Tango Windows Phone update rolling out for Nokia Lumia 710 on Rogers

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Back in early June, we noted how a factory-shipped Lumia 710 on Rogers was sporting Windows Phone "Tango" aka build 8773. At the time, we speculated that Nokia and the Canadian carrier were getting ready to push out the update to all and sure enough that day is upon us.

Reader Gurpreet just notified us that plugging in his Lumia 710 to his Zune Desktop prompted him to update his device. That means the rest of you up North should be able to do the same.

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In addition to having Windows Phone Tango and it's new messaging features, user should also have some bundled fixes with the new firmware. We don't have that changelog, though it may have a lot of similarities with T-Mobiles latest update for the same phone.

If you're getting the update, hit us up in comments and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks, Gurpreet, for the info


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Tango Windows Phone update rolling out for Nokia Lumia 710 on Rogers


Shouldn't the Nokia Update feature on the phone alert the user that an update is available? You know, without having to plug the phone into a computer running the Zune software. For the amount of time I connect my Lumia into the computer I'd never know there was an update.

It will notify you when it checks for updates every three days. Not sure if that's how it works, but I think I remember reading that. Whenever I got an update prompt, it was always at a quarter of the hour. 12:00 12:15, 12:30, etc..

I seriously don't understand why it wouldn't be available for hte 900. The 710 is the lower end phone, but it always seems like it gets the better end of the deal!

I believe he is implying that Nokia's flagship device is their upcoming WP8, and that since his 900 won't receive Apollo, it is not a flagship.

It is a higher end device than the 610/710 and isn't left behind. Why is it that you people don't listen? It was reported on wpcentral Nokia said the 900 would be receiving an update in the coming weeks and that was earlier this week. Your type will never be happy no matter what! Tango does really have any update features anyway. The L900 was having the purple looking dialpad/ keyboard issue and Nokia sent out a fix for this immediately! Again tango doesn't have anything my L900 doesn't already have

IKR!! All the news sources too are putting down windows phone, saying that current phones won't get anything. People just need to listen!

Unfortunately there has been no fix for the 900's purple screen on Rogers just yet - only AT&T users got this, which is why we're frustrated, as Nokia said they would include it with the Tango update, instead.

I have a htc radar and it wasn't sending picture messages for some reason so tmobile just sent me a new one and it has the tango refresh 8773 on it. My previous radar never received an update it was still on 8107. 

I did. I could receive but couldn't send. It was working when I first got it. But then it randomly stopped. Happy that my new one has 8773 though :)

And someday in the year 2016, AT&T will deliver Tango and the myriad of updates in between to revoke compromised SSL certificates, fix the disappearing keyboard bug, and countless other improvements.

I updated my at&t focus several months ago. It was surprisingly easy. Just google it and you'll find step by step instructions on how to do it by changing the registry to make the phone look like it's on Rodgers CA rather than at&t.

I'm not worried about any update until 7.8 by that time I'll use that version and six month later upgrade to WP8 when my contract is up. Only hope Verizon has a good selection. Even if they don't I'll still get any windows phone they have. Hoping they have more then ONE to choose from.

yeah it was my internet connection that was the problem. I looked to see if the phone had an update avalabe now and it also said that my phone was up to date. This wait is killing me lol :P.. Another question is will this update be for Tango or an update form Nokia for new features for the phone?

Yes i sometimes get an error message 8000FFFF.
just disconnect and connect the phone again while Zune is running it will go away.
This tip works only when your internet connection is working. ;)

could someone please grab the URL for the oemupdate cab containing the firmware? Cause as I know Nokia it's gonna take months before they release it on Zune for my country variant. We all deserve the bugfixes and not being stuck on like circa 11050.

My Lumia 710 (Rogers but unlocked and active Virgin Mobile) shows no update: version 7.10 (8107) "same as it ever was".

I have just used the 'trick Zune' method to update my Lumia 900 on Rogers to Tango.
It add some new MMS options, and some performance enhancements - I think the app screen looks slightly different too - but my mind might be playing tricks on me there :-)
Doesnt fix the purple screen issue, doesn't give me Camera Extras and no 'flip to silence' either so I wouldn't get excited about it !