the app comes out, they evidently recommend you set the update interval to 60 minutes.

Now, we had that as our update time on our HD7 earlier today and it still wasn't updating, so your milage may vary. Let us know if it worked for you or like us, you simply went to the Weather Channel.

Source: @WeatherBugMedia

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Software Review (Windows Phone 7): Weatherbug

One great way to make the most of your Windows Phone is to keep track of the weather. Weatherbug has been a staple application for me on Windows Mobile and has made the transition to Windows Phone 7.  

Weatherbug on Windows Phone 7 looks really good and takes full advantage of the Hub layout by offering a lot of weather information on the side-swipable pages. Throw in the live tile and you can stay up to date with the temperature and forecast for the day at a glance.

Weatherbug pulls information from thousands of global weather stations and when first installed Weatherbug, you will be asked to set your location.  You can do this by either accepting the location determined by your Windows Phone aGPS or manually enter a location.  At anytime you need to edit or add locations, just tap on your location name that appears on the main page.

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Hot on the heels of the WeatherChannel's new WP7 app comes rival WeatherBug (see video demo here for WP7). Not too much is given in the way of screenshots, except what we see above, but it looks like it will be a winner for its complete feature set. We know we've always liked Weatherbug on Windows Mobile and we're happy to see to them offer the same functionality on our new OS.

Bonus features include:

  • Weather info on the Start screen (Live tile)
  • Push notifications for weather alerts (nice)
  • Nine (!) weather map layers using Bing maps
  • 7 day, hourly and detailed forecasts
  • Enhanced current conditions

No word if they will have the ~$1.99 "Elite" version which throws a few more features in as well as removes those banner ads--but we sure hope they do.


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Weatherbug demoed on Windows Phone 7


We knew Weatherbug was being developed for Windows Phone 7 and now a video demo of the popular weather app has surfaced.

The WP7 app will give you the option of having a live tile for Weatherbug on your home page that will display current conditions of any of your city locations.  The live tile is updated with push notifications that includes alerts/badges for serious weather events. Tap the tile and you launch the full application.

The Windows Phone 7 Weatherbug app utilizes BING maps with layers to show animated weather patterns. Weatherbug also lets you tap into local weather cams. All in all, Weatherbug for Windows Phone 7 looks really good.

via: mobilitydigest

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Weatherbug has been a popular application for Windows Mobile and now it looks like it is on board for Windows Phone 7. In a recent interview over at Channel 9, Weatherbug developers talked about using Silverlight and Bing Maps with their mobile weather application.

Weatherbug uses both Microsoft products in their website development and is having success moving Weatherbug over to WP7. Developers see using Bing Maps and Silberlight offers them more detailed maps, easier code to transfer to WP7, and takes a lot of the worry out of developing these applications.

This is encouraging news to see a popular Windows Mobile developer transitioning to Windows Phone 7 with such ease.  The only downside to the interview comes when Weatherbug demos their WP7 app and the video abruptly ends without showing anything.

[via: Mobility Digest]

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Review: Weatherbug Mobile

Weatherbug has been cranking out weather apps for years ranging from desktop widgets to mobile applications. They have recently released a Windows Mobile Professional version of their weather app, Weatherbug Mobile.

The application puts a good bit of weather information at your fingertips. Features include:

  • Live local weather from over 8,000 tracking stations
  • Severe Weather Alerts in real time
  • Animated local radar
  • Live and time-lapse images from over 1,000 weather cameras
  • International weather information

For our impressions of Weatherbug Mobile follow the break.

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