Three UK confirms it's now selling SIM unlocked phones


Three UK has today confirmed something many of us have pretty much known for a while – it no longer sells SIM locked phones to its customers. Publicly Three has been pretty quiet on the matter, but many of us have bought branded phones and found it unlocked out of the box.

"We want our customers to have the best mobile experience. Unlocked phones give consumers a choice as to how to use what is on their handset. We'd rather focus on making the services we offer attractive and useful rather than limiting what our customers can do with their phones.

Rival carriers will often charge a fee, and/or make you wait until a certain point in your contract cycle before you can unlock it your phone to use a different SIM. Three already offers a fantastic value proposition on its mobile plans, and this is another box ticked for potential customers to enjoy.

If you're an existing customer that has a phone that is SIM locked to Three, you can get it unlocked for free here.

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Three UK confirms it's now selling SIM unlocked phones



Thank you for giving consumers what they want, unlocked phones. Simple, but very important.


Wow. An actual decision designed to keep customers by making them happy instead of locking then down? Everyone knows you can't run a business by making happy customers... you have to crush their will and make them weep under your feet... that's the only path to success.

Wait until you hear about Three's unlimited data, and the fact you can use it in many countries while roaming without any charge.  That's what genuine competition between providers gives you.  The US could learn a thing or two.

Was an absolute godsend at CES in January. Being able to use data in the States without any extra charge was the best thing any carrier ever did for me.

Direct the heat at Microsoft. 3 announced on twitter last week that they had finished checking 8.1 and the wait was down to Microsoft.

O2 announced that it was available for all their devices (in reality it's only out for 3 or 4), then said it would be released 12th August.  What does that tell you about the validity of announcements from the networks?

It's been rolled out on EE, Vodaphone and O2. I talked my sister and brother in law into getting a 925 3 weeks ago, they've had the update (on O2) for over 2 weeks now.

Three are the UKs best network by a mile. The lack of a 2G network is only an issue if you are on one of the other networks and actually use 2G. Three's 3G network is brilliant, I think at 98% coverage now and better than all the other networks. I've been with them for five years and have never found anywhere where there is no signal.

Unless you live a house which is a stones throw away from a mobile network mast and get zero signal from Three whilst inside said house.  Hold the phone out the door/window - signal comes back.

I switched to EE precisely because I didn't want to have to leave my flat everytime I want to make a call, and also because I didn't like having to pay extra for tethering. As far as signal goes, it's been very good (with Three 90% of the time I had no signal). I thought it was outrageous considering I live near Edinburgh 's city centre, which is supposed to have super-strong signal indoors. Three's service was otherwise flawless.

I have to agree, I've done the rounds on all netwoorks and Three, for me, has been the best. Coming from an area where mobile coverage in general is extemely poor thats saying a lot about 3's service.

This is a very bold and impressive move by Three.
On other issues, coverage is less and less of an issue (I have been with Three almost from the beginning and so I speak from experience). However, they still need to sort out out their call centres which can often be of little use!!
But, again I say, providing unlocked phones is impressive. Well done Three!!

As a Three employee this is one of the major selling points. It's nice to be able to go abroad and buy a local sim card instead of taking a spare phone because your main handset is locked. It's a shame Three won't be selling the Lumia 930 though :(

Isn't it just. Was the reason the messing about around the release date? Any chance of the W8 being released on 3?

this should be the norm already... hope we get rid of the stupid gsm system's sms/phone calls thats been ripping off consumers money cent by cent since the beginning