There are now over 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone 8.1 Store

Microsoft has just updated its "by the numbers" page to represent that the Windows Phone Store has surpassed the 300,000 app milestone. That's a hefty number, and even more exciting considering that Microsoft reported it had 200,000 apps on offer back in December of 2013 — at this rate of growth who knows what the app catalog could look like by the end of the year.

Microsoft by the Numbers page

With most leading apps now available on the platform, and the back catalog of more obscure apps filling up (as evidenced by this newly-announced 300,000 number), it makes you feel a bit more positive about the direction the Windows Phone Store is headed. Download all of the apps!

Source: Microsoft; @JulieMorgan


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There are now over 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store



You must be kidding, no one in this place has been an android user like me and I challenge anyone here. Most apps in android are garbage: Not everyone has the same software, people des install apps like Facebook because of horrible quality, sometimes you have to update your phone software to install some apps because they are not compatible,etc. You have to be in different gardens to describe each one.

I've been an android user as well as windows phone since the Droid x. My point in my comment is that windows phone has way to many garbage apps. Just go to the top charts and look at what's there. Not to mention the tons of crap being published daily. In the Google Play store the top charts are filled with genuinly quality apps. That's my point. Android honestly didn't have anything to do with my original comment but there you go.

The real problem is that all the BIG useful apps are at their absolute worst on Windows Phone, compared to iOS and Android..

The support just isn't there.. I've been so close to buying a Lumia 930 several times lately, but then i start looking up the apps i need and just.. no.. :-(


I've owned several WP devices, but i'm starting to realise that the apps will never be up to scratch.

Apps i use often, like Facebook Messenger chat, WhatsApp, Wordfeud and Quizkampen (swedish quiz game, quite popular here) are all basically crap on WP, especially the last two. And ofc, this applies to most apps. Sure, many of them are actually ON WP now, but in 9/10 cases they are poor versions of their iOS/Android counterparts. And that annoys me.. Sigh.. I really like owning and being in ecosystems. I have an XB360, Xbox One, gaming PC and i'm seriously considering buying a Surface Pro 3. But damnit.. I want a Lumia 930 (Icon in the states?), but the apps.... :-(

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have worked great for me on WP. Have you used them recently? Not that I disagree with your main point that the big apps are generally behind... especially MS apps like Skype and GroupMe.

PsycheEye you are my hero! I actually have the Icon (my first WP) and its getting the job done. Its a phone not a toy lets remember that firstly, secondly I do agree that the quality of the popular apps here are not up to par, is it the development or the phones OS, I am not entirely sure. I love having my Xbox stuff on here and Microsoft office, but man that isn't gunna keep me here much longer!

Well, the app developers would be more likely to make their apps better if more people like you would make the switch and give them a reason to make it better! ;)

Sadly, I concur with PsycheEye. The numbers themselves don't tell the whole story. Some of the apps I use on a daily basis, such as Amazon Kindle, Audible are terrible on WP. They haven't updated Kindle in years, and it doesn't even support dictionary, highlighting, notes and many other features that iOS and Android users have had for a while. So while you can say that technically Kindle is in the WP Store, it is a crappy version that doesn't get updated, ever. The same is true for other apps which are available, but are inferior versions of the same apps in iOS.

That's true about Android, but also true about WP. I've seen it. This is the reason why Apple's submission process is long, because they have lead junk on your store. ADMIT IT.

No doubt Apple has more polished apps than WP. However, that ecosystem is waaaaaaaaaay too closed for me. I'm quite happy being in the middle of extreme ends. I get to have apps(ahem, emulators and ummm movie apps looking at you) that are not on iOS or At least I don't have to jump theough hoops to get 'em.

Well this isnt about android. It is about windows phone.

But to satisfy you, it doesn't matter what garbage android has, the problem is that windows phone has it too.

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The problem is guys that you don't notice the growth. It's not a matter of being blaming Microsoft or. Windows phone, no other OS has grown so fast as windows phone. I always see the good things in everything. Stop comparing windows phone with apple and android.

but but but.. Im sorry. I dont want to fight. But please. Look at the first four comments.

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I'm on an android using the WPC app. It is a signature. I'm not sure if windows phone app for windows phone has the ability to add signatures. I think it should. It would be in account settings.

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I do. And don't get me wrong, I love Rudy for his hard work and dedication to the WP community, but we really need Instagram official app to be decent at least.

You got that right ortizang. Even the "good" apps for android are alot of hype and of very little lasting value.

It gets depressing when I look for a game on the WP store that I play on my Android device, and all there is are "guides" to the game made to look like the actual game. That's why these numbers mean nothing really.

It gets worse. Try searching for WhatsApp. You'll find tons of guide and tip apps for whatsapp(!!!) that try to look like apps that'll ad features to the messenger :D

WOW, kind of sure of yourself there aren't you? I will challange you on Android use, and tell you that 150K of those windows app are fake aps or garbage.

I NEED Delta, Hertz, Marriott, just to name a few for my business travel. There is no real Marriott ap, and the Delta and Hertz aps on WP are pure garbage, while the Android aps are awesome.

I carry a Note 3 and a 925. I love the 925, but it just does not give me all I need to make it my main phone.

He's right, like when you search for YouTube there's like 3 good ones and 60 craps ones.

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Pin the mobile version of the YouTube website to your start screen and hey presto! You have just made a YouTube app. Just how many do you need?

A lot of people whinging about no apps for this and that site just try using the mobile versions of the site, they are practically the same thing and often have MORE functionality than the apps.

Just moaning for the sake of it, an announcement is made that there are 50% more apps than there were since last December and everybody's complaining. The developers must wonder why they bother at all sometimes. You wanna hear yourselves, it's pathetic.

Some apps are works in progress too remember... They also are less likely to be developed if people don't use them ;)

But, how many of those are useful, and high quality apps?? That's the point...
The fact is that if the store increased by 200k apps by the end of this week it would greatly benefit a lot of people because out of those 200k apps there's DEFINITELY going to be a lot more useful, and fun, apps available in the WP store...
That's why the number is important❗

As someone who owns a couple of Android tablets, I can say that there still is a serious app gap. Not so much with the big players like Instagram, but with stuff like seeing local government/city related apps only available in IOS or Android.

but with stuff like seeing local government/city related apps only available in IOS or Android.

BFD. How often do you use a "local government" app? And how much more awful is it to use your browser to get whatever information you need every blue moon that you need it?

If you live in that community, you may want to use these apps like every day. For example, there is an app that lets you buy a train ticket on your phone for the MBTA, but it's iOS or Android only.

Don't live in the Boston area, you'll never care. Live there, and you'll miss it all the time.

I agree, unfortunately, the app count war is not based on quality but on quantity.  Numbers are easier to argue and support than quality.  That is the biggest arguement that Android and IOS use as to why people should not go with Windows Phone.  So numbers is the key.

But that is relative... Android and IOS both have over a million plus apps.... How could you not say that they have just as many...if not more crappy apps that windows....just the probability in ratio of apps between the three would tell you that..... I think the perception is both Android and IOS gave so many apps that they have quality over the quantity..i beg to differ and instead believe..that the quality of apps are about even in all three stores based on their app count...for every good app..there are probably about 5-10 bad ones... Windows doesn't suffer any harsher reality here than the other two!!!

Right, but my original comment had nothing to do with ios/android. Just because they have a ton of garbage doesn't make it okay on windows phone.

Actually it does. So long as customers only care about numbers. I know it is wrong, but that is all you ever hear from the competition. Also, if you can come up with a way to catch up with the competition while keeping all garbage out of the store, you would be a genius who should be running Microsoft. It is not so simple. Being the third platform, apps will not be higher quality until the companies feel it is a worthy investment for their resources. All hope is not lost though as we have seen in recent months that some big companies are returning and updating their apps. Some of these have been apps which haven't seen updates in 2 years and were considered abandoned by most. Patience is a virtue. As Windows Phone continues to grow, hopefully important apps that are missing will appear and ones that currently are sub par will be updated.

Yes on Android there Are crap apps but unlike Windows Phone when you check out the top apps chart or even the recommended for you section there are genuine quality apps just see the Skype app on android, it's much better than the crap on WP

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The amount of trash is also much greater. It's an exercise in futility sifting through the trash to find something decent. Did Google ever get a decent scientific calc app? I was on Google up until a year ago and there wasn't a single science calc that didn't look like it was drawn with MS Paint.

So your tell me that I can't go to the android app store and find about lets say a thousand or more junk apps like scales that don't work or fake apps that the only purpose is to fake people into thinking they broke your phone or apps that make you android look like I iPhone not useful apps really stupid apps really that are junk same on the iPhone they use them to pad there numbers so they look better take them away half of the android and ios app stores are gone look you make a list of all the crapp titles on windows phone and ill post a list of all the the crapp apps on android and ios and we will compare them and see how many crapp apps apple and android really got I bet they will have more then windows phone will crapp apps are apps that either dont work like they say like the app on ios that is supposed to make traffic lights change or a app that only purpose is to make your android look like a iPhone well lets compare before you make a complete fool of yourself

What does android or IOS have to do with my comment? Were talking about windows phone specifically. So what if android has the same problem? Sucks for them to! At least they have a wider selection of good apps then we do, but that isn't the point I was making. The point is when most of the apps are garbage, why brag about 300,000 apps? Same goes for apple and android even though I didn't bring them up in my original comment. Learn to read instead of going on a trollish rant.

It's only a trollish rant if I go to a android or IOS website and post this this is clearly a windows phone website so all I'm doing is speaking about something in passionate about on a form with like mined people then we get people like you that no matter what ms does or how good WP gets or how many app WP gets thinks they need to put it down I guess some people just don't care about all the good stuff ms and WP is doing right now they just wanna focus on there bias view cause there could be no way that anything could possibly be as good as there android or there iPhones sarcasm just cuz you think your views are right don't mean they are but everyone is entitled to there option I just wish you would voice it on a android form or a IOS forum were it belongs but don't come on this form and call me a troll when I love the WP experience and I am tired of people like you who always find fault and dont understand that the bigger number of app in the store crap or not help give WP and ms leverage to get more big name apps faster therefore improve there market share that's the bottom line

So your saying we shouldn't allow opinions on this website that are negative or differ from yours? That's a pretty troll viewpoint if you ask me. I love windows phone, there's alot to love. That doesn't mean I wont express my completely valid opinion. You just want people to not criticize Microsoft at all and that's just stupid. Troll.

Agree. But I felt like most windows phone app have higher quality than android, though don't know how many junks are there.

You know why lets see the developers know that if they try to charge on android all people have to do is go into settings find the setting to let apps be installed from 3rd party sources and then go online and download a crack version of said software for free so that force the to make the app free with ads or in app purchases witch I hate I would rather pay a small fee up front with no ads but they can't do that cuz they wont get payed you can also jailbreak your iPhone and get cracked apps so if I were a developer personally I wouldn't touch amdroid I might ios and definitely would WP cause I would get payed and not be forced to put crap ads in my apps or in app purchases in my my app to make sure I make money

Search the iTunes for "fart" and spend your life browsing through 10,000 apps that come. Then. Search the WindowsPhone store for "fart" and come back here and tell us what shows up. 1/3rd of Apple devs make apps for Windowsphone. Thank God it's not more than that!

Your right, but I wasn't talking about IOS or android. Just because they have app garbage doesn't make it okay that windows phone does. You missed the whole point.

You missed his point. Out of a million apps on iOS, 800K are trash. Out of 300K WP apps, 175K are trash.

Just checked the WP store for "fart", got 50 apps and a little more than 30 of those are not actually fart apps. Funny thing is 2 of them were religious apps.

Just bring android apps to the platform and be done with it, dont worry about loyalty or any of that crap. Im sick of it now, I just want the apps I want on this awesome platform.

Yes, because after all that happen, the amount of people in WP will be big enough for Developer to start making a version of it too (and of course support it)

No, Android apps need to stay on Android. It's the rare droid app that doesn't look like the ui was finger painted.

Your insane. I can think of plenty of beautiful android apps. Reddit Sync, Flow, Google Play Music, Talon for Twitter are a few of my fave. Your a bad troll.

That kind of thinking is what will send people back to Android and iOS. I came from Android because I thought the OS itself was far superior to Android, but I've since realized that Microsoft had so much stuff locked down (like Apple) that devs weren't able to make a lot of the apps that they can on Android.

Now that Microsoft is starting to open up more API's, hopefully we will start seeing a lot more quality apps. If not, ultimately people want the apps and will go to whoever has them. Supercell, just one example, pretty much made it clear that they won't bring Clash of Clans to WP. If there was a way to get Android apps on WP, then people like me would be more likely to stay as I prefer the OS, but the apps are the meat and potatoes. 

Also, I agree with the comments above about too many crap apps. It also doesn't help that the store doesn't seem to organize them that well yet. I can go to the game section and over 90% of the top games are junk and even if it is a big name game, it still doesn't work like it does on other platforms.

I hope im the last to comment on your post:

The point is windows phone has a lot of terrible apps. Who cares if ios or android has more? This isnt about them. No one makes windows phone look better by saying android or ios has a lot more garbage apps...

This isnt about android or ios. This is about how many terrible apps windows phone has.

Stop it with all of the tu quoque people! The question is how many garbage apps does windows phone have... Now how many app are garbage in comparison to the other OSs...

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Thanks. It's just... Ayy! This isnt another bad presidential race. Lol.. I guess people just felt you were attacking WP.

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Well its a valid criticism. For all the whining over the tiniest things that goes on here, you'd think they wouldn't be so buthurt.

Talk bad about the Xbox Music app and everyone cheers you on. Talk bad about the quality of apps in the store and you suddenly have an angry mob chasing you with pitchforks and torches!

Typical move the goal posts. For the longest time it was "there are no apps". "it is a wasteland". Now that that argument isn't valid, it is now all "heck, we didn't really mean all that stuff about quantity we have been saying for years. It is REALLY about quality, because quantity doesn't matter any more.".

What will the new meme be when quality bits the dust, upgrade times maybe, and then after that?

I've never complained about no apps on Windows Phone. I solved that problem by carrying an android phone. However I have always said there is too many garbage apps on windows phone.

That's a false dichotomy.

People don't want quantity or quality. They want both. In the beginning.. The quality of apps wasn't that great. And windows phone still needed apps. But that doesn't mean "okay. Give them all the crappy apps!"

People do not want to settle for mediocrity. I don't want to settle for mediocrity.

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People don't want to settle for less is what your saying funny cuz anyone with a android already are what's that point of having apps if everytime you open an app it does the program not responding wait or force close anyone that has ever owned a android knows that screen i got tired of paying more and getting less but I guess it fine for android to be less the perfect and people say all it so much better but the truth is it is the windows M.E of this generation with the blue screen of death and all everybody use to give ms a hard time for this but since its google its ok for there is to have error messages all the time it makes them a great OS

The 520 and 620 are good Windows Phones. But I assure, as soon as you put Android in them, the phones will run like crap. That's just the nature of Android - it turns good phones into crap.

Lol, you might be confusing android for wp. My note 3 never crashes. Those 3gb ram 8)

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Ok not the 700 hundred dollars android phone crash but not every one has that kind of money and not everyone wants to sign a two year commitment either the problem with android is there are no set standards people like you like it cuz you can afford a high end phone but for the poor folks that have to get cheap android phones that's were android leaves a sour taste in your mouth because they suck lets compare cheap android 600 mhz single core processors and less the 500mb storage runs the lowest version of android and not upgradeable to the needs version cuz its cheap vs Nokia 520/521 1ghz dual core processor 8 gig storage and will be upgraded to the latest version of windows phone my point is yes if you can afford a high end android there fine but they let so much crapp phone get released with little chance of future upgradability that it basical obsolete before you pull it out the box unlike windows phone were they got standards so yes high end windows phones are faster but the cheaper ones are also fast smooth and upgradeable as far as crash I've owned 10 different WP none crashed I had 13 or 14 android phone I forget the exact count but half of the had issue after issue after issue

The 520 and 620 also don't crash, and they cost much less than your Note 3. But I assure you, put Android into the 520 and 620 and those good phones will suddently work like crap.

My old Gingerbread phone that I got for free with contract had some of those issues, but honestly, I have an Acer Iconia tablet and it never crashes or has errors. My Ativ S Neo on the other hand, has had screen glitching issues, froze up on me several times, has to be charged about three times a day without even being used, and you can't even do NEAR as much as you can on Android.

I'm not attacking MS, nor am I an Android "fanboi." I'm just stating the fact that WP has its issues too and as far behind as they are, they can't afford it. I'm already putting up with almost year old issues due to using dev preview (partly Sprint's fault for not pushing 8.0 GDR3 and will probably take forever for 8.1), not to mention that there are more than a handful of games and apps that I use all the time, but I have to grab my Android tablet to use them.


We already have quality. Everyone else's main barrier to entry is lack of quantity. So I'm glad the number is increasing.

It also gives devs more confidence to develop for WP.

Hooray WP!

I saw a report earlier that claimed 65% of IOS apps are considered DEAD apps.  Any app that has no update or has less than 10 reviews is defined as a DEAD app.  The DEAD apps are there to be counted as a part of app statistics but nobody bother to use them. Obviously, there are certain percentage of WP or Android apps could also be considered to be Dead apps.  This shouldn't be a surprise to us.  But we just don't know the actual count.  Do you?  The important thing is how many good apps you can find in the Windows Phone store and whether those apps can satisfy your needs?  So far, I have around 230 apps installed on my phone and I am quite satisfied.  300,000 is just a number to me.


Just because we have all these apps, take a iPhone and a Windows Phone 8.1 device, download the same apps on BOTH phones, then compare the APPS not the iOS and you will see the OP is correct here.

I had my wife get a Nokia and told her she needed to hold on to it for 10 days (14 day return), she showed me 25 apps, that she used on her old iPhone and compared them to the Windows Phone version, after about 10, I told her to return the Nokia and get a new iPhone....

A lot of apps are not even close...they are like version 1.0 and the iPhone/Android versions are 10.1....

Compare Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, True caller etc of WP version with Ios and android version...These are the most popular apps and they are either beta or lacking important features or is slow as hell or crashes a lot on WP..Oh i forgot to mention some important apps are just web wrapper..

We still dont have apps like Flipboard, Hangout, Google maps(We all hate google but u have to admit Nothing can beat their maps) etc

Lastly we need apps both in terms of quantity and quality

Facebook, WA, Messenger and all the others you've mentioned are working great on my L930. I understand WA had been slow in the past, but with WP 8.1 it works flawlessly.

I understand that some of them are web wrappers, but give it time. 300.000 apps should motivate developers to develop more for the platform and make it more mature.


Facebook might work great but it doesn't have all the features like tag review, attach photo in comments and many more..Messenger is very slow to load up 1st time whereas Android version is so smooth and fast..Whatsapp now works fine but sometimes it crashes and doesn't give push notification..

>I understand that some of them are web wrappers, but give it time.

I guess it's the only thing we can do"give it time" if we own a Windows Phone device. Crap, I have been hearing that statement when I got my HTC Trophy....Nothing new...

If you are a WP owner and you want SOME apps, plan on waiting for ever...as I am wondering if they will even happen in my life time..

Ask Google if its about quantity or quality, they allow anything to get published.
And in no way there can be thousands of apps without including garbage ones.

There are very good 3th party apps, just discovered poki for pocket! Its just, we need more like that.
I mean, I bought WP for the OS, but to be honest I feel like the good apps are on ios..
There just need to be more developers like the ones from poki! :D
I think I might start developing on,my own as well, there is a lot of crap so when you start to make quality you should get on top quite easy rigth? :D

Right! Lol. Is poki the nut app? If it is, my girlfriend loves it. She uses that on her laptop. But i might be mistaking it.

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Well, we shouldn't complain in the comments section, no company is reading that, I found a twitter initiative which rallies WP users to tweet to companies they want apps, the more people tweeting the higher the chance the developers start publishing!
Follow @we_want_wp_apps and rt ofc! :D

The shittiest guy to comment first.Shame to spoil this post.If you love garbage then go buy and android and ios phone there you'll find tons of garbage.

Look who's talking.

Obviously you can't read since he was complaining about the garbage, not how much he loves it. All platforms have garbage apps, but at least Android and iOS have a huge pile of treasure on top of that garbage whereas on WP you have to dig through the garbage to find the few rare gems.

Agreed. I'd be interested to know with this latest update how close (or far) to parity they are with Android and iOS features. One I'd still like to see on WP is two apps opened side by side.

Agreed. Amount isn't the problem, quality is....
I still can't use Facebook in landscape mode, or edit my own comment.....wtf seriously....

Yup true. We can't delete our tweets in official twitter app. Instagram still in beta. WhatsApp for WP has less functions than the WhatsApp for s40 series(yup, I installed one through a work around)!! . Many main stream websites don't even advertise their windows phone app. It's like they are ashamed or something. Thanks to people like Rudy Hyun, we are surviving somehow.

Great point about landscape mode. I am noticing many apps not supporting this, and it's nothing other than devs taking shortcuts. My apps support landscape in all but the Settings and About pages, and it does not take that much to implement it. Really annoying.

MS has claimed that 500 WP apps are added daily on the average.  If this rate can be held up, we should see 370,000 apps by the end of year and 550,000 apps by the end of next year.  Of course, that is a big 'IF'.

If you have all the apps you need than GREAT ! but, not everyone does and this is the big problem with the "Windows Phone store"...

That's not what most people think unfortunately! That's the first argument ios and android users have so the number at least is on the rise showing that people are developing apps for windows phone!

Should be higher really, an app store is not an ecosystem. It's how many platforms you interconnect with.

Well, on both fronts, Android and iOS have that down. WP has a lot of catching up to do to come even close to that, so trying to beat them with the app store or ecosystem really isn't the way to go. They need to do something to get people to want to leave the huge ecosystems they have already invested in and convert to WP.

Absolutely irrelevant number as the WP store is full of crap and clones that cost an outrageous amount of money. The few quality apps in there charge meanwhile their iOS and Android versions are free. 

Microsoft must not be praised but should be embarrased at the state of their store.

I am forced to carry around a tablet just to check my banking app bc WP store fails me again and again.

Yes nag the bank via their website. And bank from the website. I'd deal with a mobile website sooner than I would carry another device.

Ur priorities are that of an crazy person. Changing banks instead of the phone? No wonder this country is in financial meltdown.

For WP to become a force in mobile it must appeal beyond u insipid fanboys to the general public. As it is, I am less efficient, less capbable, less productive with WP as my main device. Hell, I can't even share links to and from the Twitter app, nevermind manage attachments from messaging.

I gave WP a chance and it has failed miserabley in small and great ways. My only conflict is switch to the Note 3 now or put up with WP till the Note 4 comes out.





It was a tongue in cheek response. The point was it is your bank's fault they aren't supporting WP, not Microsoft's. Evidence of other decent banking apps suggests this.

But it's a common pattern and a difficult catch 22. Large institutions that offer Android and iPhone don't bother with WP because it is just not important enough, not wide spread, won't hurt them if they don't offer it and so on. Same applies to smaller firms. As soon as WP gets traction enough to make it necessary to offer an app, because it is a real player, these places will do it. How does WP get traction? Many ways, but in part by offering to users the apps that are important to them such as, e.g. their bank, super market app, chat app, and so on. I would say this is the number 1 problem for Microsoft to crack and it's tough. Making the phone OS more featured as they are doing is important and obviously a good approach, but perhaps still won't fundamentally put the phone over the critical mass to make it a first class citizen with the others, due to the large lag time it has had. I can show anyone in my office dedicated to iPhone, a bunch of great features on my WP that they don't have - and it won't matter... They are locked in now, it's not worth their while to change, they love their iPhone or Android. That's that. Never understood why Microsoft do not market the phone.. There is almost nothing in my country, and I suspect this is not isolated. Never see it on TV, at a cinema commercial, in a magazine. Nothing. Potential users don't even know it exists. I would make the biggest worldwide ad campaign for it now it has matured. Anyone remember the campaign for the Windows 95 release? Everyone on the planet had heard of Win95 after that, even little old ladies. That's the kind of push it needs... Build up awareness and put it in peoples faces. I don't even think there's a marketing group in WP at Microsoft.

I mean, U could just go to the website, not that big of. Deal. I use royal bank and TD. I have the royal app and pinned the TD website. And never miss a beat. The pinned website is actually more functional than the app. Just smaller. So if that's the only reason U carry a tablet, maybe try using the website

I shouldn't have to go to the website; suggesting the web over the app is simply failure on WP ecosystems part.

Perhaps most of you are poor and dont do much but check ur pitiful balances but the app does important things that the website simply cannot do like depositing checks.

On iOS and Android and in come cases BlackBerry I don't have to entertain ridiculous work arounds like "go to the web" (that itself defeats the entie purpose of having a mobile device) I go straight to the app; WP doesnt have this and is why their 300k number is horse puckey!

Then perhaps WP is not for you. Putting aside your groundless insults about the size of anyone's checking account, if a banking app is that important to you then you should go where they are fulfilling your needs. There is nothing ridiculous about people suggesting that you use the website as it still allows you to do the basics outside of depositing checks. If you do not understand or like the fact that Microsoft does not have a hand in every single individual app on the store and you are unwilling to ask your bank to provide access for the millions of people on Windows Phone, then perhaps you should move to an ecosystem that does not require that much effort on your part.

All of you will be moving to an ecosystem other WP if things keep going the way they are. no company can keep losing billions of dollars on a product noone wants.

Ur mindless cheerleading in support of WPs obvious failures reminds one so much of waltzing on a sinking Titanic.

Enjoy irrelevancy.

You have absolutely no credibility in your statements because of your insults and to be honest you should be banned.

Oh? And where is WP going if I may ask? We've been deluged with official apps since the end of last year, the number of people using the phones continues to increase, Microsoft is steadily adding new features to bring us up to speed, and there are a bunch of new OEMs who have signed on to create Windows Phones. Can you explain to me how you managed to miss all of that and conclude that because your bank, not MS, hasn't given you an app the ecosystem is going down in flames? How did you bank before there were apps? Is your bank 20 miles away and the only way to make deposits is through an app? I'm simply dying to know.

If a company doesn't satisfy your wants or needs why are you still using them? Ditch MS or your bank. There are banks with apps on WP. I moved to Wells Fargo precisely because my previous bank didn't have an app and couldn't tell me if they had plans for one.

Quality matters more. And I have to say some of the apps on offer are great. Like the Barclays banking one.

We've got 3 Square Enix games, a guy called Rudy working for us and folders on my start screen....fu£k da police

Yet people still think there are no apps.

Friend went in to purchase a Nokia on her parents family plan through Walmart this past Saturday. She was given the choice of some android LG phone or a L521. The mobile (expert) as he labeled himself told her there was no way she wanted a Windows Phone. One, there aren't any apps or games, then told her that if she did want an app or game she would have to pay alot of money since Windows Phone doesn't offer any free apps or games whatsoever as Microsoft doesn't believe in free.

Needless to say, I asked her to give me the name of all the apps and games she wanted and showed her all of them in the app store except one junk game. She has taken the LG back and now has a L521 and the (expert) feels like an ass.

This whole bs about apps\games is stupid these days.

Apps, yes.
Games, no.
Yeah, use the example of one junk game but ignore all the major games from major publishers. Arkham, Plants vs Zombies, Worms, Pinball FX, Scribblenauts and many others.
When the app and features gap between systems is this thin, then guess what? It starts boiling down to the trivial things. When your wives, girlfriends , sister and moms want to play a junk game like Hay Day, then what?

Actually, look for that game in the WP store and you'll find a rip off game made to look like the real Plants vs Zombies 2. That game is a perfect example of why numbers are meaningless.

How am i in denial? As a 43 yr old around other adults near my age, unless they're a geek, which is a minority, could care less about those games. They care about FB, Instagram, Pinterest, News, Weather, Email, EBay, Amazon, Maps, Music, Taking Pics... Games are very very low on their list of priorities. They buy the phones the social groups they hang around\work with\related to buy which is 9\10 times a stupid iPhone.

You may think I'm in denial but I can tell you, as a developer, a former landscaper as well as someone who used to build cell towers and lives downtown in New Orleans which is heavily populated, i am always around alot of people and pay attention.

I never asked you where you lived or what you've done your entire life, but when you make a statement like "only people under 17 play games like PvZ 2".. It gives me a chuckle. I bet more adults play games on mobile phones than kids do.

I was making a point that no, I'm not in denial. I actually pay attention to what people do. I also didn't say no one over 17, I said the AVERAGE consumer, not EVERY consumer.

Your in denial if you don't understand what the average consumer buys for.