Telus users not getting 'NoDo' till March 29th, could take weeks

While the news of unbranded devices seems confirmed, the Windows Phone world is frantically checking (and re-checking) to see if their carrier has released the long-awaited NoDo update.

We'll repeat/rephrase what we said earlier: the chances of you getting NoDo today on a carrier device are slim.

Microsoft is doing a phased rollout (like the last update) and it could be weeks before your carrier and your device are flagged for an update. Case in point: Telus is now telling users that they won't even begin to get the update till next Tuesday, March 29th:

The earliest date that a TELUS customer can receive the Windows Phone 7 software update is Tuesday March 29th, 2011. Microsoft is releasing the software update in a phased approach and it may take up to four weeks for all TELUS customers to have the option to receive the update and upgrade their device software.

So that's one carrier who's come clean. We expect the same from AT&T, T-Mobile and Euro carriers as well. If you find some info, hit us up with our contact form. [Edit: it looks like some users are getting the pre-NoDo update today instead]

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Telus users not getting 'NoDo' till March 29th, could take weeks


But Malatesta, my phone is a pre-release unbranded LG Panther and I haven't even seen the pre-nodo update. Do you know of anyone with a Samsung Taylor that has received any updates?

Nope. There's a lot going on here: servers with the update, location, carriers, etc. I don't think MS just flipped the switch for all unbranded ones either, but it makes sense they go first (least bureaucracy involved).

Microsoft has said it is using their Windows Update Servers for the updates. I don't know what the issue is but it is hard to believe it is Microsoft's servers which handle large distributions of updates every week.All I know is I don't like the way WP7 does updates. They used it as a selling point but it has turned out to be a huge lie

So...T-mobileDell& it's the trouble Venue ProTriple threat...Yeah I'll just sit back n wait til June -_-

Got the pre-update (7008) this morning on my Telus LG Optimus 7 (all worked fine!), sad that it was not NODO but atleast getting closer.

At least it's finally coming. I figured carrier branded devices would go last or have a bit more of a delay with updates so I went all in and just bought a LG Optimus 7 unlocked. Yeah I paid more but I don't plan on getting a new phone anytime soon either. Not unless this one breaks somehow, knock on wood.Still no NoDo update for me yet though, i got the pre-update pretty quick from what I remember.

Well, I think we all know how the update will be rolled out to T-Mobile: AT&T will require us all to buy new phones. ;)

My problem with the update process is if this is such a minor update why is it taking so long and getting pushed back. Does not bode welll for future releases or major updates

Sounds like MS is in control of getting updates out now. So if this is true then I guess we can assume it must have been approved by the carriers and maybe us on ATT might see it this week? I know, I'm assuming too much...

Hi Everyone:This a story about Telus and not about the problems with other carriers. Telus users have been waiting one month for the pre nodo and I'm happy to report it went smooth. Onto the Nodo and cut, copy and paste.