The Three Vampires, a family-oriented Halloween app from Windows Phone Parent

The Three Vampires

The Three Vampires is a family oriented app for our Windows Phone that is one of the many such apps from Windows Phone Parent.

While Windows Phone Parent's main goal is dedicated to reviewing and promoting family friendly apps and games for Windows Phone, they do crank out a few titles along the way.

The Three Vampires is a Halloween story book for your Windows Phone inspired by the classic children's story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It may not be everyone's bottle of pop but if you have small kids, The Three Vampires may be that kid friendly Windows Phone app that helps them pass the time.

The Three Vampires is a straight forward, no nonsense story app for your Windows Phone. The story is about a mummy who gets lost in the woods and seeks refuge in a haunted castle where a family of vampires lives.

The Three Vampires

Navigation through the twenty-two page story is done by side swiping and each page has some interaction/animations that kicks in when you tap on the highlighted word. The Three Vampires not only is an entertaining story for the younger crowd but it also encourages interaction with the app itself.

Again, The Three Vampires isn't going to appeal to everyone but it is an attractive children's title well suited to get things into the Halloween spirit.  The only thing missing is maybe audio playback or maybe sound effects when you interact with the story.

The Three Vampires

The Three Vampires is a free app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find The Three Vampires here in the Windows Phone Store.

If you're interested in more family oriented Windows Phone apps and games, check out the Windows Phone Parent website. It's nice resource for finding age-appropriate material for our youngest Windows Phone users that not only can be entertaining but also educational.

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The Three Vampires, a family-oriented Halloween app from Windows Phone Parent


Wrong thread bud.. 

edit - thanks for the link to the windows phone parent site. Just what I needed it keep the little critter entertained.

@Nakazul We have already realease an Spanish version for this story: http://bit.ly/TresVampiros 

We are also planning to have it available in two other languages soon :)

@WPCentral We are planning to add sounds as well as off-line activities to this apps. Stay tunned!

Thanks for the post!